Cabled Rib Wrap (And a Touchdown!)

photo-1I know I’ve talked about this project as I’ve worked on it, because I remember telling you (a few times) how awesome it is to work with this yarn. This Cabled Rib Wrap is knit holding two yarns together. It uses Shibui Silk Cloud and Shibui Baby Alpaca DK. The pattern is very easy to work and it makes for a good almost-mindless knit. (“Almost”, because you do have to watch to knit the knits and purl the purls in pattern and cable every so photo-2often. But that’s it.) I made it as long as I could and just knit until I ran out of yarn. As soon as I was done with it, I wanted to cast on another just because I really liked working on it! (But I finished it in May and knew Camp Loopy projects were coming up, so I have resisted so far.) I wish you could feel how soft it is. Maybe you’ll just have to make one for yourself. πŸ™‚ Of course there are other DK/Lace combinations that would be equally fun to combine for this pattern.

SONY DSCTouchdown! Remember those fun, creative, expensive Super Bowl ads? Intuit is sponsoring a contest for a small businesses (less than 50 employees) to win a free Super Bowl ad and we have entered the contest! (Because wouldn’t a knitting ad be awesome in the middle of the Super Bowl?) Between now and mid-September, you can vote once per day for our chance to win: Click Here and Vote Daily!Β In late September they will announce the top 20 contenders, and then 8000 Intuit employees will narrow those down to four. In November, the four finalists will rally the votes to narrow it down to one winner. THANK YOU to everyone who voted yesterday already – we’re at the top of the most popular list so far! My hubby said, “How did that happen?” and I told him, “Knitters are a force to be reckoned with.” And don’t you think some people are already wondering how in the world a yarn shop can be at the top of the list so far? Knitters. Don’t underestimate us. (Vote daily and pass the word, if you’re so inclined!)

Sheri whoalwaysthinksthecommercialsarethehiglightoftheSuperBowl

P.S. We drew names for the winners of our Name Your Favorite Dessert Bar contest. Congratulations to Janene in WY and Janice in VA, who both won a $25 credit to The Loopy Ewe! Thanks to everyone for sharing your favorites. It’s clear that Lemon Bars are tops!


  1. Tme for an end run: Can we find out if any of those Intuit employees are knitters? or can you find and feature a pattern named Intuit? Any extra points for this goal line stand would be great (yes I am a former sportswriter, and was always the only one who carried a knitting bag along w/a notebook)

  2. I love Kathy’s post!! I am voting daily. I would love to see The Loopy Ewe win. Can voting from different computers help? Like home and work? πŸ™‚

  3. Can you put a link to the voting up front when we open the blog so that we don’t forget to vote each day? That would be a big help. Thanks.

  4. Beautiful wrap Sheri! I hope to see it in person in about ten days when we come to Fort Collins to visit our son. When I told him I was so happy he was going back to school at CSU, he remarked that he knew why I was really excited. I can’t pull the wool over that one’s eyes…

  5. Tried voting from my Kindle. There is a security warning that comes up. “The site’s security credentials do not originate from a trusted authority.” Wonder why this doesn’t come up on my desktop computer?

  6. Wow – this is gorgeous! and I have the perfect yarn for this – at least for the DK-weight. Going to Ravelry to get the pattern!

  7. Love this wrap. Hope to see it in person this Tuesday or Wednesday. We leave tomorrow for Colorado – going to spend a couple of days exploring RMNP (and a side trip to TLE, of course) then on to a couple of days exploring Mesa Verda before heading back to TN. A much anticipated vacation. Hope the weather cooperates! See you soon.q

  8. How great that we’ll get to see you soon, Sally!!

    Jen – not sure why that came up on the Kindle. I’ve voted from my iPad, phone and computer over the past two days and didn’t get that notice?

    Thanks to everyone else for voting, too!

  9. Loopy is the only one I know that could look so cute having a picture taken from their backside! What a cute photo. Off to vote.

  10. Love that wrap!!! I already voted yesterday but need to today. So I could vote from my Nook and my Iphone?! Hot diggity dog! Goin to do that right after I’m done here!!
    Congrats to the winners!!! Love lemon bars!!!

  11. By the way, I just voted with my Nook and the security thing came up there as well. I just pressed continue and everything was fine. Must be something with ereader tablets?! I also just voted with my iphone and did not get the security thing. So who knows?! By the way, I just bookmarked the website on both devices and that way, I can go to the site once a day just by clicking. Then I won’t need to worry about not finding the link. Just a suggestion for anyone not sure they would be able to get the link! For those interested, The website is: My iphone identified the security of this website by verisign class 3 secure server! Good luck Sheri!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  12. I’ve sent out an email to the Okie gals who visited the Loopy Ewe back in St. Louis so we can all vote. Yay!!

  13. Found a neat way to vote everyday – save the link to my bookmarks and first thing I do upon turning on vote.

  14. I’ve vote multiple times daily

    Btw love your idea to DK & Lace together
    I have both on orphan skeins
    Couldn’t use a scarf or cowl in mid-MO during winter months


  15. I am so glad that I have found The Loopy Ewe. Camp Loopy has encouraged me to use new yarn and do new projects. I have just finished my first sweater! I love getting my boxes of fun and reading the blog to get even more ideas. Thanks Sheri for creating such a fantastic place.

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