Patterns and Pottery Sale!

We’re busy getting things pulled together to move the shop cross-country, and we decided to put all patterns and all Mary Hadley Pottery on sale this week for 20% off. We’d rather ship it to you than ship it to Colorado! (We’ll re-stock the patterns and pottery again once we get everything moved out here. We’re not dropping those lines.) If you’ve had your eye on some interesting patterns or a cute Hadley Loopy Groupie pin, mug or yarn bowl – now is the time to pick one up.

We also have a new exclusive colorway from Studio June for you called Loopy’s Colorado Christmas. Jill did this on her 8-ply Eight Bells base – a heavy fingering weight with 400 yds. to the skein (shown here). I love how it turned out. This would be great for socks, a one-skein shawl, or a pretty hat and mitts.

We put the rest of our second batch of The Sanguine Gryphon’s anniversary yarn up (shown here – Colorado Hairstreak). This is our very last batch of Sanguine Gryphon, as the two partners are stopping that business at the end of this year and moving on to pursue their own things. We still have a few more colors of Bugga, Skinny Bugga, and Mithril Lace in stock, but when that’s gone, there won’t be any more.

We won’t’ have an official update next week (or for a couple of weeks) but we will be adding a few more re-stocks in the next week or so. I’ll post on Facebook when we add those things in and will also add it to the blog.

Sheri whosnuckthisblogpostinLATEtoday.Shhhh.


  1. YAY for night owl blog posts!! And YAY for 20% off on things you don’t want to move! That Flared Mug is MINE!!! Muahahaha!

  2. Is there a cut off point on placing orders as inventory packs up, and moves westward? When will shipping resume? Questions, questions, questions….

  3. You didn’t sneak that late post past me……………I was checking and checking for you earlier in the evening!

    I may need a yarn bowl…………….

  4. I am with all my yarn buddies above,….I stayed up until 11pm waiting for the update. Woke up at 3am and I am such a Loopy Groopie that I checked for the update and succummed to the temptation of purchasing more yarn. I probably have enough yarn to keep me going for at least six months. Good luck with the move and look forward to the first Colorado Monday update. I also look forward to upcoming photos as Loopy Colorado comes to fruition,

  5. How could I not help you out? 🙂 I go through my house a couple of times a year and ask the question ‘if I had to move tomorrow, would I pack this?’ Amazing how much stuff I’ve been able to declutter. I also ask that question when shopping, but never about yarn! Then, the only question is what do I have in mind for it.

    That being said, I snagged 2 Anne Hanson patterns I’ve had my eye on, and another Baggu bag – those are so handy.

    I’ll miss seeing you when I’m back at Christmas – it’s become such a tradition to stop in to visit with you and the elves, bringing goodies, and bringing some lovely yarn home with me. Good luck with the move and the new Loopy location. I love the pictures you’re taking from the new house-the scenery is just amazing!!

  6. Paid my last visit to Missouri Loopy Central today…it will be so sad to see all that beautiful yarn shrink-wrap itself and send itself to Colorado. Made me remember back to when I was one of your very early customers in that first small corner of your basement! We’ll miss all that beautiful color in St. Louis…hope to visit you in Colorado if we go to Estes Park next summer. Best of luck on Loopy’s new adventures!

  7. Please do post your next update on your blog, for those of us who don’t do & have never done FaceBook! 🙂 Thank you, Marianne

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