The Loopy Fort, Club Loopy, and a CONTEST!

We ship out a lot of boxes, week to week. While Web Guy was here, he decided to start making up some of the boxes that we’d need this week. Of course it would be too boring to just stack them in columns, awaiting the contents. He decided that Susan’s shipping desk needed to be enclosed with a fort. (Kinda wishing the webcam had been moved before this, so you could’ve seen it on camera, and then the destruction of it.) If you got a Loopy box shipped to you this week, it’s possible that your box was a part of the Loopy Fort in its former life. I especially liked the brown “roofing shingles” and the sheep peeking out the front. Susan admitted that it made a nice little retreat when things got extra busy that day. (She said “retreat”, but I think “hiding place”.)

We also got the Club Loopy pre-orders out this week and so we have now added the individual-purchase kits up on the website for sale. Click here to see them and purchase one. (Don’t click there if you have one enroute to you and want to be surprised by the contents.) I don’t ever put together kits that I don’t love, but this kit is one that I am extra fond of.

I’m off next week – part of the week for business and part of the week for fun. I’m leaving WH at home to tend to the homestead and Elf Karen (and Mary, Donna, Sue, Lori, Anna and Vicki) at Loopy to keep the orders flowing. Susan is also out of the shop next week, so we decided to hold off on a Monday Update. Our next Monday Update will be on Monday, March 21st. You know we don’t take many Mondays off from Updates. You also know that when we do take a Monday off, it just means twice as much fun for the next week. Something to look forward to!  Of course there is still plenty in stock for you to shop for and play with this week. At last count, it looks like:

99 Bags/Totes choices
142 Fun Accessory options
20 Kits to choose from
291 Needles & Hooks to pick out
857 Patterns to inspire you
61 Roving options to spin up
6 Spinning Supply choices
and 3337 Yarn options to choose from

Just in case you’re missing the regular Monday Update.

I’ll be back to the blog on Monday the 21st, and will fill you in on all of the latest happenings. In the meantime, I hope you get lots of knitting and crocheting done while I’m gone. I’m taking … a few projects with me. How many projects would you take along if you were going to be gone for six days?

And here’s the contest question (winners drawn when I get back!): If you won a week’s vacation to the destination of your choice – where would you choose to go? (I can’t send you on a week’s vacation if you win the contest, but I’ll send you some Wollmeise – how’s that?)

Sheri asalways,I’mpackingmyknittingbeforemyclothes

Edit: P.S. And I just now heard the news about the devastating earthquake in Japan. I think most of us would choose to forego the vacation and donate money.  But you can still tell me where your dream vacation would be, sometime down the road. In the meantime, all of us here at Loopy are keeping the people affected by the earthquake in our prayers.


  1. I’ve always wanted to tour around Scotland and the UK. I’d love to spend at least one night in a castle too!

  2. I was to have left for Japan last Friday… to visit my son who is sadly/happily home now. I would like to visit Japan before the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster. That is not to be.

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