Cowl Finished, Knitting Slump

Well, as promised, I have made another cowl – a Summer Wind Cowl, just because I so enjoyed the first one. This one is out of our Loopy Legends Janice’s Sunshine in Winter color. The colorway represents a mixture of snow and cold (white and blue) with a brilliant winter sun shining through. I love it. Also? I’m pretty sold on the idea of these long loop continuous cowls.

You can wear them long:

You can wear them looped twice around your neck:

Or you can wear them more like a scarf:

I’m making another long cowl in a different pattern, and …. I’m bored. Oh, the cowl will be nice when it’s done and I’m knitting it double-stranded with Wollmeise Lace, but it’s sucking the knitting mojo right out of me. Each night I think I’ll knit and then I don’t want to pick that project up. So guess what? I think I need to start a new project. Don’t you think? Maybe I can talk myself into a set of 4 rows on the boring cowl (because that’s the pattern repeat) and then I can hop over to the more interesting project. That might just get me through it.

I’ve been keeping my cowls, scarves and shawls draped over this mannequin (bought for $10 at a shop going out of business), in my little office by the front door. It’s easy to grab one on my way out, and I like seeing them layered there.

Although, to be honest, it usually looks quite a bit messier. More like this:

Also? I don’t like that front door and I don’t like the terra cotta colored tile in this new (to us) house. But both items are way down on the “gotta change that” list, since they are perfectly fine and serviceable for the time being. Darn it.

Do you have a place to keep your most wearable knits out and easy to pop on as you walk out the door?

Sheri hopingtogetmyknittingmojobackagainsoon


  1. Not as nice as your mannequin – our dining room table (of course) is pushed up against the wall, and some of my shawls & capelets tend to land there with a project bag (or two) in readiness for a trip out the door. Got to find a knit hat or two now that the temps are starting to be given in wind chills.

  2. I just feel compelled to tell you that if you’re only knitting one project, you aren’t really trying! I quilt, and the saying there is that if you have less than 3 quilts underway, you’re really only a closet quilter. So pick out something else, using it as incentive is a good idea, and then go, Baby, go!

  3. I don’t have a good way to display/store my scarves and cowls and I would really like one. Your method is especially appealing. I’ve been keeping an eye on craigslist for the last month or so for a nice dress form to use in photographing my FOs and it would be nice for it to do double-duty as scarf/cowl storage. There is currently an ad on there for a nice mannequin from Nordstrom’s but I’m feeling cheap and not wanting to pay $55. That and a drive to Boulder to get it…

    Love your sock forms on the wall, by the way! What a great idea. Mine are in a drawer somewhere.

  4. Ha – good point, Robby! Of course if I include all of my W.I.P.’s, then you’d see that I am far from a one-project knitter. But all of my WIP’s are in time out – none currently interesting enough to move me forward. It’s more fun to start something new ….

  5. My roommate and I had a shelf installed by the door this past weekend (and by installed we mean we nagged one of our male friends to lend us his drill and install it for us) and we have three baskets on top for all our hats, mitts and scarves this winter. Mine’s the one with handknits…mostly WM ones too. Organization happens when you live with someone doing her masters of education, when I was living alone it all just sat at the end of my bed in piles.

  6. Since I live in Hot, Sunny California, my knits come out of darkness only once in a while. I keep them in a special drawer in my closet.

    If you don’t feel like knitting — walk away and don’t knit. You are surrounded by yarn and knits all the time. It’s ok not to do anything, it happens to all of us. That doesn’t mean we stop loving the patterns and yarn. It just means we need a break.

    One of the ladies at my LYS lost her knitting mojo for 20 yrs!! She’s back now in full swing.

  7. I have a little wrought iron hanger thingie that has 4 large hooks on the wall by my front door. That’s where my most often used scarves live.

    I think starting a new project is a must-do. That’s how I finished my pretty but boring Trillian — I’d knit on it when my brain was tired from more complex projects. Maybe just 3 or 4 rows per night, but I did get it finished.

