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I’ve always loved Sharon’s sense of color. She was one of the Yarn Love dyers and came up with some of your very favorite colorways (which we have carried since our first Loopy year) and she continues surprising us with beautiful color mixes through her Three Irish Girls company. This is Kirsty, done up in the March Mosaic sock pattern. (Pattern by Wendy Johnson and shared with our sock club last year.) As I mentioned in last week’s post, slipped-stitch patterns are great for mixing up multi-colorways and making the colors play nicely together. Of course I know there are many knitters out there who like pooling and letting the color just do what it’s going to do, but for those of you who don’t, watch for these types of patterns to add to your library. ย One thing to note if you’re making socks with a slipped stitch pattern, you might want to go up a needle size. We have more fun things planned with Sharon and Three Irish Girls. We’ll keep you posted!

For those of you with cats and an iPhone or iPad, you might check out the Cat Toy app. Here, Gracie (right) and Zoe (left) are watching the butterfly fly around the screen. It comes with a Butterfly, Spider, Laser Dot, and Mouse. Generally, Zoe is too smart to be fooled by this toy (although she is more entertained by the butterfly), but Gracie wants the mouse on every evening, so she can try (once and for all) to finally catch that dumb mouse, as it runs across the screen. Gracie isn’t the brightest bulb in the pack, but she makes us laugh and she’s a sweetheart. She dives at the screen and talks to it. I’m hoping she doesn’t put a paw through it one day… ย Does anyone else have a cat or dog that has more sweetness than brains?

Sheri goodbye70’s,hello30’s.


  1. That photo of your two babies is so precious! Tell Zoe and Gracie that Lucy loves the Cat Toy app as well. Or maybe she’s just humoring me . . .

  2. Those kitties are so cute. Almost makes me want to get another one but then what do you do when you go on vacation.
    Loved your sock too, btw.

  3. My current batch of cats are all pretty smart, but years ago I had one who walked off the end of a dresser while bird-watching and got himself wedged between the dresser and the window and had to be rescued. He also once walked off the end of the grand piano, and of course, pretended that he had done it on purpose.

    Zoe and Gracie are so cute! Hope Gracie doesn’t put a claw through the screen!

  4. We have a six year old shih-tzu that is the sweetest puppy in the world. He is a mommy dog – follows me everywhere. But, the bulb doesn’t seem to shine too brightly with him. After these six years, he still doesn’t know any of the kids names. He does know the word “doggy treats” and runs when he hears that. He is the sweetest and most cuddly little dog.

  5. We have the most handsome, darling, sweet, lap sitting, snuggle bunny, you could ask for in a kitty – – however, he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I’m thinking that is why he is so enjoyable to have around. He is easy to please and just loves hanging with everyone. Such a doll. We do talk about how he isn’t that smart and how he really doesn’t have to be. He is so loved in our home! Wouldn’t trade him for a $1m!

  6. Yup. Spotty, a doberman mix. She’s gone now, but she was the nicest dog that ever lived. The brains of a turnip, but really sweet. And heaven save us from smart cats! I’ll take stoopid and sweet over smart and conniving any day.

  7. We took our dear departed doxie, Gretel, for a walk one night. Passing a parked car, she froze, growled, and her hair stood up. I figured a cat was under the car so I pulled her on past, and when we got to the front I saw that Gretel had been growling at a rock that looked something like a hunkered down cat.(if you were a dumb dog) I swear she did a double-take when she figured out what she had been barking at, and she quickly scampered off.

  8. I’ve been hoping for spring weather all week. We had two blissful days last week, and now we are back in the teens in the morning (at least yesterday) and the upper 30s after noon.

    Victor is a bit too smart for his own good, and Saru-chan is differently smart (she is smart but only when it comes to food or something she really wants).

  9. Awww, cute kitties! Funny there is even an app to play with your cats! We have two cats that are more sweet than brains… every day we think our Dorian should have been named Lenny after “Of Mice and Men” Lenny… he’ll sit as the other cats race by him and even a full minute later he’ll sloooowly turn his head in the direction they went, curious as to what “just” happened… of course we put words in his mouth “which way did he go George?” And Tess is just the sweetest thing, she’s always underfoot not realizing that she’s going to get stepped on – again… she’ll try to continue sitting on your lap as you get up, then looks so confused about where that lap went. She loves to sit on any papers there are lying around even if it’s half way off a table, she’ll just fall right off with the paper and get settled with it on the floor. We have two others that more than make up for it and are WAY too smart… I had to put baby locks on my kitchen cabinets to keep Aurora out of them!

