Another New Yarn Coming Soon

We will have Rhichard’s yarn available for you soon!

rhichard-yarn-the-loopy-ewe-fingering-weightRemember the yarn that I showed on the blog last Friday and had you guessing about? It’s interesting to me that so many of you thought it was Koigu. In fact, it’s a fairly new line by Rhichard Devrieze who was a dyer at Koigu for over ten years and has now left to pursue his own yarn line! You will see his dyeing skill and amazing color sense coming through in all of his skeins. While he had a booth at TNNA, we didn’t order it there. We had already placed our order about a month ago and the yarn is now en route from Canada, so we’ll have it for you in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait for you to see it! It was nice to meet him at Market, but a little hazardous as I kept walking over to his samples and picking up one skein after another. It’s hard to choose just one to knit up. I’m thrilled to have his line coming to The Loopy Ewe.

We also have a stock room filled to overflowing with yarn waiting to be photoed and added to the website. Would you like to pop by and go through some boxes?? Just kidding. Rebecca, our Inventory Manager, is incredibly organized and on top of everything back there. She is getting all of that new yarn out just as quickly as possible for you!

Sheri muchtodothisweekend,howaboutyou?


  1. I’m puppy – sitting my parents’ dogs while they attend their godson’s wedding. Then off to my in-laws’ to spell mil from round-the-clock care of fil, followed by a ten-hour drive home with dh who will fly in mid-week. Brought along enough sock yarn for at least four pairs!

  2. Love the yarn – have you ordered the colorway you are showing; and if so, what is the colorway.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  3. The manager at my LYS was telling us about TNNA at knit night on Tuesday and was raving about his yarns!

  4. Finishing my monthly camp project. Cutting it close lol. I am excited to give the lovely new yarns a test knit 🙂

  5. I love the colors in that yarn! I am teaching a class on knitting to some ladies from my church on Saturday. I can’t wait to start my Geology Shawl (1010 queues) on Sunday at midnight! I think I changed my mind 6 times before finally deciding on my pattern, lol.

  6. I absolutely LOVE his yarn! I learned about him through a vendor on Etsy who sells mini skeins. So glad you have added his line to your shop! I am envisioning lovely packages arriving at my door in the near future! Whoo hoo!

  7. Wow- great yarn! No wonder it looked like Koigu! I finished my Camp project and just uploaded to Ravelry and on The Loopy site! Yay for me! Now I have to finish a baby sweater before camp project 2!!!!

  8. I love the look of the new yarn. I think some will want to come live with me as soon as it is ready to be sold!

  9. I’m so glad it is Friday. I have an open house tomorrow, and I’m hoping for a sale on our home (it has been on the market for about 60 days). It would certainly stave off any real decisions we needed to make if it sold quickly!

    Other than that, I need to wind up the balls of yarn (at least one in each color) for Camp Loopy project 2. Oh, and put the picture for the first project on the website. It’s been done for over a week!

  10. This weekend it is a race to finish my first Camp Loopy Project! I have a reasonable excuse for being late…I think anyway. I made a sweater during the first two weeks with Tosh DK. I know not part of camp but TLE got the yarn in that I was waiting for and well the sweater just had to be made. Now I have to make up for lost time! I will be knitting!

  11. I wondered if that was his yarn. I bought a couple skeins of it in Madison.this spring.. It looks JUST like Koigu but with more yardage.

  12. Can’t wait to see those colors when they arrive! Well, my weekend will be dedicated to cleaning / re-boxing after a 2-3 days of water spewing from a pipe crack that flooded my home over last weekend while visiting family in KY. We had major damage, so now the clean-up and contractor estimates will start. I will be working slowing on July’s Camp Loopy project just to maintain my sanity! Well we are very fortunate, as it could have been worse! Glad I can look forward to buying more yarn! (Thank goodness the yarn was stored on the second floor!)

  13. Which colorway is the yarn you are showing here? It doesn’t look like anything you got in stock tonight.

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