Heading West

Remember this post, where I talked about the work and updating that WH and I had done on our house this spring? (And where I asked you what you’d change about your house, if you could?) ย Well there was a reason for all of that work. We’ve always planned to eventually end up in Colorado. If you’ve read the blog over the past few years, then you know how much we love it out there and how often we visit. We decided the Summer of 2011 was the time to make the move and we’re going for it. Woohoo!

We spent a whole heck of a lot of time getting our house ready to put on the market this spring. I think WH was wishing I hadn’t watched so many of those “House Hunters” and “Get it Sold” shows in the past year. However, all of that work paid off as our house sold on the first day, to a family with (obviously) great taste. ๐Ÿ™‚

Selling quickly meant we had to high-tail it out to Colorado last week, to find a house to move into. We looked at a bunch and settled on one we liked. Look at this quick pic I took from the car. Can you see the lilacs blooming in front and on that side of the house? I took it as a clear sign that this house was meant for us. I come from a long line of lilac lovers. (“Long line of lilac lovers.” Say that 12 times.) It must have been the perfect week to visit, as there were lilacs blooming all over town.

So what does this all mean and how might it affect you?

We’ll move our household in mid-July. For the time being, we’ll keep running Loopy from St. Louis and will be packing and shipping your orders from here, as usual. When our Loopy lease is up in October, we’ll be moving The Loopy Ewe to Colorado (to the Fort Collins/Loveland area). We will probably have to take a week or 10 days off to do that, so we’ll have a short period of time where we won’t be shipping orders. We’ll be sure to give you plenty of notice about those dates. I wish I was bringing all of the Loopy Elves along with me. Sadly, they’re staying here in St. Louis. That means we’ll be on the lookout for a whole new batch of Colorado Loopy Elves in the fall, and I’ll be looking forward to having the original Loopy Elves pop out for visits.

Other questions you might have:

What about the Fall Club Loopy? That’s on hold at the moment. I don’t think it would work well to be in the middle of a Club schedule and do a move. We will probably wait until Spring to start Club Loopy back up again, although we might have a fun kit or two available before then.

What about The Spring Fling? Also on hold. We’ll see what we can figure out, once we get out there. We’ll be about an hour north of the Denver airport, so it’s a matter of figuring out the logistics of transportation and lodging and such. We’ll keep you posted.

What about the St. Louis in-store shoppers? You’ll all have to come out and visit us in the mountains! ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess one benefit is that you won’t have to pay Missouri tax on your purchases, once we move. That’s good, right? And you’ll have the fun of stalking your mail person for your orders now. I hear that can be interesting. Seriously, though – we’ll miss seeing all of you local knitters on a regular basis. Fortunately, there are some great yarn shops in the St. Louis area, and I know you’ll continue to be well taken care of. And you know where to find us online!

What will the Colorado Loopy space be like? Well, we don’t have it lined up yet, but I can tell you what I’m hoping for. I’m hoping it will be a little bigger than what we have now. We’ll be adding in a few more things. I’m hoping to continue to avoid any kind of warehouse type of space. The set-up we’ve had in St. Louis has been great. I can promise you that we’ll still have awesome Elves to help you, colorful walls and shelves full of yarn to tempt you, and Monday Updates every week to keep you inspired and motivated. We’ll continue to keep fast shipping and top-notch customer service a high priority. And we’ll expect you all to come see it all in person. Soon. (Road Trip! There are other great yarn shops in Ft. Collins, too, as well as a wonderful downtown area. Come explore.)

Paul (WH) and I are really excited to be able to move to a place we love. Did I tell you that Web Guy moved to Denver last Christmas? So it will be fun to have him near by. And Knitting Daughter would love to end up out there one day as well. She’s a mountain-girl at heart. Funny thing – you take your kids to a certain spot for vacations their whole life, and they end up wanting to live around there. Good plan, right?

Where would you live if you could uproot and go anywhere?

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  1. Following your heart and dreams – sounds like a good “game plan”!! Congratulations!! Gee if I could move someplace different – either Long Beach Island, NJ, Lancaster Co, PA or Cape Cod (was there on vacation once and loved it)

  2. I am positively GREEN with envy here. I’d move out there and become a Loopy Elf myself if the timing were about two years from now. Son graduated college and “HAD” to road trip out to Keystone/A-Basin this Spring. We haven’t been there as a family for a while, but still hope to move there sometime. CONGRATULATIONS!!

  3. Oh wow. Best wishes to you as you get ready to move!! I am glad one of your kids is near too. I figure we’ll move after our girls get a little settled after college and we see where they end up. Hope we can come and visit sometime! Hugs.

  4. Good luck out west!!! That means my packages will get to me faster! If I could move anywhere…Scottsdale. I love the heat!!

  5. Woohoo! I’m so excited about your move (and the eventual move of The Loopy Ewe) to Colorado!!! This means we aren’t as far away and the potential for a visit goes WAY up! We uprooted and moved from Seattle to Idaho about 6 years ago. The traffic, weather, and economy were all reasons we were ready to leave and since the territory for our business was “anywhere in the NW” we chose Idaho. My oldest son was heading into 7th grade at the time (and will graduate from high school next week!), so the timing was perfect, and we haven’t looked back! Congratulations and good luck!