  10. My kitties are pretty smart, but the young one, Dmitri, can travel through time and space. He’s a bit of a chicken, so he likes to hide. Once, when we were having some work done in the house, my husband thought he had escaped and spent three hours roaming the neighborhood searching for the kitten after having already executed an extensive search of the house. He eventually comes home, empty handed, to find the kitten sitting in the living room, waiting for a treat. We still have no idea where he went. We had the same problem a few weeks later after having left both cats at my in-laws. We went to pick them up and Dmitri was nowhere to be found. We had to come back the next day.

  11. For many years, we had Max, the cat with the heart of gold who was dumber than a box of rocks. He loved everybody and couldn’t imagine that there was anyone on this earth who didn’t completely adore him. It’s been 4 years and I still miss him. He was particularly freaked out by dust bunnies. The sight of one kind of creeping across the floor (not uncommon when the heat kicks on) was enough to cause him to jump straight up in the air and run up and down the hall. It was a new experience for him each and every time.

  12. We have a cat, Jasmine who is 12 years old. She has the world’s smallest head and a HUGE body. We suspect she is part Maine Coon. She also has an itty bitty meow. Anyhow, we adopted her when she was a few weeks old from the Monterey SPCA. She was the only kitten from the litter left and the runt. I think she sustained some sort of brain trauma before we adopted her as she is dumb as dirt but sweet as the day is long. She is also one of the healthiest cats we’ve owned despite her obese state. I’ll have to try out the app and see if she is interested. ๐Ÿ™‚ Zoe and Gracie are too cute. Didn’t you guys used to have a dog as well? I don’t recall hearing anything about the dog recently.

  13. Not a cat (too alergic t have any but I admire them from afar) but my son’s dog is “special”. He chases shadows – laser pointers – light thru windows – reflections off on watches….even runs into walls while doing it. He is also so addicted to our swimming pool that he starts shaking and whining when my son turns onto our road – cause he cannot wait to jump into our pool and do laps for HOURS! No matter the weather!

  14. My husband and I always joked that our Androcles was standing in the line for dinner when the brains were handed out. A number of years ago there was a cat litter commercial where the cats were throwing a wild party while the people were out. The people came home and the cats all scattered, leaving one with a lampshade on his head saying “where did everybody go?” in a confused voice. We laughed so hard because that poor cat reminded us so much of Andy. A sweeter cat you would never hope to have and it still brings tears to my eyes when I think of him even though he has been gone since 1996. Maybe instead of the line for dinner he stood in line for heart twice rather than brains.

  15. We have a cat who is scared of every human except me. She is also unclear on the concept of litterboxes. I can’t decide if she is dumb or extremely neurotic. Not that those are mutually exclusive.

    Lovely socks!

  16. Love the sock pattern. Once I do all the plain socks I want, I will start on patterns. I am wearing Wollmeise Feuerwanze socks I crocheted and I am itching to start a knitted pair.

    I was looking at a rescued cat today. I have had cats literally all my life. But with the passing of our 20 year old cat, we only have dogs. I miss cats.

    Our 14 year old Lily dog (spaniel/chihuahua mix) has always been patient and kind, but not “all there”. The brain synapses just don’t fire that fast. Having said that, she knows to bark when I pick a fork up to eat.

  17. Our ginger cat is known as “The Dumb Blond” (no offense to the smart blondes in the audience!) by my dh…. I give him credit for catching mice without hurting them, though, so that I can give them their freedom outside!

  18. My sweet Jazz is definitely the dumb blonde of the Doberman world! So pretty – If she only had a brain (think Wizard of Oz)! She is now 13 and has never had any idea of where anyone is in relation to herself – she will regularly walk in front of anyone, stops at inappropriate times, etc. We love her, but trip over her regularly!

  19. We had a cat when I was a teenager. White and furry and so pretty. But so dim that she purred when you stepped on her kitty feet!

  20. My cats are what keep me moving!! An hour or so ago my baby cat, Pearl, fell off the sofa in a dead sleep. SPLAT! She sat up, very groggy, and kept looking around like someone had done something to her. Hilarious!!! She has ignored me every since. I love it…I’m not the only clumsy one in the house!!

  21. We had the sweetest, absolutely dumbest golden retreiver.. What a love, BUT he never “got” fetch and was afraid of the water.. So funny. I miss him every day though, the big giant of heart.

