A Hat That Looks Good on Everyone

Skeppa-Hat-Side-The-Loopy-EweLast week, Julia (aka Knitting Daughter) whipped up a great looking hat out of Wollmeise DK. She wore it in to work, and we all thought it was so cute. That turned into everyone wanting to try it on, and that turned into the first Loopy Elf Knit-a-Long, because the style looked great on everyone and they all wanted to make their own. The pattern is Skeppa by Sarah Jo Burch, and it’s just $2.00, so hop on over to Ravelry and get a copy. It’s a quick knit and would make a fun hat for yourself (or a nice Valentine gift for someone special, or a finished Christmas gift for 2014 already)!

Skeppa-Hat-Back-The-Loopy-EweIt would be beautiful out of: Blue Sky Alpaca Silk (2 skeins), Cascade Superwash Sport (2 skeins), Jade Sapphire Cashmere (1.5 skeins), Lorna’s Laces Sportmate (1 skein), Manos del Uruguay Serena (2 skeins), Shalimar Breathless DK (1 skein), Skein DK (1 skein), or Stonehedge Shepherd’s Wool DK (2 skeins). You’ll need about 250 yards for the pattern.

Several of the Elves came to Knit Night last night to start the hats. (Aren’t they cute? We had fun getting this hat going. Although when we left Knit Night it was snowing and we all wished that our hats were DONE so we could wear them home.) I’ll be sure to share a picture of them modeling all of their finished hats at some point, too! I wasn’t going to start a hat (because of all the other projects that I’m Skeppa-Hat-Elf-Knit-a-Long-The-Loopy-Eweworking on that are on a deadline), but I’m being swayed over to the dark side. Or the hat side. I might have even picked out a skein of Breathless DK already. I think it will be my first completed Christmas project for 2014, as I have just the recipient in mind for it.

Thanks for all of your blog comments on the “What’s in your knitting bag or on your sewing table” contest! I had fun reading through them. Most of you said “Which bag?” or “You mean we’re only supposed to have one bag??”, which always makes me feel better. I’m going to do a bag blog post soon, because it’s something that I seem to have a problem with delight in collecting. Besides lots of projects, some of you keep Advil, chocolate, and gymnastic leotards in your bag. (Ok, one person on the leotard. And it’s for a first grader.) It was also fun to read about those of you who are knitting for your little ones, daughter or daughter in laws for weddings, or expecting new grandkids!

We used the Random Number Generator to pick a winner from the 1200+ entries, and the cute Taste of Wollmeise bag is being shipped off to Penny M. in Indiana. Congratulations, Penny!

We’ll have another blog contest in February, so watch for that and enter again. Have a great weekend!

Sheri determinedtokeepbuyingknittingbagsandfillingthemup


  1. That is one cute hat. And I just might have a skein (or 2 or 4) of DK weight yarn. ;). Not sure how I got it but it might be in a box of fun.

  2. I’ve been in a hat loop lately too. It’s been soooo cold down here in the deep south that my husband was begging for a new hat. I even let him pick the pattern and he choose Antler Hat by TinCan Knits – a freebie. But I must hurry off now to order my skein of Shalimar Breathless to do this hat – Bad Sheri – bad bad Sheri ! Hope you have a great weekend Mel

  3. I’m sure this is trending on Ravelry now! I clicked on Skeppa when I saw your post and knew immediately that this was the perfect hat I’ve been wanting to do for my daughter. I had a skein of Skein in one of their dk weights (which are wondrous) and off I went. My knitting buddy and I were talking via Skype the night I cast on and when I showed her what I was doing she looked up the pattern on Ravelry and got it for herself. Now we’re having a race to see who can get done first! I really truly appreciate the care and feeding you do, Sheri. All the pattern suggestions are fabulous. Looking forward to helping carry the Loopy Ewe team forward during the Ravellenic Games! Go Team!

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