  6. Congrats!! I know you love Colorado. How fun to have Web Guy so close. ๐Ÿ™‚ Best wishes to all of you!

  7. I’m really impressed that you are living your own dreams. It would be sad if your success as a retailer curtailed your dreams. I would live here in the Fraser Valley. I went to school on the prairies and came home on the first train.

  8. I’m so excited for you! I’ve never been to Colorado but it is on top 5 list. My places-coastal Maine or Siesta Key, Florida. Love both places…maybe I should be a snowbird.

  9. Congratulations! I have relatives in CO and they love it. Best of luck to the Elves, they have been great and please let them know that.

  10. I’m going to miss your St. Louis updates. My husband and I are both from Missouri and I love to see the real time pictures of “home” that you post. I’ll be praying for all the details of the move!

  11. YAY! I’m glad you are moving our way, Sherri. If the lilacs are in bloom then you are probably at a much lower elevation than we are (Florissant). I would love to rendezvous with you someday so email me some time and let me know where you are! So thrilled your house sold so quickly. I watch those shows and always end up feeling like my house is out-of-date. Congratulations!

  12. Welcome to northern Colorado! Lilacs do beautifully here (plant more!), as do crabapples and many other spring-blooming shrubs and trees. It’s a bit of an adjustment from climates with more rainfall, but you’ll find the area you’re moving to is very pleasant. I moved here almost 25 years ago, and it keeps getting better.

  13. Ahhhhh! This is GREAT NEWS! When you are in need of Loopy Elves, keep me in mind — not only am I a Colorado native, but I’d do anything to work for you!

  14. Sheri,
    So happy for you and your family. If I could move any where it would be Estes Park. I was in the flood in 1976 when Big Thompson broke but still Love Co. Best of luck to you!!

  15. I’ll definitely miss you in Missouri, but see more trips to Colorado in my future (we’re actually headed there next Friday for vacation and the Estes Wool Market), and that’s where my hubby proposed, so it has good memories for me. I wish you and your family the best with this exciting blessing, but I still expect you to root for the Cardinals! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Congratulations on the sale of your house!!!! Hope all goes smooth with the move! Will definitely miss the Loopy Elves. Are you sure you can’t just pack them up with you? I can understand your wanting to be in Colorado. Vacationed there many years ago and loved it. I have relatives living in Denver so the chances are good probably better that I will be able to visit Loopy in person than when you were in St. Louis.
    Guess I will be making my Christmas project list sooner this year and putting in one big order before the big move!

  17. Congratulations! I’m so glad that you were able to fulfill your dream of moving to Colorado & I love that you found a house with lilacs. My parents have lilac bushes at their house and it is wonderful to sit outside and take in the fragrance when they are in full bloom! I foresee an influx of in-store shoppers between now and the lease running out in October (myself included). And once you open the store in Colorado there will be a new influx of knitters who never would have been able to shop in person while the store was in St. Louis. That is the beauty of knitters, we are every where! Congrats again on the adventure you are setting out on…new house, new stores, new friends, new life…awesome!

  18. Oh how awesome for you! I spent a lot of time in Colorado when I was young and I always loved it. And I am outstandingly envious of your lilacs. I want lilacs so much but when I tried to grow one here it died. ๐Ÿ™

    I think it is wonderful that you are fulfilling a dream and I wish you all the best for getting everything set up in Colorado just the way you want it eventually.

  19. Congratulations on selling your house so quickly! That is awesome, and I must say I am very jealous…it was 99 here today – That is WAAAYYY too hot for May!

    Some day I would love to live in Santa Fe…such a beautiful town!!

  20. Wow, what a surpise! (Did I tell you that I lived in Loveland for 10 years 1984-1995 and love it?) You’ll love the “high-desert” weather. The downside is that it’s a much farther drive for me to pay TLE a visit, but it’s completely “doable”. You could move to Juno Alaska and I’d still consider you my “local yarn store”. Congrats on your new venture and have fun exploring Loveland/Ft. Collins. Say hi to some of my old freinds, OK?

  21. No, there are no cicadas in Colorado, but haven’t you heard about the “Colorado State Bird”?? Also known as “the grasshopper”??? They sure grow ’em big out there! I lived in Colorado Springs for 3 happy months. Well, 2 years altogether, but 3 months of those 2 years were happy.

    If I could live anywhere…anywhere?? La Jolla or Coronado. That would be paradise for me!

    I can think of lots of reasons to visit the Ft. Collins/Loveland area…many more than I could think of to visit St. Louis! I know you and the family will be very happy out there!

  22. Seeing as I had the good sense to be born in CO and never leave for more than vacation, the question is a bit moot. Ft. Collins/Loveland is lovely – I am a CSU alum. And those Spring Fling people should be excited. Tons of great places to have such an event. Congrats on the realization of a dream.

