Baseball, Beads and Bugga

Do you remember the Field of Dreams quote that says, “If you build it, he will come.”? (I thought it was “they will come” until I Googled it. According to Wiki, many people quote it incorrectly. Like me.) My new mantra is, “If you buy it, you will learn it.” In my case, that particularly applies to two things in tonight’s Update.

1. Lorna’s Lacesย Helen’s Laces in Grand Street Ink. I think that I may have stated here that lace intimidates me a bit. Not the patterns (although there are some that make me feel like I need to sit down with an iced tea and a hand fan). It’s the yarn itself. That whispery thin, intimidatingly little, laceweight. One laceweight line that I think I can handle? Helen’s Laces. It’s a 50% merino / 50% silk which makes it soft and strong at the same time. It’s a 2-ply with a little weight to it, so it’s not like knitting with thread. And the merino in there makes it easier to work with (than the 100% silk laceweight that – while entirely lovely – was a little too much for me and my needles, the one and only time I used it. In fact, it might be why I swore off of laceweight yarn after that.) At any rate, this is the yarn that Jared Flood used in his newest pattern, “Rock Island“, and I’m going to jump in and give it a whirl with Helen’s Laces. See? If you buy it (which I did), you will learn it (which I’m going to do). Maybe it will inspire a whole new love of laceweight knitting for me. Or at least Helen’s Laces laceweight knitting.

2. Beads. At last year’s Spring Fling, I saw so many gorgeous shawls with beads. I really liked the slight weight that they added to the ends of the shawls, and of course the extra shimmer added more pop to the already amazing patterns. Look at these lovely gals in the photo. Doesn’t that make you want to knit up a shawl? With beads? Now that I finally have beads here at The Loopy Ewe, I am going to start knitting with them. See? If you buy it (which I did), you will learn it (which I’m going to do). It’s always good to push yourself and your knitting skills once in awhile.

Of course there is more to entice you to shop today.

* Not only did we get Grand Street Ink in the Helen’s Laces weight that the pattern calls for, but we also got it in Shepherd Sock, Shepherd Sport, and Roving.
* We also have re-stocked some of our Cascade lines, so look for updates in 220, Eco Duo, Heritage Solid, and Heritage Silk.
* We’ve added in 13 more colors of Hand Maiden Swiss Mountain Sea Sock (which is one of my most favorite yarn bases ever).
* We added more Fleece Artist Trail Sock colorways, so we now have 25 colors to choose from. Trail Sock is a great merino/nylon blend at a very reasonable price.
* We have lots of new Sanguine Gryphon Bugga for you (which is another one of my most favorite yarn bases ever).
* And I added the Laci’s Wrist Yarn Ball Holder to the website, because I bought one at a Stitches event awhile back and really like how it works. These are especially nice for when you are knitting in a place where you don’t want to risk your yarn rolling on the floor. (Like in cars, planes, movie theaters, standing in line, when you have dogs or cats at your feet, etc.). Plus, it’s easy to take your yarn cake on or off of this ball holder, even mid-project. Or leave it on and pop the whole thing into your knitting bag when you’re done for the day. Just make sure you knit from the outside of the ball when you use it.

Did you catch Friday’s blog with the new Second Quarter Challenge? It has been fun to see your orders and stories come through. We’re enjoying seeing how you’re adapting this challenge in your own way.

Sheri thinkingweavingmightneedtobenextbuyit/learnit.Whatdoyouthink?


  1. 1. Helen’s Lace was my first laceweight to knit with! I loved it for the same reason, it has a bit more weight to it and made it much easier to knit with.

    2. BEADS!! Yay! I am beading for the first time on a Citron. I figured that stockinette ruffle was the best place to learn. My 13/14 hook was a bit too tiny and splits my yarn so now I have a size 12. We’ll see how that works. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. OOOOH – beads on a Citron, Kay? That’s a great idea, and a great shawl to learn beading with. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I think you should try weaving! I got my first loom for Christmas -Cricket ๐Ÿ™‚ And I LOVE it!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Totally agree with learning weaving. I’ve been wanting to do that for a couple of years.


  5. I have wanted to learn to weave for about a year now and still on my list to learn! I have been sweating my lace project with my Alpaca with a twist yarn, so far it is sitting there with only 10 rows knitted and yes, it is intimidating me! I hope I get to like my lace yarn soon!

  6. I just gave in to the Helen’s Laces, that is more than I should have done. But it was a hard day at work and I treated myself. Jared’s pattern is very beautiful. I’m excited!

  7. Let us know how it goes as you knit with Helen’s Laces. I recently swore off of lace weight yarn because it slips and slides too much for me. I tried wooden needles and still struggled with a relatively easy pattern.

  8. no Cricket…go for a Flip. I love love love weaving. I have a 32″ Ashford and just got a 20″ flip. I like the Schacht looms better and needed portability for class demos and hopefully to use when I go to classes and workshops. Lynn Zimmerman, Tammy Eastburn and several others have Flips.

  9. I got a 32″ Kromski Harp loom and stand for Christmas! YAY for me!

    I put it together but I haven’t warped it yet – my excuse – and it’s a good one – is that we are moving house! So when things settle down I will get to it!


  10. Yes! Yes! You can totally knit a big beaded laceweight shawl, and you will love it! Yes, it’s a long-term commitment, but such fun. (Says one of the ‘lovely gals’ : blush!)

    I’m sorry that there wasn’t the opportunity to even have the chance to sign up for the Spring Fling this year. However, I got to tell JC what an awesome event it is and how much she was going to like it, so I feel as though I will be there in proxy or in spirit or something!

    I gave into Grand Street Ink (Helen’s Laces , naturally) before even seeing this post, and same for the yarn ball holder based on your update email. Can’t wait to see both! Plus some Fixation for chemo caps. Oops, forgot to add a note: better go do that!

  11. Oooh, those shawls…I remember when you took that picture at last year’s Fling, I was standing just behind you and to the left! I was so envious, not just because of the awesomeness of the shawls, but also because the wind was kicking up and I was freezing! Ahhh, memories…

    Speaking of memories. Our SnB is going to do a KAL for the Rock Island shawl, and I just so happen to have a hank of Helen’s Lace in my stash which I purchased at last year’s Fling. I’ve been waiting for the perfect pattern, and here it is!

  12. Thank you for adding beads and tiny crochet hooks! I adore knitting with beads. I love the colors and sparkle.

  13. Be careful with your addictions …. the more you have the harder it is to spend quality time with each. My first lace shawl used Helen’s lace and at last count(that my brain can recall) I have 12 lace shawls – oh, wait, I have given 5 away as gifts – make that 17 shawls and still knitting …

  14. I love knitting with beads. When I’m not using lace yarns, I have done it with a carrier thread (which has its own problems).

    I really want to buy the new Helen’s Lace color. It is definitely right in my color family, but I just got a ton of yarn while I was on vacation. I should finish something first!

  15. Any idea what that shawl is on the left? It looks familiar and I kinda wanna knit it! My sleuthing skills on Rav didn’t turn up the shawl. I can’t tell if it’s a half circle or a full circle folded in half. Beautiful work!

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