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Remember this post, where I talked about the work and updating that WH and I had done on our house this spring? (And where I asked you what you’d change about your house, if you could?)  Well there was a reason for all of that work. We’ve always planned to eventually end up in Colorado. If you’ve read the blog over the past few years, then you know how much we love it out there and how often we visit. We decided the Summer of 2011 was the time to make the move and we’re going for it. Woohoo!

We spent a whole heck of a lot of time getting our house ready to put on the market this spring. I think WH was wishing I hadn’t watched so many of those “House Hunters” and “Get it Sold” shows in the past year. However, all of that work paid off as our house sold on the first day, to a family with (obviously) great taste. 🙂

Selling quickly meant we had to high-tail it out to Colorado last week, to find a house to move into. We looked at a bunch and settled on one we liked. Look at this quick pic I took from the car. Can you see the lilacs blooming in front and on that side of the house? I took it as a clear sign that this house was meant for us. I come from a long line of lilac lovers. (“Long line of lilac lovers.” Say that 12 times.) It must have been the perfect week to visit, as there were lilacs blooming all over town.

So what does this all mean and how might it affect you?

We’ll move our household in mid-July. For the time being, we’ll keep running Loopy from St. Louis and will be packing and shipping your orders from here, as usual. When our Loopy lease is up in October, we’ll be moving The Loopy Ewe to Colorado (to the Fort Collins/Loveland area). We will probably have to take a week or 10 days off to do that, so we’ll have a short period of time where we won’t be shipping orders. We’ll be sure to give you plenty of notice about those dates. I wish I was bringing all of the Loopy Elves along with me. Sadly, they’re staying here in St. Louis. That means we’ll be on the lookout for a whole new batch of Colorado Loopy Elves in the fall, and I’ll be looking forward to having the original Loopy Elves pop out for visits.

Other questions you might have:

What about the Fall Club Loopy? That’s on hold at the moment. I don’t think it would work well to be in the middle of a Club schedule and do a move. We will probably wait until Spring to start Club Loopy back up again, although we might have a fun kit or two available before then.

What about The Spring Fling? Also on hold. We’ll see what we can figure out, once we get out there. We’ll be about an hour north of the Denver airport, so it’s a matter of figuring out the logistics of transportation and lodging and such. We’ll keep you posted.

What about the St. Louis in-store shoppers? You’ll all have to come out and visit us in the mountains! 🙂 I guess one benefit is that you won’t have to pay Missouri tax on your purchases, once we move. That’s good, right? And you’ll have the fun of stalking your mail person for your orders now. I hear that can be interesting. Seriously, though – we’ll miss seeing all of you local knitters on a regular basis. Fortunately, there are some great yarn shops in the St. Louis area, and I know you’ll continue to be well taken care of. And you know where to find us online!

What will the Colorado Loopy space be like? Well, we don’t have it lined up yet, but I can tell you what I’m hoping for. I’m hoping it will be a little bigger than what we have now. We’ll be adding in a few more things. I’m hoping to continue to avoid any kind of warehouse type of space. The set-up we’ve had in St. Louis has been great. I can promise you that we’ll still have awesome Elves to help you, colorful walls and shelves full of yarn to tempt you, and Monday Updates every week to keep you inspired and motivated. We’ll continue to keep fast shipping and top-notch customer service a high priority. And we’ll expect you all to come see it all in person. Soon. (Road Trip! There are other great yarn shops in Ft. Collins, too, as well as a wonderful downtown area. Come explore.)

Paul (WH) and I are really excited to be able to move to a place we love. Did I tell you that Web Guy moved to Denver last Christmas? So it will be fun to have him near by. And Knitting Daughter would love to end up out there one day as well. She’s a mountain-girl at heart. Funny thing – you take your kids to a certain spot for vacations their whole life, and they end up wanting to live around there. Good plan, right?

Where would you live if you could uproot and go anywhere?

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  1. Congrat’s!!!
    A sure sign selling the house that quickly. Woo Hoo to you all.
    I will be able to visit since my two sis-in-laws have moved to Colorado, and my BFF lives there as well.
    It doesn’t matter where they live, a trip to visit you is on the way.
    Love you all!

  2. my sincere congratulations on your new endeavors, it must be so exciting!

