A Watchful Loopy

If you’ve been in the shop, you know we have our name and Loopy logo right on the wall as you walk in. It is always a popular place for photo-taking. Sometimes I’ll be clicking through Ravelry or Facebook and will see someone using that as their profile photo, which is always fun. Look at these cute friends of mine – they had a fun shopping day here last fall!


We definitely needed something similar in the Loopy Fabric Shop. It just seemed a little empty without a Loopy to oversee everything happening back there. We cut templates and then Elf Jenny turned it into a beautiful wall hanging of Loopy and we put it up yesterday. Isn’t he cute?


And look at the perfect fabric she found for his swirly “fleece”.


It’s so much fun to pick fabric for special projects and appliqué quilts always intrigue me because of the pictures you can create. I like seeing quilted Loopy in the fabric area!

Guess what it’s doing outside this morning? Big, huge, fat snowflakes pouring down out of the sky. Are you having nicer weather where you are?

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  1. The sun is shining today and we will finally get into the 40’s- spring will arrive!!!
    I love to manipulate my fabrics when I quilt to add depth and texture.

  2. At least you have big, fat snowflakes! We are right about 40, with gale force winds and a cold rain as a nor’easter (a big low pressure system) works it way up the East Coast.

    However, the weekend is supposed to be sunny and 20 degrees warmer.

  3. love that quilted Loopy! you could sell him as a fabric panel lots o fans would enjoy.

    no snowflakes here but still tons of dirty white mounds, and precip coming tonight/Saturday. Please, can we send winter to Colorado to stay!?

  4. Tell elf Kenny that she did a great job! The wall hanging is adorable!!! As usual, dairyland is gray, cloudy and cold here today! I’m knitting away on my project though in Beach House Sea Silk and thinking of sand, sun and water! 🙂

  5. I absolutely Love the New Fabric Loopy!!! Being a Ewe and being designated the male gender must be why Loopy has such a sweet, but confused look on her/his face… There is a town near us called Wunghnu (pronounced One Ewe) that has a rather lonely looking Ewe for it’s town logo… Known here as the smallest sheep station in Australia… Followed by Toolamba, known as the second smallest (Italian Owned) sheep station in Australia. And they are within 35 miles of each other! It is Autumn Down Under, and we are having glorious days! It does look like it could rain today, though. We hope not, as we just installed some yarn blitzing yesterday… Aren’t you so glad you moved the Fling to the Fall!

  6. Today is supposed to hit 60 degrees with the rains returning tonight. My daffodils and early tulips are blooming.

  7. Great wall hanging. The one craft I didn’t have a chance to learn from my talented Aunt Alma (still miss her every day). I’m looking forward to learning how to quilt in the next few years. Your blog entries keep the plan fresh. Thanks for the new business line!

  8. Love the fabric shop Loopy wall hanging. Great job. As for snow. There is still snow on the ground from this past week’s storm, but mostly in the shady areas or where the plows piled it high. We’ll have temps in the 50s and 60s this coming week but they are promising possibly another winter storm the week after. I am SO over this winter!

  9. We have sun and a high of near 60. Unfortunately that means all of our snow is melting fast and the river that flows by our town is threatening to flood the lower portion of town again, after having done it once already back in 2011.

  10. Love the quilty Loopy. Perhaps since March is supposed to come in like a lion (which it has here) and go out like a lamb (still waiting on that!) quilted Loopy will prod Mother Nature along1

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