Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Manos, Loopy Celebrations & More!

Oh, we have so many fun things just up for you today! For today’s Monday Update, you’ll find:

Blue Moon Fiber Arts – Socks that Rock Lightweight. This 100% Superwash Merino fingering weight yarn has a tight, bouncy twist, making it fun to knit up and comfortable to wear. We have new Christmas colorways, in addition to other beauties. 38 different colors for you. (Not as many quantities of each as we had wanted, but they sent what they could, so get them while they last!) Shown below in Gnome on the Range and Gnome de Plume.


The Loopy Ewe September Celebrations colorway – Big Box of Crayons. We’re celebrating the beginning of the school year with this color. When you were growing up, didn’t you always want the BIG box of crayons, when you were buying school supplies? (For me, it was the 64 count box with the sharpener in the back.) We asked Dream in Color to design a colorway that combined the best crayon colors, and they rose to the challenge. I used a skein to knit up this Emita pattern, which combines garter stitch and ribbing into a simple infinity cowl pattern. (And the Loopy Elves will hate me for saying this, because they are the ones who have to match skeins when you buy multiples, but I also think this would be gorgeous in the Boxy pattern.)

Big-box-of-crayons-the-loopy-eweSONY DSC

Cascade – Heritage Silk Paints. A fingering weight yarn that is 85% Superwash Merino and 15% Silk. Great for socks (the silk gives a little extra strength to the sock), but also beautiful done up in shawls, as the silk adds a little bit of sheen. Shown below in Desert Evening and Root Veggies.


Manos del Uruguay – Serena. We love this yarn base. A sport weight yarn done on a 60% Baby Alpaca/40% Pima Cotton base. Soft. Warm. Luscious. Use it for shawls, cowls, hats, gloves, mittens and scarves. Shown below in Alpine and Deep Sea.


George Sichterman Woodwork – yarn caddies re-stocked in Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Oak and Red Cedar. These keep your yarn cakes neat and tangle free as you knit.

George Sichterman Woodwork – new yarn swifts! We were so happy when George brought us his latest works of beautiful art – yarn swifts. We have them in Walnut, Cherry and Oak. These ship on their own in special boxes and come with easy directions for putting it together. (Due to the size and weight, we’re only able to ship these within the U.S.) So pretty that you’ll want to leave them out all the time. Shown below in Cherry.


The Loopy Ewe – Loopy Cakes re-stocked in Colors of the Year and Colors of Loopy. (Since I get to pick the colors we use on the walls and in our logos, the Colors of Loopy cake set ends up being all of my favorite colors! You can see the spiral hat that I knit up using this set, here.)


The Loopy Ewe – Purple shopping bags added in. You might have caught sight of these in the photos on our Fall Fling Retreat blog post! These bags are great for big projects, shopping at the Farmer’s Market, or taking towels and doo-dads to the beach.


The Loopy Ewe – Our favorite blue coffee mugs! We love the tall design, and we know you do, too. Winter is coming soon. You’ll need your favorite hot beverage by your side as you knit ….


The Loopy Ewe – Notecards. So many of you have asked about the photos that I share from my husband’s photography business, that we have added in two different sets of the prints as notecards. The first set features our beautiful fall Aspens here in Colorado in four different shots. The second set features the fun alpaca prints that we have hanging in the shop by our checkout counter. (People ask about those prints all the time!) We hope you enjoy getting a little piece of Fall Colorado (or some fun alpacas with personality)!


Blue Sky Alpacas Patterns – new ones added in.

HiyaHiya and ChiaoGoo needles – re-stocked

Misc. Knitting Notions – re-stocked, including these handy tool caddy cases from Lantern Moon.


Have fun shopping through the new things, and we’ll get your orders packed up and shipped right out!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew



  1. Sheri – is that the cowl you were trying to work on at Fling? It is very pretty and you are fast! The yarn is gorgeous! I wanted that 64-ct box of Crayons too, and never got it until I was grown and I “bought it for The Kid.” He couldn’t take that one to school…it had to stay home. 😉

    1. It is! I didn’t get much done at the Fling, though. Next time I’m bringing plain socks to work on at the Fling….

  2. Love that September colorway!!
    You folks are just amazing – ordered this morning before work and my yarn already shows “shipped”. What incredible service and great folks to work with!!!

  3. Never owned a big box of crayons as a child. DH, then my fiance’, knew I dreamed of owning my very own box. My birthday rolled around just a few weeks before our wedding. Money was tight, so that we could take a honeymoon trip (drive to Minneapolis from Iowa), but he somehow found enough to buy me that big box of crayons. Sweet memories!

  4. ooooh! I did have those big boxes of crayons as did Daniel! How could we not love all the colors?! I see more yarn in my future….

  5. Hi,
    Could you post your Emita so we can see it on Ravelry. I’d like to be able to save a picture, because your version is just gorgeous!

  6. Can you share what version of the Emita you made with your “Big Box of Crayons” skein?

    I totally fell for this when you posted it last week. The yarn arrived, the pattern is purchased and I am ready to cast on. I rarely look at someone else’s project and say “I want mine to come out just like that!” but this time I am.

    Will the blog comment function send me an e-mail if you answer me here? I’ll try to check back later today for a response, though it is monday and everyone at TLE may be busy preparing for tonight’s update. I may not be able to hold off for very long. I may just cast on with wild abandon and hope for the best.

    1. Hi Beth! I made the regular version, not the mobius. I cast on the same number of stitches called for, and then just continued knitting until I was about 10 rows past what the pattern calls for. I still had yarn left and would have just finished out the skein, except it was Sunday night and I needed to show a picture of it in the blog on Monday. 🙂

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