Wollmeise, Lorna’s Laces and Moda!

The Thursday Update is ready! Today we’ve added in:

Wollmeise DK – this 100% superwash merino comes with 468 yards to the skein, which is a whole lot of yarn! Perfect for sweaters and vests (and you don’t have to buy as many skeins, due to the great yardage), but also great for hats and gloves (a set out of one skein), scarves, and shawls. Shown below in Aquarius, Erbse, and Krokodil. Need some pattern ideas? Try: Naiada, Braid Hills, Prinz Eisenherz, Tamatori, Blue Sand Cardigan, or Dragonflies Jumper.


Wollmeise Pure – this 100% superwash merino comes with 574 yards in the skein – also a lot of yarn in a fingering weight skein! Of course that makes it perfect for larger shawls, lighter weight sweaters, and cowls, hats and mitts. Shown below in Lila Ludmilla, Oohm, and Kuken. Pattern ideas: Nothing But Stripes, Magrathea, Paulie, At Dawn, and Still Light Tunic.


Wollmeise Twin in Xaverl – Xaverl is Claudia’s sweet kitty that came to live with her in August. Here’s are two pictures I took of him in Claudia’s back yard, while I was there visiting her in September. (See where the pink comes from in her colorway interpretation? Pink pink nose!) He’s a livewire, and so much fun. This is the only color she sent us in Twin, but it’s a special one!


Xaverl 2










Lorna’s Laces – more of the new colors (Shorewood, Northbrook, Naperville) in Sportmate, Shepherd Worsted, Solemate and Sock. Shown below on the Sportmate base.


Moda Fabric’s Beary Happy Birthday Line – these are so fun! You’ll find multi-colored polka dots, birthday hats, balloons, and a panel that spells out Happy Birthday in pennants. Wouldn’t it be fun to make birthday placemats (reversible, so you can use the dots on a day to day basis, and the birthday side when someone in your family is celebrating)? And the banner couldn’t be any easier. A quick and easy way to make your family celebrations a little more festive. (A sampling shown below.)


Cloud 9 Fabric’s Picture Pie Line – do you remember Ed Emberly’s Picture Pie books? He takes circles, divides them up like a pie, and then uses those pieces to create all kinds of animals and pictures. In this organic cotton fabric line, you’ll find alphabets, butterflies, fish, foxes, raccoons, tulips and coordinating scribbles. Cute for clothes, quilts, pillowcases and totes. (A sampling shown below.)


Have fun checking out the new things, and we’ll get your Boxes of Fun shipped right out to you! You look like this when a Box of Fun from The Loopy Ewe arrives at your house, right? It’s more fun than a ride on skates!


Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


  1. Yup. That’s me! That’s exactly what I look like, except you can’t hear my scream of joy or see the postman jump 20 feet out of his skin!!

  2. You are sooo ruining my resolve to knit from the stash this year with the wollmeise update. Now where are my skates to wear when my Box of Fun arrives……

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