Need a Cup of Coffee?

Have you seen this? This nice picture of the Mona Lisa? It was made from 3604 cups of coffee (with differing amounts of milk added to each cup to create the different tones and shades.)

And look – apparently you can paint with coffee, too. Who knew? (I think I’ll stick to drinking it while I knit.)

We received another batch of ChiaoGoo Lace needles in yesterday and put them up on the website – just in case you’ve been waiting for them.

Sheri nowsuddenlyneedingtobrewacup.Andknit.


  1. The needles went up just after I had placed my order … am consoling myself with Island Coconut coffee and a pastry called “orange blossom” while I wait for my patterns. I have 2 WIPS that I am REALLY wanting off the needles, but I started my [graphite freeze](project) for 4th qtr for fun knitting.

  2. Just ordered my ChiaoGoo lace needles!! I’ve been waiting for a restock so I can try them out. One can never have too many lace circs. I wish you well with the move and hope to see you before the New Year (can it only be 6 weeks until 2012?!?!)

  3. Using coffee and tea is pretty common with stitchers who are creating reproduction samplers. It makes for a lovely aging effect. Someone I know in order to perfect the wear and tear on a reproduction project has run over the fabric (prestitching) with her car!

  4. Sheri: I am waiting for the 16 in ChiaoGoo…. Will you have them??
    I love the picture with the coffee. Is is great how creative people can be. Love those things.

  5. Thaks for sharing Mona. That’s right up there with the youtube video of the LED Sheep … too much time on their hands. (I’d rather be knittin’ !)

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