Weaving Through My Gift List

Ok, not really. I’ve only made these two for Christmas gifts. But maybe I’ll have time to make more before the 25th of December rolls around. I’m still enjoying the process of weaving. Here’s one I made in Wollmeise Wasseratz.

And another one in Wollmeise Zenzi.

It’s really a fun way to use up multi-colored sock yarn that you might not feel like knitting into socks. Did I mention that I went through my stash last week? I have a lot of sock yarn that is going to be something other than socks. I used to buy so many single skeins.

Since tomorrow is our Thanksgiving Holiday, I have my knitting projects all planned out for this week and weekend. I’m finishing my second Derecho (finally, FPS. Tell me again why I decided to knit this a second time? And to make this second one the never-ending-big-size?), hoping to finish my Cabled Rib Wrap (although it’s so luscious to knit that I don’t mind it taking a long time), and hoping to start a Nuvem (with Wollmeise Lace, or Lorna’s Laces Helen’s Lace, which would be gorgeous). All of those things are pretty mindless knits, which makes them perfect for working on when you have family and friends around for the holiday weekend. What is your favorite mindless knit for times such as these?

Sheri maybeIoughttohaveonechallengingprojectready,justincase


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I cannot wait until 5, when I get off work.

    Mindless knitting… well, I always seem to have a super easy project on the needles… something that I can easily memorize and knit up while visiting with people or standing in line at the market. Right now it is a pair of fingerless mitts with a bit of a cable incorporated.

    After this, I will move on to a slouchy hat to match. These are for my great niece, who is a little younger than my youngest. Our families overlap a lot. Then I am making Calorimetry for my massage therapist. She actually asked if I would make it for her and she would pay me, so I’m going to make it and give it to her with a few other items.

    I also have a few items that are more difficult that I work on as well. Something to keep me interested. Right now, I have a fair isle hat and an intarsia hat I am working on. Must be the year of the hat as a gift!

  2. Hands down (little pun!), mittens and fingerless gloves. I’m getting ready to make 5 pair of baby mittens this weekend. Totally no-brainer!! Have a great holiday everyone!

  3. Depends on where we are with family.
    In Laws – socks and scarves.
    My parents – socks and sweaters. I can spread out there and my mom knits.

  4. Depends on who is around. I’m hoping to finish the garter stitch band on a Miriam cardigan. Mittens and fingerless gloves are great and good gifts so that is a bonus. By the way, I love that cabled ribbed wrap. It’s now in my favorites. Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. And here I thought it was just me!….I too am making the larger sized Derecho, in three beautiful colors of Hazel Knits and it’s gorgeous. But wow, do those last couple sections just go on forever or what?? I’m finally ready to start the border and as much I love it, I just can’t wait to be done with this particular project.

  6. Mitered squares and socks are in my easy grab-bag. When did the world decide it was time for Thanksgiving?? I’m still adjusting to writing 2012 on my checks! 🙂

  7. Your scarves turned out beautifully, Sheri! You finished the blue one in record time! My mindless knitting now is the second sleeve of Charleston Tea. I’m going to wind the yarn to begin a Theano tomorrow. I also need to warp my loom for a new scarf but first need to do the math to see how wide I can make it.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful family!!

  8. Great weaving Sheri! I am so envious of all of you fast knitters! I just can’t crank them out the way that you and other Loopies can! It takes me days to do a hat because I have to stop and start so much! School, Daniel, life…. !!! Plus, I am just a slow knitter!!

  9. Sheri— I didn’t see Charleston Tea on that list. Have you given up on that or isn’t it mindless enough to rate being on the list. Just checkin up on you that’s all!!!

  10. Seeing these beautiful scarves makes me want to start to weave for sure. Maybe I should but a loom on my Christmas List for DD. One can hope can’t they.
    As for me I will be working on one of the Charleston Teas , a pair of socks, and a throw. Although the throw is starting to look like it may end up being a birthday gift rather than a gift for Christmas.

  11. Good luck with the Nuvem!! I had to force myself to finish it. When you get to 600/700 stitches of knitting on one row is not funny. Look at some of the different things the ladies at Ravelry have done to keep this more entertaining. Hope you had a very happy time with your family!!

  12. I’m making the Op Art blanket right now. It is two colors, so it isn’t completely dull, garter stitch in the round, with only 4 increases a row. It doesn’t get much more mindless than that!

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