Another Visitor to the Deck

Three cats, two raccoons, miscellaneous birds, and now a squirrel. All of them frequent the water in the bird bath and the bowl of cat food on our deck. I didn’t know that squirrels ate cat food, but this guy was pretty content to just sit there and eat and eat and eat.

The only reason WH puts up with the cat food on the deck? He figures it’s better than listening to me go on and on about wanting another cat or a dog or any other kind of additional pet. Cat food on the deck is a heck of a lot cheaper. Plus it gives him a chance to take some nice animal photos from time to time.

Do you have any visitors in your back yard?

Sheri whodidnotnamethesquirrel.


  1. We get neighborhood fuzzies (pet cats and dogs) occasionally visiting, but our gang doesn’t like it. The most exotic are the turkey vultures who have their day time sunning spot on our neighbor’s roof during the spring. We love to watch them soar on the thermals.

  2. I live out in the country and we have lots of visitors. Last summer I looked out at my garden and there was a wild turkey eyeing the goodies but he left them alone. Our dog enjoys chasing deer and fox out of the yard. One day coming home from work there was a bald eagle sunning himself on top of hay bales. I got a picture but he didn’t let me get very close.

  3. We live in town but next to the golf course and creek. We get deer, coyote, raccoons, possum, turkeys, ducks in our pool, lizards, and of course lots of squirrels. An occasional snake shows up too. The worst were the wild pigs that dug up our lawn.

  4. My Grandmother befriended a squirrel. She named “him” Chippy. She’d go out on her back porch and call him. “Here Chippy, Chip, Chip, Chippy” and the squirrel would come and sit on her porch railing. It knew she had peanuts or whatever she had for him (or her) to eat. I love your squirrel’s cat food stuffed jowls 🙂

  5. We have an occasional Burrowing Owl that sits on our fence or sometimes on our patio. They live in abandoned Prairie Dog holes and we have an undeveloped area behind our house with Prairie Dogs. We also have all kinds of dove – White Wing, Asian Collared, and Mourning.

  6. Turkeys!! My mom had four to six adult turkeys in her back yard last Sunday (some absconded before I could get a good count). Four just moseyed along so I had plenty of time to follow them, but not get my camera.

    BTW, mom lives in an urbanish area, not the boonies…..

  7. We get some neat visitors like bobcats. Also Javalinas which are really interesting wild pigs (kind of) but they smell bad and are sort of ugly, actually. Still cool, though!

  8. my yard is pretty big. once in a while a cow from next door makes its way over the fence. usually though, the animals are not domesticated.
    we get the following on a regular basis:
    wild turkeys
    turkey vultures
    california quail

  9. Our regulars are the squirrels and rabbits (visiting/tempting) our two dogs, but last year we also had a wild turkey in the neighborhood with 3 young ones. Eventually all of them had a ‘final encounter’ with vehicles or other animals.

  10. I love all of my visitors – various birds (I have a bird book and try to identify those I don’t recognize), rabbits, squirrels, racoons, wild turkeys, and an occasional deer. I live in town, but near a river so some of the critters come up from there. The last few years there has been a Coopers Hawk hanging around, and while I enjoy seeing it, the circle of life bothers me in some ways, and I am protective of my other birds.

  11. That is one chunky squirrel! We have lots of cats, squirrels, raccoons, and possums in our yard. We were woken up by the sounds of something fighting outside our bedroom window the other night – some combination of cat/raccoon/possum we think 😉

    And we also have lots of loud owls, hawks, other birds, etc.

  12. Leaving pet food out along the Front Range is strongly discouraged by the DOW. It isn’t unheard of to find you have a fairly large animal (that reads mountain lion or bear) on your porch snacking on the food or stalking whatever else snacks on the food. I’d say it will be more common this year due to the drought. Maybe at least take it in from dusk to dawn for everyone’s safety (people, pets, wildlife).

  13. I used to leave my cat’s food outside also, till I discovered wild things coming to the free buffet. First were the opossums, then the skunk, then the wildcat. Needless to say, I no longer leave cat food outside. I did enjoy watching the critters, but when the wildcat showed up, it was time to end the free lunch and keep my cats inside.

  14. We cannot leave any food outside for fear of attracting bears! We have had cows, deer, cats, and various birds in our yard. Last year a bear did go through the pasture that butts up to our back yard, but I didn’t see it. We also had an escapee piglet last summer.

  15. We have lots and lots of squirrels. We also feed the birds. All kinds of birds, but the squirrels like the bird feed. They will run on the line to the feeder. Every once in awile we get a raccone. There is a creek behind our house so they can get plenty of water.

