St. Louis Elves

** Beep, Beep, Beep . . .

This Blog post has been interrupted for a message from the St. Louis Loopy Ewe Elves as The Loopy Ewe moves cross-country to Colorado this week …***

Dear Loopy Customers,

The St. Louis Elves want to say THANK YOU and Goodbye to all of our great customers!!

We’ve had such great fun packing your orders!  We’ve enjoyed helping with your yarn choices and then seeing your finished projects.

We’ve imagined far away places where the yarn finds a new home.  Knitters hunkered down in the snow in Alaska or on the beach in Hawaii.

We’re curious about your cities, towns and countries.  How fun would it be to live in Surprise, Arizona??  Do they ever play marbles in Marble Hill, Missouri?

We’ve had so much fun meeting our customers when they stop by Loopy Central.  We get to put a face with a name and we love it when you bring your projects to show us.

You’ve inspired our own knitting adventures.

We would also like to THANK Sheri for making Loopy such a great place to work!! We will miss you!

The St. Louis Elves wish the new Colorado Elves all the best!

As a final note we’d like to end with the following quote:
“You’re off to Great Places, Today is your Day, Your Mountain is waiting so get on your Way”  – Dr. Suess

Goodbye and Good Luck to everyone. Maybe we’ll see you on Ravelry!

The St. Louis Loopy Ewe Elves

(Drawing by Elf Sue. What do the icons mean? Sue has an inventory sheet for Invetory Manager, Anna is the best double-checker with orders, Vicki always looks cute (she really does), Susan is the “glue” that holds everyone together, Mary has a menu – she’s our lunch takeout expert, Donna is the knitter, Karen is the one who talks to you on the phone most of the time, Lori is the ball winder, and Sharon is the photographer.)


  1. Goodbye to all the STL Elves. I bet it’s been a fun experience. Thank you for your help and careful packaging through the years. Good Luck in whatever you do next.

  2. You girls have been the greatest!! I’m going to miss you!! 🙁 As I’m banned from Ravelry, I won’t see you there, but I’m sure BFF Liz will keep me apprised!

  3. Thankyou Elves for everything……………….Because of all of you, I am knitting more than I have my entire life……….it has been amazing therapy for me……….Whatever all of you do, I just know you will be successful…..Your love for what you do is inspiring and shows in the way I receive my packages……….I am sure I can speak for many of us Loopies that we would love to hear updates from all of you as to what career path you have taken…..Thankyou so very much………

  4. To the STL Elves – Wish you all the best! You gals have been the greatest! It will be hard to fill your shoes but I’m sure the CO Elves will be doing their very best. Take care one and all and have a wonderful holiday season!!!

  5. Thank you for making the Loopy Ewe a fantastic place to enhance our stash. Loved the online service and the “real” store.
    Best of luck to all of you!

  6. The very best to all of you! I know I don’t know you but I feel more than safe in saying you all are top of the line and want to thank you all for making my shopping experience at TLE absolutely wonderful. Also thank you for the 2 times I emailed for yarn suggestions for projects, you recommended, I bought, and the results were better than expected. Thank you for adding that personal touch for me. Sending wishes that this new year will be way more, over the top , better than ever expected for all of you. For giving your best – you deserve nothing but the best from now on.

  7. Thank you so much to the St. Louis Elves for all of your prompt and cheerful work! I could always count on my order being right, being out the door quickly, and being lovely when it arrived. You did a phenomenal job!

  8. Thank you St. Louis Elves. It was so nice to meet most, if not all of you at past Flings. You will be missed! <3

    Welcome to the Colorado Elves. I look forward to meeting you all someday 🙂

  9. Thank you, Elves! I have really appreciated your friendly and speedy service, especially when I needed that second skein of yarn. You have contributed to the fun in knitting!

  10. I’ll miss having TLE in Missouri, even if it was a few hours away. Best wishes to the St. Louis Elves, and good luck to the Colorado Elves – I hope to meet you someday soon. And Elf Donna – I hope I’ll see you again at the Missouri Fiber Retreat!

  11. Oh, thank you Elves! I have to say that you and Sheri have combined to create a really smart, well-run online shop. Out here, we really feel like we know all of you. What a lovely personal touch you’ve given all of us.

  12. Thank you to the St. Louis Elves for making The Loopy Ewe my favorite online knitting destination. I wish you all the best, and am sad we have to part ways. Even though we never met personally, I feel like we’re saying goodbye to family.

