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Amigurume 1What a fun book! The kind folks at Lark Crafts sent me an early copy of the new AmiguruME book by Allison Hoffman, and I had such a great time going through it all. This title will be available sometime early this month, but you can have my copy now, if you’d like! (Please note – the only reason I’m not keeping this gem is because my crochet skills stop at straight lines and granny squares. Making a doll is beyond my current skill set. Although the book includes directions on how to crochet and do the different stitches, if you’re like me and aren’t sure you have the skills. That does make it tempting to keep….)

The photos and directions are very clear and concise, making it possible for you to crochet-up your own likeness, or that of your kids or friends. There are directions for faces (adults and kids), different hair types, different body types, different clothing options, and different shoes (even flip flops with toes-ies showing!). Here are a few more pictures:


Amigurume 2

Dapper Guy:

Amigurume 3

Hair styles:

Amigurume 4

If you’d like my copy, just leave a comment below and tell me who you’d like to make first, with this book. Yourself? Your kids? Your BFF? One of the cute patterns in the book just as it is? I’ll randomly draw a winner next week and will send this book on its way.

Box of Fun The Loopy EweWe have just added a new Photo Gallery to the website, but it’s empty and we need you to help fill it up! We thought it would be fun to have pictures of you with your Boxes of Fun, when they arrive. (Not the contents of your box – just your smiling, happy face posing with your box with the Fun sticker showing!) We may also use your Box of Fun photos in the video that we are putting together for our quest to the Super Bowl ad, so be sure you’re ok with that if you upload a photo. We can only use a few of those, but we’d love your help with that. International Loopies – we leave the Box of Fun stickers off of your envelopes to help make them as generic looking as possible (hoping that helps them avoid Customs), but we’re happy to include a sticker on the inside if you’d like to apply it to your package after it arrives, for the photo. Just leave us an order note if you want us to put a sticker inside!

Sheri whomightneedtobuyacopyofthatcutebooklater,

P.S. I’m off for a long weekend with some of my favorite friends for our Annual Girlfriends Weekend, so no blog post on Friday. But I’ll be back on Monday with another Monday Update for you!


  1. So funny, i just got an animal book like this,but would love to make my grandkids, theyd really get a laugh. Lol

  2. If I had this book I would definitely make each one, but I would start off with Willy Nelson because I am country @ heart!

  3. I would LOVE this book! I am always crocheting up strange things like pugs, vampires & soft dice. I would make Freida first for my niece because she went for her on Halloween last year 🙂

  4. This may sound crazy … but I would make my EX first! 🙂 Then my son would have a “daddy” doll … and I’d have something to tell all the things to that I want to (and/or maybe shouldn’t!) say to him! LOL!

  5. Oh how fun! The first person I would make is my grandmother. She taught me to crochet, and I would love to give her a mini-me for Christmas. 🙂

  6. My DGD thinks it’s so funny that her Poppy is bald. I would knit up my bald hubby and make colorful wild wigs that my DGD could use to give her Poppy hair! She loves dolls and would adore this!

  7. Mine would have to include a photo of my husband with his mouth full of Loopy candies – or as he calls them – “husband bribes.”

  8. OMG, this book excites me! This is right up my hook! I knit and crochet but when it comes to pure fun…crocheting amiguru is my kind of puzzle work! I am making a David Tennant Dr. Who right now. I love Allison’s patterns. I would love to really get into the various “wigs” of characters. That Mr. T is catching my eye. Oh, the possiblities are endless. The world is full of characters that need to be crocheted. I’ve got the “stash” to do them all!

  9. Would love a copy for my daughter she is an elementary special ed teacher and she would love to make these for her classroom, the kids will love them

  10. Humm, I think I would make a dear friend from work, to show her how much I treasure her. Then my daughter and her husband.

  11. I want this book for my daughter. (I do not crochet.) She would no doubt crochet images of her sons – my grandsons – and their two cousins – my other grandchildren.

  12. one i WOULD TRY TO MAKE FIRST would be me…for little granddaughter to carry around….a “huggie + lovie….hmm maybe DH needs one too! Would love to win , thanks for the chance!

  13. Lucy, for sure! My husband is Hispanic and I’m a red head. Whenever we go to the gym, our workout mates shout “Ricky and Lucy have arrived!”. We still giggle like teenagers ever time!

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