Salad in a Jar

Salad in a Jar The Loopy EweI’m all about saving a few extra minutes here and there. More time for knitting, right? One thing that we’ve been doing lately that has saved time in the mornings is to prepare Salad Jars for lunches. My good friend Monica (author of The Yummy Life blog) did a post on salads in a jar that got me to thinking. I didn’t commit to the idea from that post, because it looked like the salads might be a bit of work. 🙂 Then I read more about salads in jars on another one of my friend’s blogs – Judy’s blog (Patchwork Times), where she talked about adding regular salads to jars. I thought, “Well I can do that.” And now that I’ve been making jar salads for a couple of months, I’m totally up for the fun varieties that Monica came up with, too. They look delicious. I started a board on my Pinterest page to keep track of different salad jar recipes.

What I like about this is that there is one prep time for a whole lot of lunches. You wash and cut everything, pop it in the jars (heaviest stuff on the bottom), and then vacuum seal the tops. It takes about a half hour or so, and lunches are done for the whole week. In the mornings, I empty a jar into a plastic container, add a chopped up hard boiled egg and ham or cheese, and I’m done. Some people add dressing at the bottom, but I add the dressing right before eating the salad. The salads easily stay fresh in the jars for the whole week.

I got this vacuum sealer, and then the jar sealer attachment. The pint-sized jars are great for making side salads for dinners, and the quart-sized jars are what I use for a full meal salad.

Have you tried salads in a jar? And what do you think of it? As I said, it leaves more time for knitting. (Oh, ok. And it’s a nice, healthy lunch, too!)

Sheri lookingforwardtotryingothersaladvarieties,too


  1. I have tried salads in a jar! I’ve not used the fancy sealing attachments though. I’ve just done basic salads-greens and some toppings– but it really does make a nice lunch. You sure have pinned a very appealing variety!

  2. I LOVE my vacuum-sealer. I’ve had salad, even *with* dressing, stay perfectly edible for over a week! And cheese has stayed fresh for literally years…. Awesome appliance.

  3. This idea is genius! I have never heard of this until today. thank you so much for sharing. I’ll have to check out a vacuum sealer too. I travel on public transportation to work, so I’m thinking of leaving the salad in the jar until lunch time, voila – salad in an instant. I bet this would work well with picnics too. Oh the endless possibilities.

  4. Yes! I saw it on a blog a few years back and was sold. I also use the food saver with the jar lid attachment and am constantly amazed at how long my salads last. Even when I don’t have time to do any fancy salad in a jar I will put any leftover chopped lettuce in a mason jar and use the food saver just so it lasts longer. We have saved so much money since doing this and no more guilt at throwing away rotten lettuce!

  5. I have that food saver, but never knew about the canning jar attachment. Wow! What a great idea and I have a bunch of canning jars in the basement.

  6. I saw your posts on Pinterest! Very interesting! I haven’t tried a vacuum sealer, but my mother in law loves hers! Why do you have to use it for the salads in a jar though? You’re still putting the jars in the refrigerator, right? I’m curious. Thanks for the post!

  7. Love the idea and totally falling in love with March Giftables. Thank you, thank you Loopy Ewe for the being the best in the (my) knitting world!!!!!

  8. I have seen the salad jars in the refrigerator at work. They are all different and interesting looking. I work at Hobby Lobby and we have the mason jars, just haven’t invested in this yet. Looks like more than I can eat.

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