    The Colorado Elves will have a high standard to live up to! But I’m sure they will be up to the task.

    I’m looking forward to the next chapter in The Loopy Ewe history books. 🙂

  13. How nice to get to ‘see’ the elves! Wishing you all well as you look towards your mountain, too. Although out here in CO we actually have the great big rocky kind. 😉

  14. Thanks once again to all the St. Louis elves. You have done a fantastic job, and your farewell blog was much appreciated! Good luck to all of you in whatever comes next – you will be missed!

    And a big welcome to the Colorado elves who will try to live up to the high standards set by the St. Louis staff. We know you are up for the challenge!

  15. ST. Louis Elves I wish each one of you the best of luck. You had made my shopping at TLE so much fun. YOU will be missed!

  16. STL Elves I enjoyed meeting most of you and talking to you on the phone- You all have been so helpful and caring. I will miss you and wish each of you best of luck in your new endeavors. Hope to see you in Colorado at the “fall fling” or somewhere else along the way! Keep knitting and smiling!

  17. Thank you to all of the STL elves – I’m sure the CO elves know what big shoes they have to fill. Good luck in all your future endeavor!


  18. Thank you STL Elves for all your hard work! I had the great pleasure of visiting you many times and was always impressed by your kindness, helpfulness, enthusiasm and dedication to all your customers!!

  19. Change is always difficult. We will miss the way we “always used to do/have it”, but we are starting a new chapter in our Loopy lives. I prefer shopping online with TLE than going to LYS’s – you are so much fun.

  20. Dear St. Louis Elves,
    What a wonderful way to wish Sheri and the Loopy Ewe well on their new adventure in Colorado – I adore that drawing so we could know each of you in some small way if we never made it to the store. And definitely good sportspersonship for wishing the Colorado Elves all the best. 🙂
    The changing of the guard is bittersweet!
    Best of luck to all the St. Louis Elves in your next adventure.

  21. Thank you all, St. Louis elves! All of you helped make The Loopy Ewe a wonderful yarn “home” for me, and I shall never forget the excitement of being able to set foot in the shop during a Spring Fling shopping trip to see the magic happen with my own eyes. May the next chapter in all of your lives be wonderful and filled with as much joy as all the fun you gave to all of your customers.

  22. Thank you, to all the St. Louis Elves. I’ve talked to many of you on the phone, I’m sorry I was never fortunate enough to be able to meet you in person. You’ve put up with my crazy notes and even crazier phone calls and your customer service is the best anywhere. I’ll miss you.

  23. STL Elves, I am sending a big hug from CO and wishing you many beautiful things to come as you close the door in St Louis. The CO Elves can not begin to fill your shoes or footsteps but we will do everything and more to continue the traditions of the St Louis Elves of The Loopy Ewe. Best wishes to all of you!

  24. Thanks for all your friendly help StL Elves. You all had the best job, but better still – you had the best boss (and your boss had the best help). If I were a Loopy Elf I would be in trouble all the time for rolling around in the new batches of yarn! Awesome job… Good luck to you all

  25. I appreciate every one of you, and I’m all sniffly thinking about you not being our elves any more. I hope that your lives are filled with all the happiness you’ve given your customers over the years, and I’ll miss you all. If you’re ever going to be in Chicago and want to meet up with me and BFF Sarah and whoever else is around, message me on Ravelry (cantwaltz). <3 !!

  26. The STL Elves are fabulous! Santa’s cannot even compete. Best of everything to all of you. The drawing is great, thanks for all the fun and help and yarn fume experiences. Good luck to the new crew closer to the tall mountains.

  27. That’s such a sweet goodbye post. Thank you for all your help. I hope there are good things in store for you all.

  28. I’m going to miss all of the St. Louis elves. It was a pleasure to meet so many of you at the Spring Fling. I wish all of you the very best. You each deserve it. {{{Hugs}}}}

  29. To the St.Louis Elves i wish you all the best of everything. You have been a great asset to TLE and I’m sure you will be missed. Thank you all for the beautiful packages I have received over the years. Hugs

  30. All of you are so adorable. Thank you for your tireless efforts to get us what we needed asap. Thank you for understanding how important that item was to us each and every time. We will miss you!

  31. Thank you all for your hard work! I feel as if I know you all and you can never imagine the joy I felt opening up that box from TLE. Please keep in touch with us all via ravelry. Best of luck to you all! :)!

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