  8. You are allowed to loose your knitting mojo…..Moving everything that is left from ST. Louis, plus moving your life to Colorado and on top of that building TLE Colorado is an undertaking not too many people can undertake one at a time let alone all at once. Give yourself a break…..Knitting is supposed to be relaxing and not stressful… It will come back once things calm down. My mojo came back when I found TLE and as you can tell by my orders, it has come back with a vengence. What am I going to do without Monday updates for three weeks. I know, save money for the first new store Monday update and finish up some gifts……(one can only hope !!)

  9. Here’s a wacky idea. Instead of starting a new project, find a sock that you knit a while ago and start its mate. If it’s been a long enough time, the second sock will feel like a whole new project.

  10. I have a peg rack on the wall next to my coat closet – but you can only put things you hang on it. I LOVE SwimSarah’s basket idea. Maybe I should hang a shelf and find some nice narrow baskets to put on top – maybe line them with some quilt fabric for no snags on my things. And now I have to knit a cowl – never tried one but I like the look and idea more than a scarf 🙂

  11. How about Trillian with a skein of Wollmeise? WendyKnits has a nice one on her blog right now. It’s a shawl, not a cowl, but looks like a great stash buster.

    Right now I’m having trouble deciding which skeins I should use for cowls and shawls, and which I should save for socks. I pick up a particularly soft and lovely skein and think it would be nice around my neck, but also around my feet. Then I do nothing! Not good.

  12. Thanks for the idea!! I have some skeins of Loopy Legends that I bought on my first trip to the Loopy Ewe. I have a friend who needs something to keep her neck warm but doesn’t like things that are snug on her neck and I think this cowl is the perfect answer. 🙂

  13. LOVE the colorway of your cowl… I was just wearing my socks made with it! I have a fun basket on my dresser from Africa that holds my favorite ‘grab-n-go’ knits!

  14. I really want to make that cowl! However I just finished the first sock for my father in law, yarn purchased in Feb and started on ASAP so my only excuse is the fact that I had baby #4 in April. I really feel I should finish his other sock before I start the cowl. As far as a place to display um no. =( I’d love to have some hooks just for my scarves but for now they’re in a drawer.

  15. Shall I admit to a pile dumped on the hall table that is close to the door. Not the orginal intended use of this table but that seams to be where they end up (It really is the house hippo that moves them there, honest) 🙂

  16. Sheri, you definitely need a new project to keep your knitting mojo going! I love the idea of knitted shawls and scarfs draped on a mannikin near the door. Most of mine are draped over the back of an antique Boston rocker in the family room. It’s a short detour from the door, but not right beside it.

  17. When I get bored or bogged down, I cast on a project that I’m excited about and knit a few rows. That motivates me to finish the boring project so I can resume work on the exciting one. Also if I’m multi-task knitting, I work on the one that is closest to finished until it’s finished. That helps. Also having a knit-whatever-the-heck-you-want day helps.

    My favorite sweater is on the back of the desk chair which is right by the door.

  18. Leigh Ann, your coat rack looks great. I would love to have a place to hang all of my colorful shawls right by the door. I just keep them stuck in plastic bags, in my closet and try to remember to take them with me, when I’m going out.

  19. I have a nice set of hooks mounted on a piece of oak by the back door and my go-to’s are there.
    Just got a nice dresser from Walmart for the cardigans and sweaters and etc.

  20. My scarves, etc. are in a basket in the bedroom. I may migrate them to the buffet/bureau at the top of the stairs, after I get all the other stuff off it!

  21. Thank you for the wonderful cowl suggestion. I too loooove the long ones. Fun to knit and so versatile. Would you believe my two adult daughters nipped my Christmas knitting in the bud by telling me they don’t like them? KIds!!! And no, I have no handy place at all for scarves, etc. as our house has a useless teeny, tiny entry that I would love to re-do if I win the lottery. Sigh.

  22. I hang my hand-knitted scarves on hooks by the door. It’s my wall of art! And I get out of knitting doldrums by buying awesome new yarn and figuring out what to do with it!

