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There is never a lack of color here at The Loopy Ewe. Every day I come in to work and color pops off of every nook and cranny. I’ve been bringing more color into our house, too. It’s spring (actually it feels like summer here – we bypassed spring) and it’s always nice to lighten up the house in this weather. So I have color:

In the pillows on the couch (flowers from Pier One and turquoise from Crate and Barrel).

In the pillow on the chair (also from Pier One, although someone in the house – and you know it’s just me and WH in there now – thought it was a silly pillow, so it will be coming to Loopy to sit on the red couches. How could I not buy it? It’s crochet!).

In glass jars (from Home Goods, mostly. Now that these are full, I need another one. I like having my extra sock yarn balls in jars.)

In more glass jars (from various antique stores).

In candles on the mantel (which are not this green at all. Remember when I said it’s hard to get a good picture of teal? It shows in this photo.)

Certainly lots going on in our house this spring. What’s the most colorful spot in your house right now? Or do you need to add some in?

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  1. That’s an easy question! My two basketfuls of sock yarn in my bedroom are my “bursts of colour.” I love looking at them every time I walk into the room!

  2. I would say our most colorful room is the dining room. I painted it blue with a light creamy yellow in the fall, though it needs better lighting and I might want to make a fun tablecloth to protect the table when we have gatherings.

  3. Very pretty photos!!

    We skipped spring too. We’ve been in the upper 80s lately.

    I haven’t done pretty decorating like that for spring. Perhaps I should!

  4. We just painted our new kitchen TROPICAL MANGO so that has to be my boldest color!! We’re pretty excited. They laid the tile on the floor this week and it actually seems to go with the paint in a nice subduing way. . . whew!
    Hooray for spring and color – I love all the colors the new flowers bring. But it’s raining here today in jersey, not so colorful.
    Stay cool !!

  5. Still waiting for Spring. Lots and lots of rain, so if April showers truly bring May flowers, my yard should hopefully soon be colorful. Interior color is drab and I do need to pep it up a bit. Maybe the kitchen once the renovations are done.

  6. I need color!!!! My summer flowers are shaping up outside, but inside everything is pretty blah… (except my bedroom walls are a pretty robin’s egg blue), my kitties are yarn eaters so my beautiful sock yarns stay put away, but I LOVE the glass jar idea, thanks Sheri I may borrow that one. We’ve got summer in North Alabama too… spring is only about a couple of days long here (and they are not necessarily consecutive!), but the humidity has arrived for good 😛

  7. Now I have to go to Pier 1…LOVE the pillows. I keep my old button collection in several mason jars too 🙂

  8. Ooohhhhh, I do love your antique Mason jars filled with yarns! Are those one of your antique store finds? I also love your crocheted pillow. I may have to crochet one for myself, in colors more suited to me! Those are great ideas! I need to add some color to our home now, for spring and summer. Part of ours will be in new pink silk flowers, which I love. (I just have to keep them out of reach of my Lhasa Apso girl, who loves to strip the flowers off the stems, the crazy girl!)

    And, since today is my birthday, I just may have to treat myself to some wonderful pink yarn! I’ve been on a very strict yarn diet because of our budget, but I’m feeling in need of pink right now!

  9. Most colorful spot? Probably my dining room at the moment, where I have a bunch of yarn and fabric camping out, much to my mother’s chagrin. 😀 Workin’ on that. I’m in the process of adding color and changing colors, though. We’ve been in our house over 30 years, and it’s just TIME. New paint, away with the wall paper, new window coverings, and after we teach the cats not to use the living room sofas as scratchy posts when they’re happy to see me, then reupholster the living room furniture. Yep. Just a little remodeling work going on.

  10. Color? With all the rain the Pacific Northwest has been receiving, I’m not sure I know what to look for! Spring has attempted to arrive but the temperatures are sticking in the low to mid 50s and we still have the chance of frost in the mornings. The daffodils are probably the brightest colors going outside but the tulip buds are coloring up too. Inside, I do have some ruby red tones near the knitting chair (socks in progress).

  11. I was clearly distracted when I wrote my first comment, sorry. I love your antique Mason jars of buttons! (Yes, I really do know the difference between yarn and buttons.) And, I love antique buttons, too. I got my Grandma’s (father’s mom’s) button box. When my Mom past, I got my Mom’s buttons, too. She was a real antique lover, too. And I also like your tall jars of yarns on your mantle, to add luscious colors to your home! I’m sorry I was partially distracted when I wrote the first one. I knew I had to get it done before my special needs son was due home from school on the bus, in less than 20 mins, oops.

  12. The yarn closet is the most colorful place in the house, then there is the garage where there are containers of yarn that has wonderful color.

  13. Our bedroom is the most colorful place in the house– inspired by bright colored throw pillows from Pier 1. Love your couch pillows!

  14. My bedroom has the brightest color in the house (burgundy), but it’s so one-note it could use some accents of complementary color here and there. Too bad that’s not my strong suit.

  15. First of all, those glass jars full of yarn is a Brilliant idea. I am so stealing it. I plan on going to the huge charity rummage sale in a few weeks here to search out any glass jars with lids.

    As for spring, here in the northeast we finally have sunny weather and temps in the 60’s. So the most colorful space is currently every window looking out at all the different cherry trees and forsythia and daffodils in bloom. Hopefully it won’t warm up too fast and the blooms will last.

  16. That’s a toss up-the room with my yarn, or my living room, which is covered in brightly colored legos, bristle blocks, matchbox cars….

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