Now Hooked on Weaving

Well, I did it. I made my first scarf on the Cricket 15″ loom, and boy was it fun! I used a Claudia Hand Painted Worsted weight yarn (in our Peppermint Mocha colorway) that I’ve had on hand for 3 or 4 years. It was fun to weave and took two afternoons (about 5 hours, total, I think). My hands turned red as I was weaving it, so I knew that the red dye would run when I washed it. Despite a Shout Color Catcher in the water, the red still colored the white. Now, instead of a Peppermint Mocha scarf, I have a Cinnamon Red Hots kind of a scarf. But it’s ok – I still like it and I learned a lot on my first attempt. I’m excited to go through my stash and whip up some more! The whole reason I wanted to learn to weave is because I’ve heard it’s a good stash buster. I have some really pretty yarn in my stash that I still like, but don’t know that I want to knit with it. Weaving will be perfect.

Do you want to give weaving a try? We’ll offer another day-long weaving class at the shop in the spring. Our day-long class includes the cost of a new Cricket Loom, as well as the full day of instruction. However, if you’re not local or want to jump in sooner, I have to say that the instruction book that comes with it is very thorough. We shipped a loom off to a gal who wanted to learn to do this with her granddaughter, and they have used the booklet and are going to town on it. So if you’d like us to special order a loom for you, let us know! ($169, and it takes 4-6 weeks to get special orders.)

All of the gals who took the weaving class last month are now on their 3rd and 4th scarves, just because it’s so fun and a wee bit addictive. I finished that first one and started another one the next day. I’m doing this one in Wollmeise in the True Love color. I think multi-colors are especially pretty when woven.

Sheri stillhookedonknittingtoo,buthavingfunweavingrightnow

P.S. No post on Friday, as I’m out of town with some of my very favorite friends for our not-always-annual-but-should-be Girls Weekend. More next week, including Camp Loopy Project Three winners. Have a great rest of the week!


  1. Hope it’s a full filled week-end!!!! Doin anything special or just hangin out?
    HUMMMM I wonder if I put a Cricket Loom on my Christmas list if I will have better luck than when I ask for a gift certificate to Loopy Ewe????? Still waiting for DD to take the hint on that one.

  2. Hi Sheri,

    Just wanted to share that my boys and I made one of the recipes you posted this past weekend – Paradise Bakery Sugar Cookies. They were really good.

    Thanks for being such a great place to do business with always something fresh and new.



  3. Have jumped into the weaving pool with both feet. started with a 7″ square Hazel Rose loom. Am borrowing a 4-foot triangle loom from a friend and I am buying a 20″ table loom and goodies from a lady on Ravelry. Have to clear out some space in my craft room to accommodate the new toys.

    Remember they aren’t hobbies. They are post-apocalyptic skill sets!

  4. Your Peppermint Mocha/Cinnamon Red Hots scarf turned out great and your True Love scarf is looking fabulous so far! Can’t wait to see it finished!

    I ran out of yarn on my Okzident scarf and am waiting for an additional 50 yards to arrive from a very generous Raveler.

  5. I thought for sure with all of your quilting pins that your newest crave was quilting 😉 Love your scarves 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  6. I have to miss a Girlfriends weekend in CA, this weekend, because of bronchitus……sad, but sometimes that happens……

    Have you ever used Retayn (not sure of spelling)? Have used it in quilting… works really well to set colors, better than Shout, I believe. Both scarves are beautiful!!

  7. Beautiful scarf, Sheri!

    I sure wish someone would come up with a cure for the bleeding colors! I haven’t had a dramatic disaster as het, but I cringe at the thought!

    Can you make things other than a scarf on the looms? Just wondering, as I only have heard about and seen scarves and I make mostly other stuff. Thanks for any info.

    Have a great weekend!

    BTW – I was in the shop today and those Camp Loopy yarn color ways are just to die for! Really stunning!

  8. The scarves are beautiful. I’m curious besides a scarf what else can you make on the size loom that you did the scarf on.

    It does look like it could be a bit addictive.

  9. For those asking what you can make on this loom besides scarves, you can also make table runners, place mats, wash clothes and blankets. You’d need to sew woven strips together to get the desired blanket width, but that is apparently fairly simple (I don’t sew but that’s what I’ve been told!).

  10. My husband has just taken up weaving.

    Nope, he never was a fiber arts guy before this. He simply remembered liking it from 3rd grade (many decades ago!). He tried it again, bought a Kromski Harp loom, similar to Sherri’s loom in the photo, and just loves it.

    It’s been very fun for me to watch.

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