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TNNA-The-Loopy-EweAs always, TNNA Market was a lot of fun! What is Market like? Lots of booths, lots of samples knit up, lots of pretty colors, lots of designers, lots of classes, and lots of walking. I go to connect with our vendors, check out the new things for you, learn some new things in classes, and place a lot of orders. 🙂

The days start early, especially if you’re taking advantage of the many classes that are offered. There are classes that pertain to business and classes that pertain to skills and techniques, and I usually try to fit in a mix of both types while I’m there. (That does take a certain amount of commitment. Classes start at 8 am. When my alarm goes off to get up at 6:30 am, that’s 4:30 am Colorado time. Have I mentioned that I am so not a morning person? So. Not.) I have seldom taken a class there that wasn’t worth the early morning wake-up call though, so that’s good.

sally-melville-sweater-class-tnnaOne of the classes I took this year was with Sally Melville. She brought lots of samples and I really liked the cuff on this sweater. She did a few rows of garter stitch, then a few rows of ribbing, then a few more rows of garter stitch to end the sleeve. The garter stitch makes the sleeve edge roll slightly, giving it almost an i-cord look (but a lot quicker and easier). If I ever get better at actually finishing sweaters (and not just starting them), I’m going to do things like this on my cuffs. So much more fun looking than a plain rib, don’t you think?

Of course you want to know what I bought, right? Besides getting in quite a few re-orders and re-stocks while I was there, I also added some extra lines from some of our favorite companies, as well as some new lines. (And one really cool exclusive thing that we’ll have in about 60 days, but since it’s so far down the road, I can’t tell you about that yet. But it will be fun!) We put orders in for all of the new Malabrigo Roving, which is as beautiful as all of the colors that Malabrigo does on their yarn bases. And we also added in Sweet Georgia’s BFL Roving (again, done in her awesome color combinations.) We do have more of her Tough Love Sock and CashSilk Lace coming soon, from an order that we put in awhile back.

New yarns from Spud and Chloe, Blue Sky Alpacas, The Alpaca Yarn Company, Dream in Color, Fable Fibers, and Wonderland Yarns!

I spent a lot of time in The Fibre Company’s booth, because their yarn is just luscious. We already carry Tundra and Road to China light. I added in Canopy Worsted and Canopy Fingering while at Market. This yarn is 50% alpaca, 30% merino, and 20% tencel. It’s gorgeous and soft and I can see us all knitting quite a few projects out of it! I also ordered the new colors in Spud and Chloe and Blue Sky Alpacas, as well as new gradient color kits (with mini skeins, shown here at the top of the photo) from The Alpaca Yarn Company. They had a beautiful shawl done up in one of these gradient kits and I’m looking forward to making one soon.

There were new Chelsea Kits from Dream in Color that I ordered, as well as new Boy and Girl Tulip Sweater kits that will arrive soon. I added in a couple of brand new lines – 3 different yarn bases from Fable Fibers (a DK weight, an MCN fingering weight, and a big-skein – 600 yards, fingering weight. Shown here on the bottom left.). And the merino fingering weight base from Wonderland Yarns (put out by Frabjous Fibers, shown here on the bottom right). We may add in their MCN and Worsted weights as well, but thought we’d start with the fingering weight. There are a few more lines that I got samples from and am still contemplating for fall additions, so of course the shopping isn’t done yet. The yarn shopping is never done around here. I’m always finding more fun things for all of us. I love that part of my job!

the-loopy-ewe-expansion-fort-collinsThat’s almost all the market news. You might have heard that we’re expanding our shop in Fort Collins. They’ve been making progress with the construction and this morning they knocked down the far wall! If you visit, you’ll see a big plastic sheet hanging across while they continue to finish out and blend together the spaces over the next five weeks. Now, with all that extra space we’re going to need a few more Loopy Elves, so we have some new positions opening up here at the shop (both full and part-time). If you or a friend are a local, enthusiastic quilter/sewist interesting in working at a growing company called The Loopy Ewe, please send a resume to – we’d love to talk with you more over the next couple of weeks. Actually, have I mentioned that the TNNA Market isn’t the only market I’ve had fun at recently? I was at Quilt Market last fall and then again this past May …

Well, I hope you’re as excited about some of these new things as I am. Stay tuned to the blog for more fun things (and additional details about our new space) as we get ready for our Seventh Loopy Anniversary in August!

