JulieSpins, Cascade Ultra Pima Fine, Camp Tumblers, and More!

Happy Monday to you! We’ve been getting such fun stuff in lately and I always look forward to Mondays so that I can share more of it with you. Check out the cute Camp Loopy Tumblers that we have on the website tonight. Of course you don’t have to be an official camper to get one and enjoy it. The BPA-free material and screw on lid makes it perfect for all of your favorite summer beverages while knitting (or camping. Or reading. Or swinging in the hammock.) You can use them for hot or cold beverages. Just be sure to wash them by hand.

We also added a new batch of Juliespins Silky 435. (Shown here in Berkshire Dusk). Every single time Julie sends a batch of her beautiful yarn, I find one or two or three skeins to buy for myself. Ever single time. Her colors are addictive. Most recently, I made my Pogona in her merino yarn base.

We’ve re-stocked Cascade Ultra Pima DK (100% pima cotton) and added some new colors as well. Since the DK line has done so well, we’ve also just added in Cascade’s new Ultra Pima Fine line – 46 colors of 100% pima cotton in the fingering weight. Perfect timing for summer tanks, short-sleeved sweaters and tees, baby clothes, and more.

A special for you tonight – we have a batch of Dyer’s Choice Limited Edition colors in Swan’s Island Organic Merino Fingering weight. Get them while you can. Once the color is gone, we can’t get it again. This yarn has great yardage – 525 yards per skein. (Shown here in Coral Red.)

For those of you wanting to whip up some cool summer socks, we’re re-stocked the Cascade Fixation. This yarn is 98% cotton and 2% elastic, which means it’s nice to work with and cool to wear. You’ll need 2 balls for a pair of socks. I made a size 11 woman’s sock from 1 ball, so the yardage listed is a little deceiving. It stretches a bit as you knit it!

We have re-stocked all sizes and colors of beads tonight. I have picked out the perfect bead/Lorna’s Laces Solemate project that I’m anxious to get working on. Have you tried a beaded project yet? Remarkable easy, and so elegant looking.

Finally, we have the last batch of Jordana Paige Teal LJ Kaelms bags and Lapis Rio bags up on the website. We’re still carrying Jordana’s bags, but once they run out of a color, they don’t re-order that color. (I think the colors typically last a year or so. We just got in on the tail end of them this time.)

Have fun shopping tonight and pick out something fun! I will be away from the blog on Wednesday, but will be back on Friday again. Anyone else ready to start their Camp Projects RIGHTTHISVERYMINUTE??  I’ll have to fill you in on how I decided on my 3 colors for my first Camp Project. (Yes, I’m making my second Color Affection shawl for Project One. The first one is off the needles and not even blocked yet, and I’m ready for #2. What’s up with that?)

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  1. I was wanting a lapis blue Rio this weekend and checked your site. Was so glad to get your email about the update. My order has been placed! That is a wonderful company to work with. Very generous people.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS I AM SO READY FOR CAMP!!! Is it the 27th yet? Also, awesome tumblers (one will be bought with my next camp purchase) please get some more colors for malibrigo sock…..and……..you’re wonderful keep doing what you are doing!

  3. And the Dyer’s Choice in Mixed Berries jumped into my cart. It positively glows on the screen and screamed “BUY ME!!!!!!” so loudly that I couldn’t not do so. It was a moral imperative.

  4. oh we are knitting the same thing for Camp loopy just need to get through the wedding Saturday and download the pattern and we are all set!

  5. Only 5 days 1 hour and 20 minutes until Cast on. That is if I can stay awake until midnight. I’m not excited or anything.

  6. Why, oh why am I buying more yarn? ‘Cause the Swans Island Dyer’s Choice colors look luscious and the yardage is perfect for any of the “Hitchhiker Series” of scarves. Hope they are a really quick knit becuase I couldn’t stop at one daughter either (ha, ha) I have 3 and one will get the project one from Camp Loopy–then will have to knit the other two while I’m working on the rest of Camp Loopy plus a couple of sweaters I have already started. I must be nuts!!! And I’m itching to start Camp Loopy!!!

  7. I wound my yarn this weekend and was so tempted to start knitting, but I was good and just put the yarn in the project bag and will wait patiently until the 27th (or maybe I’ll stay up really late on the 26th! :))

  8. LOL! I can’t get the second socks done either. So WEIRD!!

    Yes, I am chomping at the bit to start too.

  9. Love the new colors from Swan’s Island! That red and coral look too good to let slip by! I am so looking forward to Camp Loopy this summer and YES .. I want to cast on right now. All the projects look beautiful and so varied, everyone has outdone themselves searching for a designer!

  10. So, I *may* have seen the email on the shop update and willed my phone to go go go so I could snag the last teal bag. While I was furniture shopping.

    Nope, wasn’t hoping to find one AT ALL.

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