Rowan’s Fine Art Sock Yarn

rowan-fine-art-lark-scarfRowan has a new yarn out called Fine Art. Even though this was made with socks in mind, it’s also a great yarn for shawls and scarves. Here’s a model that Rowan sent us to display with our order. Isn’t it beautiful? The pattern is Lark and they used 3 skeins for this wide, long scarf. If you like the look of dropped stitch scarves, you might also check out Shimmer Wave ScarfFascinateHigh TidesEasy Drop Stitch Scarf, or Canoeing on Blueberry Lake (and I want to knit that one just for the name). I am loving the colors of this yarn.

lark-scarf-rowan-fine-artThe yarn is made from 45% Merino Wool, 20% Kid Mohair, 10% Mulberry Silk, and 25% Polyamid. It has 437 yards per skein, so it’s perfect for many of those cute one-skein shawl patterns out there. (Like Show Me Your Teeth, Over the Willamette, Sonetto Shawl, Zilver, or Leaves on the Line.) I like one-skein shawls, as I find them wearable in all seasons. Not necessarily outside year-round, but inside in the air conditioning, all summer long! I need to stock my wardrobe with more colors of little shawls. I tend to revert to blues and greens too often.

Tomorrow is the first day of Camp Loopy 2013! Someone came into the shop today wearing her Camp Loopy t-shirt. (Hi Diana!) It looked so darn cute on her. Do you have your Camp yarn wound up and ready to go? We can’t wait to see all of your Project One photos when they’re finished!

Sheri notstayinguplatetostartaftermidnighttonight.



  1. Will TLE be getting a restock of shirts in size small? I missed my window of opportunity. Thanks Sheri!

  2. Oh, bummer Kim! We don’t usually do re-orders on the Camp shirts. I’m sorry we ran out!

  3. Yarn is wound, needles and pattern are ready to go! I am doing a couple of mystery KALs this month too – not sure what I was thinking! I guess it doesn’t matter as long as the Camp project doesn’t lag behind! This is my third summer of camp and I look forward to it every year!

  4. Ruth Anne, I’m moving! I suspect we were thinking the same thing: “CAMP LOOPY!!! WHEEEEE!!!!!” 😀

  5. yarn is being wound and cast on, but won’t knit it until I’m on the plane to Aruba next weekend – yeah for plane knitting 🙂

  6. I really love the look of that beautiful scarf…..Lark.but I could not find the pattern n the web site. Do you know how I can get it.the yarn is gorgeous?

  7. I have started my project! I did cast on at midnight on the 1st. :). Very pretty Rowan yarn!

  8. I ordered my pattern thinking it wouldn’t be a problem on Saturday and it still hasn’t cleared Paypal, so I am losing a week due to not having my pattern available. Though I do have the yarn balled up and will bring an appropriate size needle in case I can start it over the weekend. *gah!*

  9. Seanna Lea – that’s not good! Did you check back with the people you ordered it from to see what the deal is? (Don’t they know that Camp goes on a time schedule??)

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