Sheri whohasawholelotofnewsampleyarnstoknitupandplaywiththisweek.


  1. Wow, this sounds like many awesome and exciting things to look forward to. I really love the gradient color kit! Hmm, I kinda wonder if some fabric/ quilting isn’t in the future at The Loopy Ewe? I hope so as I am an avid quilter also!

  2. WOW! If only I lived in Colorado Sheri, I would be at your door right now! Looks like I better start a second Fling jar for fabric LOL.

  3. ‘m telling my husband tonight that we are moving to Colorado. I knit and quilt (although) not as much as in the past). Can’t wait to see all the beautiful things you will offer!

  4. If you are adding quilting fabric you just became my favorite store in the world. Silk status, here I come! (My husband is probably going to confiscate the credit card and change all the passwords before that happens, though, lol.)

  5. I love seeing your pics from the shows… how ever do you make such wonderful choices with all that there is to look at? And, if I ever move back to CO, I’d be on TLE doorstep for a job. But you really can’t call it a job or work, can you? It’s just lovelyness to pet all of the yarn!

  6. I’m helping my older son move to Fort Collins in August, so I’m wondering if the rest of my family would miss me if I applied to work as an Loopy Elf instead of returning to NJ? That’s probably not in the picture for now, but I hope I’ll be there to celebrate your Seventh Loopy Anniversary in person!

  7. Wow. My heart goes a flutter at all of those things you have coming in!!!!
    I would SO love to work at The Loopy Ewe with everyone! Dang.

  8. Quilting fabric! How great will it be to be able to buy yarn and quilting supplies at the same time. The only thing better? To be able to work in such a fun shop. I wish I were local!

  9. Very exciting news! Cannot wait to see te new goodies! Thanks for sharing the news! TLE is absolutely the best!

  10. All across America, the readers of your blog are thinking “Hmmmm? A Loopy Elf? Could I handle being surrounded with such deliciousness daily?”


    “If I was a Loopy Elf, I would never actually BRING HOME a paycheck. It would be like reverse dividend reinvestment.” hahaha

  11. P.S. I can’t wait because I will be visiting TLE. He’s a little miffed that I was excited that he wanted to go back to CSU more for me than for him…

  12. I think your new addition is going to be amazing. I’m hoping that sometime in 2014 I will be able to justify buying a spinning wheel, and then I will be buying roving like it is going out of style!

  13. Sheri, i’m so happy for you!!
    Thanks to Camp Loopy, Qtr Challenge and TLE in general
    My knitting life has become a wonderful adventure

    So happy to know that an independent business can ‘make good’!

    Am excited to see what’s ahead, Sheri


  14. I am drooling over the Malabrigo roving, and have a gift card burning a hole in my account!! Any idea when it might be in, I will try to wait patiently. 🙂

  15. I just found this blog and was catching up on Loooy Ewe news. I live in Columbus and am going to be in ft, Collins July 12-15. I can’t wait to stop in your store, probably multiple times! Our goal is to move to your town in about 2-3 years after retirement….I would love to work for you:)

  16. Sheri, I’m hoping you will expand your Frog Tree stock. I love Ewetopia. It knits beautifully and also is great for felting. I also love supporting a company that is making a difference in the world…not for profit and fair trade. I know you have so many choices on what to carry but appreciate a product that is a win for all.

  17. Wish I lived there, I’d send my application in right away. 18 years working at a quilt shop.
    Needless to say my yarn stash is vast, but pales in comparison to my fabric stash!!!

  18. If you are going to start carrying fabric too that might be more than my poor hubby will be able to take. It might actually drive him to learn how to operate the blacklist on the router. (Since he doesn’t have the password – bwahahahaha – he’s out of luck there.)

  19. Fabric??? ** swoon** Big fan of oriental prints and the Austalian aboriginal petroglyph prints. I’ve been collecting those for almost 20 years and have even come close a couple of times to cutting them. Yarn and fabric addictions do go hand in glove. I can see retirement to Fort Collins in my future!

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