Mittens and Truffles

three-irish-girls-cashmerino-worsted-mittensI had a lot of fun knitting up these mittens for Project Two of Camp Loopy. Love the yarn (Three Irish Girls Glenhaven Cashmerino Worsted) and love the pattern (All the Water from Through the Loops). I’m already thinking that I’d like to have some red mittens, and then maybe some sunshine yellow mittens as well. Once Camp Loopy knitting is done, I’ll have time to work on the long list of favorites that I’ve compiled this summer! Β For those of you still working on Project Two, remember you need to have your photos uploaded to the Project Two photo gallery by 8/16 (international campers by 8/23). Don’t worry if you don’t see them approved by the deadline. Sometimes I have a backlog to work through. But each one comes through with a date and time stamp, so I know exactly when you uploaded them.

Believe it or not, I’ve actually had some time to try a few new recipes in the past couple of weeks. (Partly due to the fact that we’ve had people visit us already.) One of the recipes I’ve loved the most are these Cake Ball Truffles. They are …. so awesome. They’re not cake balls, because you don’t bake a cake and crumble it up to make the insides. You just make the batter (no eggs, so it’s safe to eat) and then roll them into balls and dip them. Easy. Yummy. Give them a try if you like the taste of cake batter like I do. The original recipe comes from The Girl Who Ate Everything blog.

cake-batter-trufflesCake Batter Truffles by The Girl Who Ate Everything
1 1/2 cups flour
1 cup yellow cake mix
1/2 cup unsalted butter, softened
1/2 cup white sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
1/8 tsp. salt
4 Tbl. milk
2 Tbl. sprinkles

cake-batter-trufflesTruffle Coating:
16 oz. almond bark or white candy melts
4 Tbl. yellow cake mix

(Note – I doubled this recipe so that I could use almost the whole box of cake mix. And because one can never have too many truffles.)

Beat together butter and sugar. Add the cake mix, flour, salt and vanilla and mix thoroughly. Add 4 Tbl. milk to make a good dough consistency. (Use more or less, depending on how it’s looking to you. You should be able to make a nice firm ball of dough with it.) Mix in the sprinkles by hand. Roll into 1″ balls and refrigerate for 15 minutes.

Melt the almond bark in the microwave (30 seconds at a time, so that you are careful not to burn it.) When it’s melted, stir in the cake mix. Dip the balls into the coating with a fork, tapping the fork on the side of the bowl to remove excess coating. Place on a cookie sheet and top with sprinkles right away, since the bark will harden quickly. Chill until ready to serve. A doubled recipe makes about 3-4 dozen truffles.

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that sprinkles just make things look happy? That’s why you get two truffle pictures today. I’m promoting happiness. How are you promoting happiness today?

Sheri whopromisestosharesomehealthyrecipesintheweekstocome,too


  1. Those truffles look awesome! I need to make some this weekend.
    I’m currently knitting up a cute little “off the top of my head” coffee mug cozy and matching French press cozy for my BFF to spread some knitting joy. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m with you on the sprinkles. Anything with bright colors promotes happiness IMHO. As far as how I’m spreading happiness today, I promoted my own by stopping at my favorite restaurant this morning for a cup of tea for the road and discovering they had some gluten free cupcakes today as a surprise! πŸ™‚ I will promote BFF Liz’s by getting my tickets for next Friday’s screening of Sunrise at the Silent Film Festival. And I will promote general happiness by singing and dancing my way through the day. (Don’t believe me? Ask BFF Liz. πŸ˜€ ) Maybe with sprinkles….

  3. Oh yes bright colored sprinkles are happiness. As a child my favorite cake was Confetti Angel food cake because of the bright sprinkles that were in it. I didn’t care about what the flavor was I wanted the colored sprinkles. This cake was around way before they made the funfetti cakes. I like funfetti but my fav is still the angle food cake with them. I always thought it was fun to cut the brown cake and see the surprise of color inside. So thanks for our 2 photos today. =)

  4. I like how sprinkles make something a bit different. Such an easy thing to make an impact. I like colored sugar as well-my neighbor would make me cinnamon toast with a light scatter of red sugar. 45 years later I can still feel the thrill of seeing that plate set before me, toasty and buttery, cinnamon and RED!

    Since childhood my son’s birthday cake always has been (always will be) white cake with surprise swirls inside. I take a portion of the batter and color it, pour the main batter in a pan, then drip, swirl and mix in the color. After baking and frosting, it looks like a fluffy white cloud. Once cut into, it’s red and green (his fave colors) and yellow.

    How am I promoting happiness today? Patience and smiles. I have to take my son shopping for interview clothes at West County Center in Des Peres…traffic…back to school shoppers…deep breaths. : )

  5. There is no reason to have healthy recipes. We can find them or barring that will just eat the produce rinsed and raw.