  22. I have two cats, both are rescues from the Greater Boston Area, Daisy and Hope. Daisy was clearly the runt of the litter, she is sure everyday is the day she will not get fed dinner and becomes focused from 4 in the afternoon until feeding time, at 6:30. She plays with the basketball during Celtic games, she chases the news feed on CNN or any station that has one. She has also tried multiple times during various programs to attack fish, birds and assorted other creatures that show up on the screen. Given that she is 6 years old I don’t believe she will ever grow out of this. She is truly a special cat in many ways and a joy to have in the house.

  23. Oh, you reminded me how much my kitties love Cat DVD – it’s got some nice music and lots of birds. The kitties climb behind the TV to find the birds and they stalk the TV. It’s loads of fun and since my kids have grown and moved out, this is my Saturday morning cartoons! I may go put that DVD in right now and get them gong again. Thanks for the reminder!

  24. I so need to check that out. Yes, I have a boy that is more sweet than smart. Actually, he just plain dumb – but he does it with such child like abandon that you can’t help but love him all the more for it. He’s a Ragdoll so he flops over when you pet him, which causes all sorts of strange somersaulting, butt in the air antics.

  25. Love the sock. I love those slip-stitch patterns, too. They are always a surprise they way they bring out the colors. I just finished my first sock of Wollmeise Igor in a Wendy Johnson lace pattern and the colors are spiralling up the leg. I’m so excited because it looks so neat! I’ve only gotten halfway up the foot of the other one, but I can’t wait until they’re finished and I can wear them. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have cairn terriers. I liken them to gifted 2-year olds, so they don’t qualify for the ‘not so smart’ category, but they can be awfully sweet when they want to be. And this week we whelped a litter of 6 puppies. They are really, really sweet (and kissable)!

  26. I had to try the cat toy app. My 4 (yes 4) cats showed very little interest. I really had to try to get them interested in it. My big dumb dog however…I have to go clean the big slimy dog nose prints off my phone. She really wanted to find that squeaking mouse!

  27. Our dear departed Laoh (pronounced Lay-O) was our silly kitty. An adorable adopted Berman, she was horribly cross-eyed, but that didn’t keep her from trying to catch whatever she saw. Her two most memorable were the time she saw my husband taking a cooked (left-over) turkey from the oven and had to leap at it and attack. Well, she got it okay … the turkey flew across the kitchen with the cat attached. So much for us having leftover turkey for dinner! She would also spot doves sitting on a tree stump in the back yard, and although she was sure they’d never spot her as she crept across the yard, the fact that her bottom would wiggle & the tail stick straight up usually gave her away and she’d charge for them, only to discover they were gone by the time she’d reach the stump. In order to save her dignity, she’d pretend that she only was running there in order to scratch the stump, and not because we were laughing at her. She was definitely one funny cat!

  28. We brought home two cats from the SPCA in the summer before I started eighth grade. My sister’s cat was smart but a bit neurotic; mine, on the other hand, was sweet and dumb. We describe her as “prepositionally challenged” in that she can’t seem to distinguish the difference between “in the litterbox,” “by the litterbox,” “in front of the litterbox,” and “behind the litterbox.” She also spends long hours staring into the AC/Heat return panel by the stairs. We have no idea what she sees in there, but I always assumed it was invisible dust bunnies.

  29. So funny, I just cast on some March Mosaic socks last week too! It’s in a really pretty teal & royal blue yarn, my friend is calling it my 8-bit waterfall socks.

  30. We once had a cat that would get lost in the basement, every time she went down there with someone. She would wander off from us and then not be able to figure out how to find teh stairs to get back up. We would hear her crying and have to go down to rescue her from just around the corner of the staircase. This “issue” lasted her whole life.

  31. We can’t have kitties because of bad cat allergies in our family. Our crazy Havanese boy (small dog), in his younger days did some weird stuff. He once in a while would magically ascend to the kitchen counter top, if there was something there he thought he wanted. Once he got up there and ate whatever it was he was after, he would cry & howl until somebody would come rescue him, because he could not figure out how to get down! And we lost count a long time ago of the number of Mac laptop power adapters that he destroyed, while they were plugged in. He was either smart enough, or lucky enough, to always chew on the low voltage wire, instead of the high one, so he was never injured in those ventures, but he did cost us an arm & a leg in replacement costs; he also chewed through a number of Ethernet cables, sigh! It’s a good thing for him he is such a cutie & a sweetie! ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. We had a loving gentle Malamute named Keana (Kee-ahna) that may have looked fierce in the backyard, but never barked and only wanted a pet on the head. Not a great theft deterent. But one winter we had a bunch of ice and I had gone out to fill the bird feeder when I slipped and fell on the icy deck. It was so slick I could not stand up. I called Keana over and she came over, let me take hold of her collar and she pulled me back over to the door!!!! She was the greatest!

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