  16. Ah! I love the squirrel photos! We have one squirrel who liked broccoli stems. We get deer and their fawns. I like to think that the fawns grow up and return to show us their own babies. Once, a doe was napping (full body on the ground, eyes closed!) in the shade while the fawns were foraging. I got a few photos of that. 🙂 There is one squirrel who likes to come up to our sliding glass door and peek into the house. “Hello? Do you have any more food in there?” I’ve also spotted a fox twice. Beautiful creatures. Blue jays are gorgeous but mean little things. They shoo away the squirrels–very funny to watch! Oh, and groundhogs. Big, waddling groundhogs who sit on our patio and feast on what I put out there.

  17. Here in the city we have rabbits in our yard. Passing through we have had opposums, raccoons and last winter a coyote hanging out in front until the Fire Department got him to move along.

  18. For the past two years I have had a pair of chic-a-dees take over one of my birdhouses and build a nest. Well, yesterday I saw that they are back for a third year! At least I assume it is the same pair. Last year I actually got to see the babies leave, there were 2. Hopefully I will see babies again this year.

  19. We have resident squirrels in our yard. They eat everything they can find. I don’t feed stray cats anymore because the opposums would eat the cat food. Birds also eat cat food, bacause the squirrels eat the bird seed- go figure!

  20. I live in a small city, on a busy street, but near a stream. At this time of the year, we get ducks all over the city. They find a place they like and nest, hatch their babies and then leave. Looks like I am going to have some babies to watch this year in my side yard! They even nest in the interior courtyard of the local elementary school every year and when they are ready to “fly the coop” the school opens up the doors to let them through the school hallways and out the front!

  21. I live in the city, but to my surprise, we have rats, mice, racoons, possums, wild ducks, squirrels and the occasional vole. The vole is the most fun – fun to watch my husband get worked up by the trails it leaves on the lawn. Steve finally chases it off and it appears in the neighbor’s yard. The vole family seems to make the rounds in the neighborhood. We have a large orange tree and something eats the fruit from the inside out leaving a orange shell with a 1-1/2″ diameter hole…

  22. We have 5 residents of the backyard…our “Girlz” (the hens) and one HUGE squirrel who reaps the rewards of the grain that the girls miss! Last spring we did awake to a baby opposum in “the girlz” run–we have NO idea how it got in there but it was SO glad to get out!

  23. In Richmond,VA’s capital park the squirrels are everywhere. They are fed by the grounds keepers and the squirrels visit with people who sit on benches for lunch. My husband had a squirrel steal cookies from his suit pocket one day. We also had a big collection in our city block. One little guy would “shop” each morning from my container garden on my back porch. Drove our indoor cats nuts!!

    Great pictures in today’s blog. Thanks Sheri!!

  24. We have many visitors: a pair of owls that hoot all night
    a lot of squirrels
    blue tailed lizards
    deer (yes, my yard is fenced in but they jump over anyway)

    You never know what you may see in the yard on any day.

  25. How about coyotes? We have had them very close to our house. (We are in the country) Unfortunately (for them) there are 5 less of them since they came too close and they eat kill dogs and deer. We have also had a groundhog dig a crater to get under our deck. He is now missing as well.

  26. I have a large backyard about 20 hectares. I have:
    Neighbours Cows and Sheep wandering in for a visit
    Mobs of Kangaroos (up to 20 at a time)
    Snakes (BAD BAD BAD NASTY creatures!!!!!)
    Marsupial Mice (they hop)
    Lots of birds including:
    Yellow Tail Black Cockatoos
    Sulphur Crested Cockatoos
    Kings Parrots
    Butcher Birds
    Plus my three cats:)

  27. though we live in a very busy apartment complex, our door opens out onto an acre of woods. we have eight to ten squirrels who know when i’ve opened my door, and come running to beg for peanuts. we buy a 5 lb bag of peanuts every week for them, plus i have a bag of dry corn i scatter out as well. i can recognize four of them and named them Fat Charlie the Archangel, Friar Tuck, Angelina, and Mandy. Fat Charlie lost a fight once earlier in his life and has chunks bitten out of his ears. he is also the fattest squirrel i have ever seen. Angie and Mandy are quite skinny, but will come eat the corn more than the others. we throw out overripe fruit, pizza crusts, cold french-fries, leftover Chinese takeout rice, moldy bread, forgotten foodsavers of mystery dinner from who-knows-how-long-ago, and they are all eaten. except the bell peppers. i love my little squirrelly family, and they are one reason i dont want to move from here quite yet, even though it’s a scary neighborhood!

  28. We live smack in the middle of Hollywood but have raccoons, opossums, coyotes (they come down from the canyon we live at the base of) but the squirrels are named and there is one now and one a year ago that come to the door and knock! They want to see if my Husband is home. We has tons of pictures and video of him and them, on his shoulder, in his hand on his lap. These super tame ones are pregnant or just had babies and are ravenous but my husband thinks they like him for him not the treats, lol.