  23. Congratulations on a great move to a great location! Fort Collins is wonderful-GREAT weather-GREAT sunshine-and your new home looks lovely! I lived in Fort Collins for eight years (left in 2001 for work opportunity in the Pacific Northwest, which I also LOVE!) but it was hard. Enjoy!

  24. Congratulations!!! When I was younger, I wanted to live in the NC mountains. But since I had a belly-full of snow this last winter, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like it in winter time. I like my area of NC but might like to live closer to Greensboro or Burlington in a log house in the woods.

  25. Congrats! What big change, but super exciting. I worked up at a camp on Highway 7, near Loveland and Estes, for 2 summers. It’s awesome out there, as you well know! So, TLE is moving my direction, but it’s still a long way between Ft. Collins and Seattle… all the best for your move!

  26. Huge congratulations! what a gorgeous place to move too. Just think of all the decorating you can do in the new house. WH will be thrilled! LOL. Maybe Maggie Sefton will make TLE part of one of her knitting themed mysteries since they are set in Fort Collins area. Just enjoy! We only get to go around once. I could go for a knitting retreat in Colorado!

  27. Where I would live if I could live anywhere is . . . right here in the S. F. Bay Area! So happy for you, that you’re going to be living your Colorado dream. ;-D

  28. How wonderful for you and your family. I am also thrilled as my daughter lives in Broomfield, CO so I will have the opportunity to come visit The Loopy Ewe when I visit her in the future. The likelihood of me visiting St. Louis was/is slim so this is a definite plus for me.

  29. What a surprise, no more impromptu popping in at TLE for me. Actually, I have 2 daughters is Oregon & one in Kansas & Colorado is between them. Did you know Fort Collins is the home of the “Fat Tire” beer people? Very green company. Anywhoo…I’m sure you will love Colorado & good for you. If you decide to fling the spring in your new place, I will definitely be watching for sign ups.

  30. Wow!! I grew up in Denver, oh man do I miss Colorado!! I’ve been in Alabama for 21 years (I still do not say y’all!), but Colorado still feels like home even though I haven’t been back for 15 years since my people all live in KC MO now. If I could move anywhere I think I’d go back to Boulder, CO or nearby. I lived there for a little while and loved it. My childhood home had the most beautiful lilacs, I miss them too! Too hot for them down here.

    I’ve been planning to stop in St. Louis and shop at TLE in person next time I drove to KC, but now I’ll either have to push up any travel plans or just put it on the list of things to do if I ever get back to CO! You will love it there.

  31. So happy for you and Paul!! If this is what you both want then good luck and total blessings to you both”!!!!! Congratulations….take care and know that we will follow you wherever you are !!!

  32. Oh my gosh! I am so excited you’re coming to CO! It is the best place to live! Please let us know when you’ll be taking elf applications. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yay!

  33. We’d move to one of the little villages near Garmisch, Germany.

    But I am so excited to have you coming out west with us!! Even though I’m in Montana, Ft Collins is just a hop-skip & jump away. Our grandbabies are in Cheyenne, and my sister is in Denver, so we make it to that area several times a year! It really feels like you are moving to our backyard! See you in the fall!

    Best wishes w/moving. (yes, a professional mover is the best! – lots of experience w/ moves courtesy of USAF)

  34. I live in the mountains for Western Montana. Even though it’s a 200 mile round trip to the nearest yarn shop, I wouldn’t live anywhere else. It’s quiet and laid back here, not many people. We leave the house and can be on a mountain road in five minutes. We have to watch out for deer while driving in town.
    You’ll love living in the mountains.

  35. Congratulations!! So exciting!! I love Colorado, and selfishly, I’m so excited that my chances of visiting The Loopy Ewe are much better there (my best friend lives in Colorado Springs)! So excited for yoU!

  36. Congratulations on your move and the quick sale of your house.
    If I could live anywhere…Well, after 15+years in Japan, I am no longer picky. Really, any place in the US. Near a great yarn shop would be good!

  37. I grew up in the DC area and moved to California for college when I graduated high school. I spent 5 years out there, met my husband-to-be, who got stationed in Hawaii 6 weeks after we met. I moved out there the day after he did (I was planning to move back to DC, and just got on a plane headed in the other direction instead!) After 4 years out there, he decided not to re-enlist, and we moved back to the DC area in the fall of 2009, when I was 6 months pregnant.

    Sometimes I miss California, and sometimes I dream about living in Oregon or Northern Arizona, or New Hampshire, but most of the time, I’m happy to be home again.

  38. Sheri,

    So happy for you that you are moving to Colorado! You probably don’t remember me but we moved from Colorado to Maryland in the fall of 2008 and drive through St. Louis on our way to Maryland….and of course we HAD to make a stop at Loopy Central. We too hope to retire in Colorado in the next five years or so and now having Loopy Central there is just going to be more incentive. I know you will love it there. Congrats!

  39. Sheri- congratulations on being able to live your dream! I want to visit Colorado in the near future, and now there’s another reason to go. Good luck with the move!

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