The Loopy Fort, Club Loopy, and a CONTEST!

We ship out a lot of boxes, week to week. While Web Guy was here, he decided to start making up some of the boxes that we’d need this week. Of course it would be too boring to just stack them in columns, awaiting the contents. He decided that Susan’s shipping desk needed to be enclosed with a fort. (Kinda wishing the webcam had been moved before this, so you could’ve seen it on camera, and then the destruction of it.) If you got a Loopy box shipped to you this week, it’s possible that your box was a part of the Loopy Fort in its former life. I especially liked the brown “roofing shingles” and the sheep peeking out the front. Susan admitted that it made a nice little retreat when things got extra busy that day. (She said “retreat”, but I think “hiding place”.)

We also got the Club Loopy pre-orders out this week and so we have now added the individual-purchase kits up on the website for sale. Click here to see them and purchase one. (Don’t click there if you have one enroute to you and want to be surprised by the contents.) I don’t ever put together kits that I don’t love, but this kit is one that I am extra fond of.

I’m off next week – part of the week for business and part of the week for fun. I’m leaving WH at home to tend to the homestead and Elf Karen (and Mary, Donna, Sue, Lori, Anna and Vicki) at Loopy to keep the orders flowing. Susan is also out of the shop next week, so we decided to hold off on a Monday Update. Our next Monday Update will be on Monday, March 21st. You know we don’t take many Mondays off from Updates. You also know that when we do take a Monday off, it just means twice as much fun for the next week. Something to look forward to!  Of course there is still plenty in stock for you to shop for and play with this week. At last count, it looks like:

99 Bags/Totes choices
142 Fun Accessory options
20 Kits to choose from
291 Needles & Hooks to pick out
857 Patterns to inspire you
61 Roving options to spin up
6 Spinning Supply choices
and 3337 Yarn options to choose from

Just in case you’re missing the regular Monday Update.

I’ll be back to the blog on Monday the 21st, and will fill you in on all of the latest happenings. In the meantime, I hope you get lots of knitting and crocheting done while I’m gone. I’m taking … a few projects with me. How many projects would you take along if you were going to be gone for six days?

And here’s the contest question (winners drawn when I get back!): If you won a week’s vacation to the destination of your choice – where would you choose to go? (I can’t send you on a week’s vacation if you win the contest, but I’ll send you some Wollmeise – how’s that?)

Sheri asalways,I’mpackingmyknittingbeforemyclothes

Edit: P.S. And I just now heard the news about the devastating earthquake in Japan. I think most of us would choose to forego the vacation and donate money.  But you can still tell me where your dream vacation would be, sometime down the road. In the meantime, all of us here at Loopy are keeping the people affected by the earthquake in our prayers.


  1. If you look at me I would not strike you as a beach person, but there is something about the water and the sound of the waves that soothes me and makes me feel at home. Send me to a quiet and uncrowded beach for a week.

  2. Sometime down the road I dream of going back to Guatemala. On my last (first) trip, I spent a week in Antigua and another in Panajachel, but there is SO MUCH I missed!

  3. I enjoyed scanning though some of the comments. Someone said New Zealand because they have lots of sheep. That is so true; I believe the most recent figure is 5 sheep per one person 🙂 OH, think of all that wool 🙂 I have a dear freind that lives in New Zealand and would like to visit there and Australia again. HOWEVER, my dream vacation would be Spain; it is on my “Bucket List” (things I want to do before I kick the bucket)!
    Missed you yesterday…Hope you are having a safe and wonderful journey 🙂

  4. Loch Ness to hunt for Nessie. I spent an entire summer in Italy, but I should give equal time to the other half of my heritage.

  5. I would go to the Rogner Bad Blumau spa and resort in Austria. It was designed by Hundertwasser, my favorite artist, and is completely amazing.

    And that location is about a five hour drive to Munich, so I’d probably make a side trip to the Wollmeise shop.

  6. I would head out for a week at the G bar M Ranch in Montana. A week of peace and quiet. Lovely long horse rides, excellent food and lots a lots of time to knit and crochet. Oh so lovely.

  7. I would take a tour to a part of the US and Canada where I have not been to LYS shops and visit LYS shops all along the way. I have been to Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Virginia, North Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Missouri, Tennessee to yarn shops. That is how I love to travel. Have been to many other states but not when I could find an LYS, but now, I don’t leave til I see at least one LYS.

    Ravelry: mzcruse

  8. My dream trip is a “literary” tour of England…visiting the areas where Jane Austen, the Brontes, Shakespeare…I could go on and on… lived and wrote.

  9. So much to think about! Ultimately I’d like a peaceful week spent with my hubby – he can go fishing and I can sit and while away the hours lost in a good book or enjoying the beauty of my knitting. Somewhere a little bit warmer, where the beds are comfy, the food is delicious and the air feels clean and refreshing.
    Ah peace, yes please!

  10. I would go to Anghiari, Italy. My uncle passed away and was buried there last year and I hope to some day visit his resting place. He loved the town and spoke often of its peacefulness. I would love to be able to knit in such a place.

  11. I have to say Stockholm Sweden. I have been several times and have never felt so “right” anywhere else. There is so much crafting and music, art and it seems nearly everyone male and female knits! Dreamy.

  12. I live in paradise already (Big Sky, MT) but I’m always working so I’d have to say that I’d just love to vacation at home but actually be on vacation!!!

  13. I don’t have an actual destination in mind, but a feeling. A feeling of warmth and sunshine and cool breezes when I want them, a warm ocean to swim and snorkel and lay in, a cool drink available when I ask for it, and enough time and money to enjoy it all without worrying too much about what I’ve left behind (cats, work, etc.)

    And also a lot of light so I can work on my knitting without having to squint too much while I’m doing it! 🙂

  14. When I was a baby we lived in Germany for a few years. I’ve always wanted to go back and I would have the extra treat of visiting Clauda’s shop.

  15. I’d go to Alaska in the summer, when everything is blooming and green. I’d wear knitted items and hike and camp, and not see a single soul. But I’d be more informed than Chris McCandless!

  16. I would love to go on a cruise with my husband to the Panama Canal. Always wanted to go there. And with a skein of Wollmeise what could be better!!!

  17. If money were no obstacle: Italy for a year-long stay.
    If travel time & money were no obstacle: Australia
    If language, travel time & money were no obstacle: Japan

  18. I would like to go to England, Scotland, and Ireland to see the beautiful countryside, sheep, and their yarns. Would love to have some wool rise also. Martha

  19. I’d love to be able to go to Giverny in the south of France. Hope your trip was splendid and fruitful!

  20. New Zealand. Too bad there isn’t a pavillion for that country in the World Showcase at Epcot cause I am much more likely to go there…

  21. So many wonderful places to choose from…right now I’m going to say Hawaii. With lots of knitting, reading, resting and sunny skies.

  22. We are not much of a vacation family. Our time off is usually spent visiting family or just staying home. If I had the chance to go anywhere I think I would like to go to some parts of the US that I have not been to yet like Maine, Washington, Oregon or maybe to Europe (Germany or Switzerland maybe?).

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