    If I could move anywhere it would be either close to the ocean but not into a McMansion or anything, just a cute little beach house or deep into the woods near a river, stream or lake I want water close by and the house must have porch or deck or something preferably one of each, one in the front one in the back and a fireplace would be ideal./

  3. Why would you want to leave Tornado Alley? I don’t get it. 😉 Well, I am happy for you that you’re getting to move to your dream location, but am verrrrrrry sad for me and the rest of the locals.

  4. Congratulations! So happy for both of you. All of your hard work paid off with your house selling in 1 day! I’m sure it is a “mixed emotions” day at The Ewe, but good luck with the move and fulfilling your dreams!

  5. So exciting for yarnies in Northern Colorado!! My knitting group is all aflutter about this wonderful news. Join us on Ravelry (the group is called Stitch ‘n Sip) and any of us would be happy to answer questions about the area (we’re from all over Fort Collins and Loveland) AND you’ll have a built-in set of yarn buddies before you even arrive. Welcome to Colorado!

  6. Wow! It’s awesome you are living your dream. I have only been to Colorado once and I loved it. I can see why you would want to live there.

  7. Congratulations Sherri! Good luck with all the moving. Looking forward to seeing the new Loopy when it is up and running in the new location.

  8. Welcome to Colorado! I live on the Western Slope and folks ask me about my Loopy Ewe shirt (my favorite). Bet we’ll see more of those around the state now.

  9. How wonderful that you and WH are getting to do something you have dreamed of! Even though you’ll be farther away, you’ll still continue to be my favorite yarn shop. I’ve been to Colorado twice (Grand Junction and Fort Collins), and, who knows, I might get to visit again. If so, The Loopy Ewe will definitely be the first stop! I will miss the great service from your St. Louis Elves, and hope you are just as successful in Colorado!

  10. Congratulations on your upcoming move-sounds like everything is falling into place nicely! We moved to NY from Vermont in 2008-don’t think I would want to move again anytime soon. I do love Stressa, Italy & Lake Maggiore but probably just for a long visit.
    Our neighborhood is beautiful here-I can walk the dogs for 45 minutes or more without seeing a car go by-great trails too.
    A question: Will you be carrying Sockopus’ yarn at some point? I saw some on somebody’s page & it is gorgeous. Alice’s site listed TLE as an upcoming vendor

  11. happy for you. Sad for us. I look forward to my trips to Loopy. Colorado is soooooo far away- too far to drive. Enjoy your new home. Hugs. Tell the Elves to hug each other from me too.

  12. So happy that you and your family have followed your heart….What a great place to move to…and you shouldn’t have to deal with tornadoes anymore…more snow…but how lucky for all of you!

  13. Please open your store in Loveland.

    1. There are no knitting shops in Loveland. Ft. Collins has a couple of great shops and so does Boulder, but there is nothing in between.
    2. Loveland has a fantastic Mexican restaurant, El Pueblito on Eisenhower Blvd. If your favorite Mexican place has a Speedy Gonzales on the lunch menu then this is your new local favorite.
    3. All your packages could come “with love from Loveland”.

    I was able to visit your St Louis store once and it was wonderful. Now I can’t wait for you to be my local store!

  14. OMG! How wonderful for you!! As someone who followed a dream (and a huge leap of faith…not my usual style at all!!) I commend you and wish you the very best. It sounds like everything is falling into place very nicely. One good thing about email friendships is that you are never “far away”! I am a bit disappointed about Spring Fling (I’ve already started saving up) but the up side to that is that I have never been further west of Ohio than Indianapolis. I’d say that Denver would be quite a nice little vacation. I’m very pleased that we are not losing LE. Columbus, OH has lost 3 YYS in 2010 and one of them, The Tangled Tale, was absolutely amazing. Without it all I have is The Loopy Ewe and one other online shop that I use. I’d be lost without you guys. Good Luck and happy packing!! Been there and done that totally by myself….not going to do it ever again. Thank God I am in Lavender Cottage forever!!

  15. Congratulations on your quick house sale and upcoming move! I’m from St. Louis and I now live in CO so I totally understand your desire to move out west. I look forward to having your amazing store closer.

  16. How wonderful to move to your heart’s home. I’m excited for you, and this inspires me to hold on to my own ‘favorite place’ dreams.

  17. I would move to anyplace with mountains and pine trees! I am a southern Californian, though, and am very spoiled by the wonderful weather we have here!

  18. Congratulations on making your dreams come true.
    I visit Denver every few years and although it’s not he place for me it certainly has it’s beauty.
    On my next trip I will be sure to pop in and see the new Loopy.