  23. Mine tend to be in a coat pocket, or draped on a coat. We also have a good rack in the hall closet, which works well. Lately I’ve been leaving them on the mantle, out of the Nomming Monster’s reach (a.k.a. my knitwear eating doggie), but .ama doesn’t care for that spot. 😛

  24. Sounds like you’re having the same problem I am. I am on my last Christmas scarf, more than halfway finished, but it’s just knitting and purling until the yarn’s gone. I keep carrying it with me so I can work on it while walking and waiting and such things, but I don’t end up knitting on it! Definitely time to switch to a new project – I’m trying not to start anything new ’til the holiday knitting is done (incentive! I have sweater yarn giving me puppy eyes), but if I’m wasting knitting time because I don’t love the project, I may as well switch for a week or two and maybe I’ll be able to go back to the scarf refreshed. Maybe.

  25. Most of my scarves, cowls, etc. are in a tote in the coat closet. I don’t really have a place in my house where I could display them. I have a tendency to leave them with my coat, draped over the back of the couch, when they’re in season. I’ve had knitter’s slump several times, and looking at new yarn and patterns usually cures me!

  26. Love the colors and the style of the wind scarf! i have baby blue carpeting in our new to us house… would you like to trade?

  27. I love the mannequin idea. I’ve got nothing special. It’s pretty sad. On the bright side, I love your cowl! My daughter was just asking for one of “those long cowls that you can twist around and put on your head. with some lace, but not too much.”

  28. Sheri, when I don’t feel good about what I’m working on, I just frog it and find something else for that yarn! I’ve got some Madeline Tosh DK that I’ve started out twice and it is now going to be used for a slouchy hat. Love that cowl. I am making one for my Fort Collins “daughter” for the holidays. Maybe you should get out your wheel and spin a bit for a change of pace…just sayin’

  29. I keep my warm knits on a hanger in the closet. I have so many scarves on there!

    I’ve recently lost my knitting mojo as well, but I think it’s not for lack of inspiration (I’ve actually got two great patterns with excellent yarn on needles right now), but a lack of time. Here’s to getting your mojo back soon!

  30. I am so having a slump myself……..and with the weather turning I should be more knitterly than ever. It feels about like showering with your socks on to NOT want to knit!


    Let me know how you find your mojo again!

  31. It’s comforting to hear that losing one’s knitting mojo isn’t a horribly uncommon thing from time to time. I’m fairly new to knitting (all things considered) and I’m sad to admit that I haven’t really touched my projects for several days. Perhaps I should start something else along with you! Anywho, I LOVE the mannequin idea as a scarf/cowl hanger. Very cute!

  32. I did keep them in a canvas box-y thing on the landing… until someone suggested to me that moths might find a happy little nest in there. Not that I’ve heard that moths are a big problem in northern Colorado. But not wanting to risk it, now they are all folded nicely inside two clear topped zippered under-the-bed canvas garment storage bags (as in one inside the other … zip-zip.)

  33. I’m lucky – I have two spots. One is hanging on a decorative hanger on one of the doors to my workroom. It’s a nice display and I can grab it as I’m walking down the hall. The other place is right inside the backdoor. There is a tiny landing with a beautiful mounted group of coat hooks on a slab of maple. Again pretty as a display but really convenient. I never hung up a coat all winter. The cool thing was actually making a ritual out of hanging all the winter stuff up in the closet in April. This winter I want to work on a Mara shawl in a cotton blend and that will live on the coat rack next summer!!

  34. About ten years ago, after a hurricane, I found a fantastic piece of driftwood on the beach. It’s about the length you’d want for a walking stick, though substantially thicker, and was rubbed to a satin smoothness by the salt water and sand. It has tiny barnacles at one end, and I hung it on the wall as “natural art.” Didn’t take long before I started draping hand-knit scarves and shawls on it…

  35. After reading the blog and seeing the pictures, I decided the cowl was the perfect gift for my besties. (But I guess that’s the point, right?) One quick question: which size did you knit?

  36. I have a couple of large and pretty baskets that I have piled high and put in the living room where I pass them going out either the front or back door. One for scarves, one for hats. Mittens tend to stay in pockets. lol

  37. My scarves and shawls and cardigans are all mostly draped over a chair in my craft room. I leave my bag in there (as it is a cat and dog free zone), and so I have to go into that room every day before I leave the house. Of course, my mittens have already taken up permanent residence in my bag.

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