  29. We have obnoxious squirrels who go through periods of coming up on our deck-this causes my 2 obnoxious dogs to go bananas with lots of jumping & barking. My 2 Ragdolls are indoor cats so they enjoy the activity outside. They think the dogs are stupid though. Then we also have deer who constantly graze on anything & everything on our property. Once in a while we get a bear who wanders around too. Great to watch as long as we are inside 🙂

  30. We had a big deck at our last house in Texas. When we first got there, we had a pair of ring-tailed cats that had run of the yard until we brought our dog home. One spring we had baby hummingbirds flying through the salvia. We had a time-share going on under the deck. First it was possums and then a skunk moved in. Of course the dog got sprayed and we hired someone to trap and relocate it (they’re very territorial.) The yard was rank for WEEKS…

  31. I would not want to attract raccoons. They can cause a lot of damage to your house. We have never left anything like food out at our farm house. But They have bent back the screen door to our screened porch trying to get in. They then just rip the screens to get back out. They poop all over the deck and steps.
    I would agree with others about not leaving out the at food. Wild animals are cute but can become a problem.

  32. We have three stray cats that we feed along with some help from our neighbors. I try to make sure there is no food left out at night because we also have lots of racoons and I don’t want to start feeding them.

  33. We have all of the usual Ohio wildlife in our backyard. Would love to see a lynx or bobcat but never yet. We missed the bear by a few miles. We love fo watch the seasons play in the yard. Right now it is bluebirds choosing nests and partners. Soon hummers and wrens.

  34. Lots and lots of lizards! We also have squirrels and birds (every year we have babies galore in the bird houses)…cardinals and blue jays are my favorites! We’ve also had some wandering armadillos rooting around for something in the mulch.

  35. I live right on the egde of town and the desert is always lurking but we have rabbits, lizards, spiders, quail, lots of birds, ground squirrels, maybe a fox or bobcat ( not sure but we then had less rabbits) and sometimes a roadrunner.

  36. In our yard, we have deer, rabbits, neighborhood and feral cats (probably drawn to the catnip I grow), opossums, squirrels, chipmunks, field mice, robins, cardinals, and finches. We also have owls, coyotes, hawks preying on the smaller wildlife.

    In the neighborhood we’ve also got a few wild turkey, some Canada geese, and bunches of crows. The turkeys cause traffic problems when they are near the road because they are so large and unfamilar.

    All of this in the Atlanta suburbs. I’ve been very pleased at how much nature there is in the ‘burbs if you just look for it.

  37. When we first moved in, our neighborhood was semi-rural. We put up a bird feeder in the yard, and some hanging ones on the porch. I’d be pulling in the driveway at night & see a deer with it’s head in the feeder! The hanging feeders drew house finches, a whole flock of ’em, whom we called the Goomba Patrol because they were so goofy. That first winter was bitterly cold (setting records!) so I would bring the dog inside at night, and walk him just before getting ready to go to bed. There’d been an ice storm–everything outside covered in about half to one inch of ice–and I took the beastie out for his last walk. We were fine, until a huge granddaddy raccoon popped up out of a drainage ditch nearby. The ‘coon took off down the street, our 80 lb dog took off in pursuit, and I was skating down the road tethered to the dog! I’d swear that ‘coon was laughing. I did manage to keep the dog from catching up to the raccoon–and I did cuss out both beasts!

  38. we had one particular squirrel raiding our bird feeder – he would fill his cheeks FULL then run for cover. My DH tried all humane ways to discourage him, but he was sooo smart. We finally attached a dog-cone-collar to the feeder pole as an obstacle and that provided hours or entertainment and hilarity watching him try to fly, jump, run, shove his way past the cone. After a few weeks we had become pretty attached to the little guy, but he did finally got discouraged and moved on.

  39. Lots and lots of lorikeets, honeyeaters, and the occasional sparrow. One mammal ventures in: a neighborhood Tom Kat (black and white) who knows our pup is inside at night. Soooo, this bad boy likes to walk on our veranda to tease both our dog and the neighbour’s dog as well. Very NORTY kitty.

  40. We have a beautiful herd of about 90 elk that call our subdivision home. This time of year, they are bedded down in the meadow outside our fence when I go to work in the morning. Cars and people don’t phase them. (It’s posted no hunting) We also have foxes, coyotes, mountain lions, wild turkeys, deer, and I’ve been told wolves on the top of the mountain though I’ve never seen one.

  41. That last picture says “I Love You” I live in the woods so I get every kind of fuzzy friend as well as some crazy feathered friends. I have an American Woodcock doing his mating dance in my back yard everyday. Unfortunately none of the females are showing up, just me.

  42. I live in a City appartment so I mostly see cats however I have a black and white animal who likes to come and wander across the front of the building.

    When he shows up you just stand back and wait until he is ready to move on.

    I am not one who would want to agure with him.

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