What Color is Your Canoe?

Have you gotten your Camp Loopy order in yet? Today is the last day for Store Week, so jump in! Last year we had a lot of fun with different Camp Loopy threads on the Loopy Groupie board on Ravelry. We divided people up each month to talk and chat and encourage each other onward and it was a fun way for fellow campers to get to know one another. We’ll do the same this summer, making sure that each month/project gets a new group designation, so that you have a chance to meet a lot of different campers! (Please note – this is totally optional and just for fun. You can certainly attend Camp and not participate in a thread on Ravelry’s Loopy Groupie board.)

For our first project, we’re all knitting a 400+ yd. project using a pattern by a designer from a country other than our own. Most of you have picked your patterns and colors (with the remaining few of you doing so today, right?). For the Ravelry threads this first month, we’re dividing you up by Canoe color. We’ll have:

Purple/Red Canoes
Blue Canoes
Green Canoes
Yellow/Orange Canoes
Brown/Black Canoes
Crazy Canoes

Your Canoe color comes from the predominant color in your Project One yarn. (Even those of you knitting the Color Affection – and there are a LOT of you! – will be using one color more than the other two. In that pattern, the color you start out with on that shawl will be used the most in your project.) If your project yarn doesn’t fit into one of the regular colors listed above, then we’ll just call you a Crazy Canoe-r.

We’ll get the Canoe Groups started shortly over on the Loopy Groupie board on Ravelry* and then you can start paddling in your Canoe group. Knitting on Project One starts May 27th!

Sheri gladit’sjustpretend.Canoeingmakesmyarmstired.

(*You do need a free Ravelry account for this optional Camp activity. Ravelry provides a great forum for knitting discussions, for those who’d like to participate.)


  1. Well, I am blue and I am green all mixed up! Canoe colors are mighty clever and cute. I guess I’ll pick green because I don’t FEEL blue. I feel sunny yellow (even if there is no yellow in my new yarn). Fun!

  2. I am totally a blue canoer. Although I need a new pattern because I totally forgot about the different country when I went to order the yarn lol. But I have a back up idea, I’m pretty sure!

  3. I think maybe I’m a crazy camper. Since I’ve got a self-striping in blue yellow and black coming here to Knut a wingspan in. My dh and dd would definitely say I’m a crazy camper so maybe I’ll head on over…..

  4. Woo-hoo! I can’t wait till the 27th. This so fun for me and a great challenge to get off of my behind and make some great things. I enjoyed the challenge last year am back for camping again. Thank Sheri for helping to make such a fun challenge.

  5. I almost goofed up and forgot to place my order!
    But now I have to ask – is the charcoal denim shade of kollage riveting sport more charcoal or denim?? I know I am going to love it either way but I don’t want to get tipped out of a canoe if I climb into the wrong one by accident before I get my yarn! LOL!

  6. Hi everyone! I love the canoe theme for groups! I am definitely a yellow canoe camper as my shawl/wrap thingie has mostly yellows. Yay. Plus the name is The Sunlight Shawl for Sad People. Appropriate for a yellow canoe! I am LASDesign over at ravelry. Hope to chat with everyone! Thanks Sheri!! πŸ™‚

  7. All aboard the blue canoe! (marine – that’s blue right?! Does look like it could have some purplish tint, also.)
    I’m not sure how much rowing or chatting I can do, since all my spare time will have to be dedicated to trying to make the deadline! (not a really speedy knitter!) I’m attempting Ysolda’s Angostura. But I love the socializing and seeing how everyone is progressing. I’ll have to borrow that cabana boy!

  8. I wish I could play with you ladies. Camp Loopy sounds like so much fun! Funds are a little low at the moment, but maybe I can start during the second project. Is it allowed to join camp part-way though?

  9. I’m gonna watch from my hotel. I will root for my green canoe team but I’m not paddling a canoe! Too much chance of tipping over and getting my yarn wet!

  10. how fun – my yarn should come today or maybe tomorrow but I figure I’m a blue canoe’r based on my yarn selection. Don’t know how much I’ll be in the canoe since I’ll be knitting like crazy to get my project done in 1 months time. Should be fun at camp this year.

  11. Hi Sheri! (and all the Campers!)
    I received my package today and couldn’t be more excited!! I was officially welcomed into the Loopy Groupies today so I’m even more thrilled to receive all those goodies on top of my Project 1 yarn πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to joining the Rav groups – I think my yarn is white / pink & purple so I’ll go with the purple canoe folks!

    As for the knitting in time for the deadline, I’m hoping to avoid most of my work duties in order to be successful – this is my first camp experience! πŸ™‚
    Good luck to everyone – can’t wait to see all the beautiful work!

    ps – whoever suggested the cabana boy, could we pre order those or is that like a first come first served camp option??? lol πŸ™‚

  12. Are we allowed to swatch before the official start date to be sure we know what needles to start with?

    Some of “us” may have been rather ambitious for our Project #1 and will need all of our time for knitting:)

    So excited by the canoes, by the way. Can’t wait to talk to the brown/black group! Got my yarn yesterday and I’m trying not to over-fondle. I would hate to have it pill before I ever start knitting/wearing!

  13. I have to make an amendment to my canoe color choice – I think i want to stay in the purple canoe, but I could also qualify for the crazy canoe! πŸ™‚ I opened my package after I sent my message yesterday… apparently my yarn is white, pink, purple, and green!!! πŸ™‚ It’s even more gorgeous in person than I saw on the website πŸ™‚
    Any suggestions to help with the tough decision of which canoe to be in!?

  14. i have pink with a little purple in mine. so i guess i am most likely the crazy canoe but possibly the red…..

  15. Do I have to have a Ravery accout besides the one I already have/ how do I find the link up. I am not to good atfinding where I need to be. Don’t want to come upagainst a bear because I am lost in the woods. I am using rose garden silk from hand maiden. they are very soft colours. What canoe do I fall into?? This is so fun.

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