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We’re always working on small changes and fun things on the website. (And by “we”, I totally mean Web Guy.) Sometimes I forget to tell you about them, but you more adventurous types always manage to click around and find them sooner rather than later! Today I wanted to point out a few different things you might find helpful.

We have the fabrics organized on the website by company, and then by subcategory of collections. But did you know you can bypass clicking on each collection and see everything at once from that company? There is a “See All Items” link on each company page, as well as the general fabric pages as a whole. (You also get this option on the general yarn page and each yarn company’s individual page.) This is particularly handy because many companies use similar color palettes across collections. The collection link will show you what was designed to go together, but the “See All Items” link will show you other (probably similarly matched) fabrics from that same company. (Click on blog photos to make them larger.)

See All The Loopy Ewe

You can also toggle to the view you prefer. In this first picture, I brought up “See All Items” for the Birch fabric line, which is one of my favorites. I am viewing this page by Grid, meaning the pictures come up larger. Of course you can click on any photo on the website to have it brought up even bigger.

View by Grid The Loopy Ewe

If you prefer, you can click on the word “List” up there, and see the page laid out with more photos per page, as well as quantity information (yards in the fabric section, skeins in the yarn section).

Search by List The Loopy Ewe

Also note that you can search by the different designers within a fabric line. So under the Birch label, we currently have 6 designed by Dan Stiles, 55 by Jay-Cyn Designs, 3 by Rebekah Ginda, and 10 by Teagan White. Just click on a name and it will change the view to that designer’s fabrics. (And of course these are screen shots. You have to be on our main website to be clicking around on links!)

Search by Designer The Loopy Ewe

In the yarn section, you can bring up the See All Items option, which I’ve done here on the Spud and Chloe page. You can then search by material (here it shows that we have 44 with organic cotton, 21 with silk, and 65 with superwash) or weight (currently 21 available in fingering weight, 20 in Worsted Weight, and 20 in Bulky), by clicking those individual names. You can also Sort By: Relevance, New Items, New Inventory (re-stocks), Name (a-z or z-a) and Price (high to low or low to high).

Material Weight Relevance The Loopy Ewe

When you go to the pattern section for knitting, you can click to See All Items and then it lets you sort by pattern companies, as well as different types of patterns.

Pattern Search The Loopy Ewe

So there you have a few fun things to play around with, the next time you visit our website!

Sheri thankfulforWebGuyandhisgreatideasandtechskills


  1. Wow! Web Guy has done a great job again to make it so easy to find the items I am looking for my next project! Gotta love new functionality! Thanks Web Guy!

  2. WOW! You read my mind. The last few times I’ve stopped by the site to browse I would get discouraged and wander away again. Without a specific yarn brand or line in mind I could never find anything I wanted. I had mentally penned a note but never gotten it down in print. But you’ve done it!

    Only one more category request. I’m often looking for a type of dye process. Having filters for self striping, solid, semi solid, varigated, etc would also aid in browsing! Love you guys

  3. Web guy is great! I love having choices for viewing the items! So far, I have not had any problems finding any product. I have searched by weight, color, company, name, etc. Thanks bunches!

  4. I too have always wanted to ask for a search option by size of yarn! It’s super fun to browse all the offerings you have, but if I’m just looking to see what you have in DK it used to take forEVER! I cant wait to try out the new feature!!

    Much love to the web guy!!

  5. Here’s a web trick you might want to pass along to customers. In most browsers, Ctrl+ (control key and plus sign) will enlarge things, Ctrl- (control and minus) will make them smaller, and control and zero will get you back to the default. Even if you don’t have a number pad, just hit the plus key on your keyboard and it will work. This is not something that needs programming, but many users don’t know it is there to use.

    I really like to use this when viewing the new items. While you might not get a lot of detail on small items, it really helps to see larger blocks of colors. If you go large enough with Ctrl+, you should also get a horizontal scroll bar, which you can use if you need to move around if things are running off the sides.

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