Camp Loopy Project One Winners (and Vote for Project Two!)

We have winners for Camp Loopy Project One! We asked you to vote for the Reader’s Choice favorite from Project One, and we actually had a tie. Congratulations to Maria in CO for her Crocheted Bee Table Dressing (made from one skein of Madelinetosh Prairie):

Maria's Busy Bees

And to Christina from WA for her Silver Darkness shawl (made out of Swan’s Island Lace

Silver Darkness 

Each of you wins a $30 credit at The Loopy Ewe, which we’ve already deposited in your account! In addition to the Reader’s Choice awards, we also do random drawing from all of the entries so that everyone has a chance to win. We picked four winners from that, and each wins a $25 credit at The Loopy Ewe. Those winners are:

Amy from AZ (with this scarf made from Shalimar Breathless):

Amys Project One

Donna from AL (with this cowl made from BAAH Yarn):

Donna's Cowl

Kim from CA (with this shawl made from Shalimar Breathless):

Kims Happenstance Shawl

And Ayana from MD (with this Citrine Shawl made from Shalimar Breathless):

Ayanas Citrine Shawl

We’ve sure loved seeing all of your one-skein projects for Camp Loopy One! Now it’s time to move on to voting for Camp Loopy Project Two. Hop over to the gallery and send your Reader’s Choice vote to us at:  We’ll tally the votes and will report back on that soon.

Are you working away on Project Three? Has anyone else had to frog their Project Three? I discovered a mistake in mine last night at Knit Night. Despite trying to tell myself over and over that it was fine and no big deal, I finally had to admit that it bugged me too much to let it go. Thank goodness for my friend Sheryl. She yanked that part back out like nobody’s business. (She is braver than I am. Frogging an alpaca/silk blend makes me feel like the stitches are going to slither down and disappear in the process.) I’m back on track with the problem fixed. Although further behind now. I will have to knit a lot this weekend.

Sheri whoalwayslikestoseeknittingonmytodolist

P.S. Don’t forget to vote for us in the Super Bowl Contest! (And thanks to all of you who have shared it with your friends and had them vote, too. We sure appreciate it!)


  1. WOOHOO! Congratulations to all the winners – what gorgeous projects! And I’m always available to frog someone else’s project! 🙂

  2. The Silver Darkness shawl is beautiful—I searched on Ravelry—is there a pattern out there somewhere for it?

  3. Congrats to all! So many great projects!! I vote for Loopy twice a day, every day!
    I have been knitting away but don’t feel like I’m getting very far! I got tangled up and had to stop to untangle! That set me back a little and now my mojo is disappearing! Blah!

  4. How can I get the pattern for Christina’s Silver Darkness Shawl? I LOVE it1 It’s exquisite! I would love to make one.

  5. I was wondering how I got a $25 credit already. Woohoo!!

    The Reader’s Choice winners are truly lovely. Now I must scope out that Out of Darkness pattern…

  6. You are in good company. I’ve already pulled mine back twice due to twisting. Now I just found two cables that are wrong. I should be able to fix them without ripping back. I hope you don’t have any future problems!

  7. Too perfect – the two winners that tied were the two that I was trying to decide between for my vote! I’m so glad they were both able to win.

    I’m knitting away on Project Three and loving it – no frogging yet, knock wood!

  8. Thank you for the info on the pattern. One of my very dear knitting friends passed away last month, and her family gave me a hank of lace yarn she had stashed. She was a fabulous lace knitter, and I am looking for a very special pattern to use with Claire’s yarn.

  9. Those are some beautiful projects!

    I’m working on my project 3, but it’s a full size adult sweater knit on size 2s. I’m hoping that I can finish the raglan increases this weekend and do the split for the body. I feel so far behind even though it isn’t quite a third of the way through the month!

  10. Congratulations to the winners! Sheri, I’m looking at frogging project 3 (also alpaca/silk laceweight) completely and starting over. That’ll definitely add to the challenge of 800 yards in August. Yikes.

  11. wow! i cant believe it! i didn’t even think i stood a chance against so many beautiful projects. thank you so much! everyone did an amazing job! *thinksofwhatyarnstobuywithherprizemoney*

  12. Yep, ripped out the whole thing (complete yoke of a top-down sweater) because I didn’t alternate skeins, and wow, was that sleeve going to be obvious.

    The good news is it’s prompted me to design my own sweater. 🙂

  13. Yes…I did already frog my Camp Loopy 3…thought I wanted to make a Vivid; but after playing around with the yarn and pattern….I took a square apart and started on the “Babette Blanket”. So far I am enjoying it….maybe about 1/3 completed. I am glad I started over and selected a different project. 🙂

  14. I’ve been frogging too…I was almost done with the back of my sweater and noticed a mistake in the pattern set up row. Then made a similar mistake on one of the fronts. Ugh! I think I can count to five now :]

  15. Where could I find thr Citrine Shawl pattern by Ayana? I’ve Googled it with no luck. It is absolutely stunning!

  16. Thx for the link Sheri – Just purchased it 🙂 Can’t wait to start once I finish my August Camp Loopy project 🙂

  17. Amazing. Well my project 3 has taken almost all month unusual for me but the shibui stole is one of the most beautiful things I have ever made, maybe tomorrow ihope

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