The Beauty of Wollmeise

One of our favorite yarns around here is Wollmeise. This yarn is dyed up by Claudia and her crew, in Germany. It doesn’t last too long when we get it in, even though we put up so many many skeins at a time.

unnamed-3There are so many colors up to choose from right now. This color – Xaverl – sold out very quickly the last time we had it. This was dyed up after Claudia’s cute cat by the same name! Here’s a photo I took of him when I was visiting her last fall. He was only a few months old and had SO much energy! (You can tell. He was reaching up to check out my camera.) He is white and gray, with a bright pink nose. Claudia has a beautiful back yard, and it seemed to be one of Xaverl’s very favorite places.


Here are so more pretty colorways in this batch, which contains lots of multicolors as well as lots of solids.









Tant Gron, Tant Brun:


Raku Regenbogen:




And many more. 60 colors in all, in this Wollmeise Update. 

Claudia-and-Andreas-The-Loopy-EweClaudia will be back here in September for our Fall Fling again, for those of you attending it. (Here’s my favorite picture of her and her husband Andreas last September, in Germany. Their town was having a fun festival to celebrate the harvest, and we went despite the rain!) Claudia and I will also be hanging out at Stephanie’s Wednesday evening (9/10) talk for local knitters. You can still get tickets, if you’re going to be in the area that night. You could meet Stephanie and Claudia in one evening! 🙂

We get Wollmeise in about every 6 weeks, so we’ll have more again later this summer. We’ll let you know when the next batch arrives.

Sheri addictedtothisyarn.That’sallthereistoit.


  1. I love the colors that Claudia creates and the combinations are just out of this world! I would love to see some Natural from WM to go with all these lovely colors for color stranded work.

  2. The blog says 60 colors in the new update but I only see 28. Are they listed elsewhere?

    *I have already placed an order for Kakao*
    Shhh …. I swore I was only ordering yarn this year for Camp Loopy!

    1. The yarn goes quickly — I’m sure there were 60 colors available when Sheri put them up, but pretty soon there will none left

  3. I hope soon you will be able to let us order more than 2 skeins of each color. I’d love to make a Wollmeise sweater, but I would want 4 skeins to be safe

    1. I hope we get to that point soon, too! Right now, we’re still trying to spread it around as much as possible.

  4. Such gorgeous stuff! Wish I could get 3 skeins of a colorway, though. I have some beautiful things that take 3. And I’m looking forward to seeing Claudia this fall! Is the whole crew from Germany coming?

      1. Is there any way to get notification of a Wollmeise update? Or do we just have to be at the right place (on the website/blog) at the right time?

        1. We announce Wollmeise updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Ravelry. If you are able to receive texts on your phone, you can also sign up to receive our Tweets that way. (You don’t have to have a Twitter account.) Just text: follow theloopyewe to 40404. We only tweet on Mondays for Yarn Updates and Wollmeise Updates. We aren’t able to send out emails when the Wollmeise goes up, as it often sells out quickly and the emails might be old news by the time you get them.

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