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I walk down the worsted aisle at The Loopy Ewe at least 20 times a day. It’s my favorite aisle, just because the colors are so enticing. The Cascade 220 Superwash comes in balls, and it feels like a painter’s palette. I wish I could stand in front of it and take a dab of this and a dab of that, and blend it into a masterpiece! Which …. of course, I could. Not a dab here and there, but a ball of yarn here and there. I’d like to just stay there for a few hours and play with color combinations. There are 140+ colors to choose from.

Beyond the pegs of superwash, you’ll find the cubbies of regular 220 Worsted. 250+ more colors to choose from. See why it’s my favorite aisle?

When you figure that we have four long aisles (each about 65 feet long), and there is yarn on both sides, and we have yarn in other corners and walls in the shop, that adds up to a whole lot of color inspiration.

When people come for their first visit to Loopy, they come in the door and see this and think this is the size of the shop:

And then they round the corner and look down the first aisle that seems to go on forever:

Usually, they say, “This is huge!”, with a big grin on their face. One gal came with her dad. He took one look around the corner and gave her a panicked look and said, “I think we need to set a time deadline.”

All that to say, I can’t really be held responsible for all of the different projects that I start. If you worked here, you’d be doing the same thing. Right? It’s not my fault. It’s a job hazard.

Sheri whobetterhurryupandfinishCampLoopyProjectThree


  1. My DH has always said that if you have a comfortable place for him to sit and read his paper or do a crossword puzzle, I can shop longer ….. the red couches cover that requirement.

  2. My DH said I can save my money and come visit next February for my milestone birthday….thenI can experience the wondrous joy for myself!

  3. I get woozy just looking at the pictures. I can’t begin to imbibe the temptation in person! The yarn fumes alone would make me swoon!

    What is the shawl hanging in the photo? I can’t zoom jn enough to see the details on the tag, but I LoVE it!

  4. Ditto what Chris said. My brain and Visa would explode instantly. My DH would be dropped off at any golf course near by. He would be so excited about playing for 4 and a half hours he wouldn’t be any the wiser of what I would be up to.

    Then of course, I would have to explain why he couldn’t put his clubs back into the trunk of the car….

  5. Sheri, the wallpaper on my iPad is a photo we took at the Loopy Ewe, down the first aisle to the left as you round the corner. We took it when we visited in April during the NCAA Women’s Final Four in Denver, and it makes me happy every time I open my IPad!

  6. Amazing! I love all the color, and your display and organization are absolutely superb. I may need to plan a trip to CO since you don’t seem to have any plans for a Loopy East in the near future.

  7. I STILL have fabric from my second, part-time job at the fabric store I had over a decade ago. A lot of it quilting fabric. Did I mention I don’t quilt???

    One of these days, DH and I are going to make it into the shop, in person – and what will be hilarious is when I turn DH loose – he doesn’t knit, but I know he will fill his arms with yarn and say, “Can these be socks for me?”

  8. I can just see that gentleman’s face after turning the corner in your shop ๐Ÿ™‚ I imagine it looked just like what my husband’s face would look like! A similar statement would follow in that situation as well. I’m sure you have people who wander the aisles for hours!

  9. Sheri – Your previous location was overwhelming the first time. I’m sure this new location is even more so, but so good to have online photos so we can prepare ourselves a little for the experience.

  10. The colors really ARE inspiring, Sheri! I have fallen victim to them on many occasions.

    The models of knitted projects are equally stimulating.

    The light plays on all of these and I am just lost.

    All together, TLE is one beautiful experience.

    Somehow, I never leave empty-handed. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Wow. My husband would probably stop in the doorway and not even bother to try to go any further! Then he would have to give me a time limit!!! Truly heaven. Yarn and Loopy Heaven. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. My bank account would be doomed if I lived closer. I really did enjoy visiting in June and Sheryl and I had a good time shopping.

  13. Thanks for the eye candy. Now I have to wipe the drool off my keyboard. LOL. I submitted my Camp Loopy Project 3 info tonight. Now to start on Christmas presents…

  14. I’m just glad to hear that you too are still working on Camp Loopy Project 3. Procrastination does love company.,,. I do hope to be done in time.

    Now back to the grind stone.

  15. It looks pretty awesome to me, but I am currently trying to finish up old projects (or start newer ones from stash), so I can be guilt free for a month or so before going back to my old habits.

    Yup. Guilt. I was born with it!

  16. Sheri
    I really wish NJ could be closer to CO!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Those aisles are mesmerizing!
    And obviously no one could blame you for picking yarn for new projects every day – I mean really, it’s just so tantalizing, how could anyone resist!? ๐Ÿ™‚
    You’re a lucky girl! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Enjoy all that inspiration – and thanks for the wonderful photos – keep ’em comin so we have something to look forward to!

  17. My spouse would drop me off and tell me to call when I was ready. Then he would find a martini store and do some shopping of his own. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Looking at those pictures gives me goosebumps – I’m hoping to stop by TLE on Thursday night “on the way” to Estes Park!

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