    If I could live where ever I wished it would be not in NJ, TX, or any place with more than an hour away from the ocean. I am rather fond of the Philadelphia area as crazy as that may sound.

    Good luck with your new venture. I will be reading the blog to see how things go.

  19. Well,well, well–I’llbe waiting for you here in the Loveland area!! Just to let you know you have a loopy customer all ready here!!!

  20. We were in Ft Collins last week visiting family & love, love,love the area. We are planning to sell our home in Oklahoma & move somewhere around the Denver area because of a job transfer.
    Excited to be moving there, & happy about your move too!

  21. Sheri, I am SOOOOO excited you are moving to Colorado, since I will be able to come and visit you and TLE. I have often lobbied for you to move out here and I know all work well for you and Paul and the store. I will now be driving to the front range WAY more often. Congrats and best wishes to you. Missouri’s loss is Colorado’s gain to the MAX! WOOT and happpy dance!!

  22. Woo-hoo, Sheri is moving to Colorado. Not near enough to me to be able to be a local shopper, but I could make a day trip out of it. I knew you had really good taste and you picked a really nice town to move to.

    Congratulations on the sale and the move!

  23. I have a real estate agent in Estes Park who has been looking for houses for me for about a year.
    I was gobsmacked that you would be so close by!

    Loveland, Fort Collins is Interweave territory-you will be in good company.

    Estes Fiber Fling is 2nd week in June-a town full of fiber people one hour or less from your shop.

    I am so happy for you. Colorado is a beautiful place. I will miss TLE STL, but TLE CO will be wonderful!

    Get some Kind coffee-locally roasted in Estes.

  24. Congratulations! I wish you & your family the best. If I were an elf, I’d have to follow you 🙂

  25. WOO HOO!! I have family in Hartville, WY and Ft Collins, CO. Looks like it is time for me to head east! Let me know if you need an optometrist; maybe I can work out a care-for-yarn deal with my uncle.

  26. Congratulations! Wow! What a huge blessing to have sold your house on the first day on the market! I am so excited for you and WH. I know how important your family is to you as well, and it will be so awesome for you to be able to be close to Web Guy.

    For now, if we could move anywhere, it would probably be in Pennsylvania somewhere an hour or so from Philadelphia. That is where our daughter will eventually end up and until she does we wouldn’t be SO far away from Arlington where she lives now. We are just too far away now to make enough visits. For now, we have my parents who are aging and feel like we need to be closer to them at this time in life.

    For you, we are so happy for you! May the Lord bless this time as you move and make new friends in Fort Collins. May He lead just the right people in your path to help you settle in and find a place for TLE. WIth your house selling SO fast, I’m sure He has His plan in motion! God bless you as you begin this new chapter in your lives. 😀
    I’ll be looking forward to seeing more pictures from Colorado!

  27. I’m so happy for you and WH! I will certainly miss have TLE in St. Louis, but at least it will still be accessible to all of us. The best to both of you and I hope your dream is everything you want it to be.

  28. I’d live in Portland, OR, because I just love it out there. But family is here on the East Coast, so no move for quite some time.

  29. congratulations on your forthcoming move! i understand how it feels to move to the city of your dreams because i moved to paris, france, two years ago.

  30. I wouldn’t move very far, just a wee bit out of Christchurch into the countryside with a lifestyle block for some livestock and an orchard. I love the city I live in, despite all the earth shakes we’re getting atm. I really can’t think of anywhere I’d rather live.

  31. Wow! Please send some of your luck our way – we are planning to put our home on the market this summer, too, in preparation for our big move from California to Alaska. I am done with the craziness of this place and am looking forward to relaxing and enjoying life on our gorgeous three acres of paradise. Few yarn shops nearby, but there is always the Loopy Ewe online…wherever you are! Congrats!

  32. Congratulations Sheri!! So exciting!! Coloradois beautiful. Wishes for many many years of health and happiness in your new home!!

  33. Congrats on the move to Colorado. I am a native Coloradoan (from Johnstown…very close to the Loveland/Fort Collins area) and recently relocated to Houston. I’m very jealous that Sheri gets to move TO Colorado as I miss home so much. Thankfully, I have lots of family that live there and visit a couple of times a year, which actually means that I will be able to visit TLE and plan a trip for the Spring Fling (oh, this excites me to no end)!!!! Sheri, you are one lucky gal!!!