    I like your mittens. I think I’m on track to finish mine by the deadline. I’m pushing it though! They are awesome, but just complicated enough that I am still walking around with a silly grin on my face at how proud I am of the first one (which I finished last night).

  6. Dear Sheri – πŸ™‚
    I love the pix of your scrumptious truffles – however – I’m not a fan of sprinkles in general for eating … I’m sorry! I love the way they look but I hate to eat them. I can deal with the funfetti flat sprinkles but not the long ones or the dot ones. lol
    Go ahead, call me crazy : ) I’ve heard it before!
    Anyway – Happy Friday ! And I love the mittens!!! That color is so enchanting. Very nice work. I’m honestly just learning to cable this week so they look a little out of my league at the moment but hopefully in the near future. : )
    ew a fly just landed on my work station. total ew. and not cute ewe, like a sheepy sheep but just plain regular gross ew.

  7. Love your mittens. I am using Three Irish Girls Glenhaven Cashmerino – love the yarn. I made Kristen Kapur’s Wood Hollow Mittens. All the Water Mittens were one of my possibilities. Maybe another pair once I finish Camp Loopy Project 3

  8. <3 your mittens, so pretty!
    I totally agree! Sprinkles = Happiness I <3 sprinkles! Also, those truffles look super tasty. Must make some of those.. πŸ™‚

  9. Where can I find the pattern for the mittens? I love them. I made several pairs of a different pattern for people last year for Christmas as well as for myself. But, one can never have too many mittens in New England (although not in August).

    Your truffles sound yummy, although I would probably make the inside chocolate as that is my thing. Or I would use the yellow cake, but melt chocolate bark.

    I grew up in western New York where sprinkles were called sprinkles. In New England they are called “jimmies”. I love them whatever they are called. Just as an FYI from personal experience, don’t use the round ones on frozen desserts. It is like eating cold sand.

    May try them this weekend. My 15 year old son will ensure that I don’t eat too many, as he will polish them off.

  10. I forgot to mention that right now I’m promoting happiness by not showing my dour mug to anyone. Woke up tired and blue. But, things are looking up. I just received my Camp Loopy Project Three yarn, beautiful Hand Maiden silk for a Girasole shawl in Spring Green. And, I’m now a loopy groupie! I can’t believe how generous you all are. Thank you, thank you…

    I will go out for a run to boost my endorphins, and smile and say hello to everyone I meet…

    Thanks again!

  11. 1. Take my husband to a movie that he really wants to see……I can manage to sit thru it
    2. Make some zuchinni bread to take to work this weekend

  12. I love your mittens Sheri. That blue makes me so happy! I am going to have to order some of that colorway in the near future. I hope your mittens keep your hands warm and your heart happy during the cold Colorado winters!

    And sprinkles make EVERYTHING better. Especially rainbow sprinkles. They’re not just for kids! πŸ™‚

  13. BFF Sarah will indeed sing and dance. I’ve seen it many times. πŸ™‚ As an aside, she attracts critters and small children for some reason. I’d like to attract cabana boys and things with sprinkles. I’m a lot like Homer Simpson in many ways. (Mmm….sprinkles. *drool*)

    My happiness spreading: I bought the lady behind me’s juice and muffin this morning at the coffee shop. She was really shocked. Turns out she’s been buying dinner for homeless people. Pay it forward, man. πŸ™‚ Another thing that’s free: compliments. It probably sounds weird, but I try to give at least one compliment every day (usually to someone I don’t know). I’m a rather solitary creature, and I tend to get wrapped up in my own personal dramas. I don’t think I pay enough attention to other people, so my way of “getting out more often” is to pay sincere compliments. It’s usually simple stuff, like on something they’re wearing, but it makes them feel good…and me, too!

  14. I’m promoting happiness by finishing the first of my daughter’s new rainbow Solemate socks! Just about to Kitchener the toe πŸ™‚

  15. I’m happy just looking at the pictures of those truffles. I love cake batter so that’s a recipe I’ll need to try. I get the chance to promote happiness every day since I’m a professional bodyworker, and BTW I LOVE my job.

  16. Can I just say that healthy recipes are highly overrated??? Those truffles look delicious and WERE delicious even for someone who is not that keen on cake batter!!! And sprinkles on anything definitely promotes happiness πŸ™‚ Off to find something to sprinkle….

  17. I ‘m promoting happiness by stopping by my parents house as a surprise. Since they live two hours away it’s totally unexpected! πŸ™‚

  18. Oh No! I’ve been safe all this time because all the other cake balls have been chocolate . . . these could be really dangerous πŸ˜€

  19. They look like petit fours…….and oh how I love those! Love the mittens! Guess I will have to add them to my queue because I sure like how everyone’s are turning out!

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