  34. Congratulations to you, but I am sad for me! I was planning a trip to CO to visit my son and I was going to go through St. Louis to stop in to see The Loopy Ewe, but now that won’t be possible, and you won’t be ready for visitors when I am in CO. Oh well, another time. Good Luck with all the moving details.

  35. Congratulations!!!
    I am in the process of moveing from ME to CT to be near my oldest son and my only grand-dtr. Overwhelming and amazing at the same time!! The final move for me is scheduled for next weekend. I am so looking forward to being in CT as I am sure you are to being in CO! Good luck!!

  36. Well congrats on such a huge move! This will mean I get my Loopy orders a little faster – they arrived so fast anyway 🙂

  37. Congratulations! It must be a good omen that you were able to sell so quickly in these times! I live in NV, so it will be great having Loopy closer. Maybe I can convince DH to make a field trip. He’s a gold prospector (hobby), so maybe we can make it a joint venture.
    We are in the process of moving right now. We only moved 4 miles, so we have done all but the furniture ourselves. This is wayyy tooo much abuse for this old body, but I will finally have my “Mom Cave/Sewing/Knitting/weaving/Spinning Room.

  38. Wow! That’s close to the same area we live in. There have been several yarn stores in the area close… It also means I’ll have to pay sales tax on my yarn purchases from you 🙁

  39. Congratulations and good luck with your move. We’re moving to Texas and the best part for me was that I wouldn’t have to pay sales tax on my orders and now you’re leaving MO too! 🙂

  40. I’m very excited that you will be coming here and I’ll probably apply to be one of your elves! Please keep us posted! I will soon be moving to a cheaper house in town that will save me lots of money each month. I think I know where some of that money will go come October!

  41. “Funny thing – you take your kids to a certain spot for vacations their whole life, and they end up wanting to live around there.”

    My parents brought me to Colorado (from Michigan) on many vacations as a kid and 14 years ago I made my dream come true and moved here. Welcome, welcome!

    I’m a couple of hours south of where The Loopy Ewe will be but am definitely planning a road trip as soon as you get the store open.

    I just wished I lived closer so I could apply to be a Loopy Elf. Bummer.


  42. Hey Sheri!
    Congratulations on the move to CO! DH and I have a goal to end up there, right outside of the Denver area. Fort Collins is beautiful and a huge incentive (as if one is needed) to go back to Spring Fling. The house is also adorable and I can’t wait to see you at your new shop in Colorado!

    Congratulations again!

  43. So exciting! I would move to Colorado in a heart beat!
    I’ll have to get to TLE in person before you move…

  44. Congrats for you all…you deserve it…we did our dream. Sold our house in CA 2 yrs ago this June, bought a 5th Wheel & now we are traveling the USA. We left Ca last November. That way I can visit lots of yarn shops. Right now we are visiting family in W.VA & 2 weeks we are heading north to Nh to visit more family. They have large driveways to park..hehe!!! Will stay there for 2 month then who knows. During that time we are taking a trip into Canada. Good luck on your move!!!

  45. Oh, Loopy Ewe! You are moving to my neck of the woods! I live in Fort Collins and have a business in both Fort Collins and Loveland! How wonderful this will be…..Can I be an Elve? So looking forward to seeing you soon!

  46. Oh my gosh! Fort Collins/Loveland is only 8 hours away by car (instead of 16ish to St. Louis). I will soooo be making a road trip when you open there!

    I love where I live and will probably retire here (Hesperus/Durango, Colorado), but have always harbored an interest in the Ashland, Oregon area, so that’s still on the list. Similar climate to here, but close to the ocean, plus the Shakespeare Festival and Oregon Flock & Fiber….

    Now I must settle down until October after you move the shop!

  47. Cape Cod. I spent my summers there and worked in Woods Hole, MA for four years. I love the ocean, fishing, boating, and just smelling the ocean breeze.

    Note to self…must get over to St. Louis before fall!

  48. This is awesome! I have friends out in Colorado, so it doesn’t feel so far (though it is farther away than MO from New England).

    I grew up on the ocean, so that is where I want to stay. I’m not quite as close as I want to be, but we’re going to stay in our house until we are much closer to retirement age.

  49. Welcome to God’s country! A good day is when I can count 8 mountain ranges as I am driving home. And 300 plus days of sunshine!

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