Snow, Cookies, and Contest Winners!

Yesterday we woke up to about 8″ of snow on the ground. Beautiful! This has been one of the snowiest St. Louis winters that I can remember. I hope we’re not done with it yet. This is the tree outside our window, where all of the birds congregate in the mornings. It might have something to do with the two bird feeders right there.

Today, my Hadley Pottery rep Elaine popped in to deliver something we had ordered, and brought these cute Loopy Sheep cookies along with her. Not only are they cute, but they taste delicious. I wish I could send you one to have along with your afternoon tea.

And then the UPS truck arrived, and we have forgotten all about snow and cookies, and we’re digging through 16 cases of yarn, having a ball. Can’t wait to share the contents with you in the next couple of Updates.

I really enjoyed reading all of your comments about your Knitting Central Zone (or lack thereof) in this month’s Blog Contest. I have some thoughts about it, but I will save those for another post. In the meantime, I wanted to congratulate Lisha from MA, Jean from PA, and Allison from CA. The Random Number Generator chose their comments as the winners, and they’ve each received a $35 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate. I know they’ll find something fun to spend it on!

Any knitting/crocheting/spinning going on in your house this weekend? Or are you out playing in snow somewhere? This is where I’ll be hanging out, working on that new blue project there.

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  1. If it is the same blue project I am working on I hope you have fun. Just waiting for the next clue. I was home, St. Louis, at Christmas and got lucky and had a white one. Where I currently live the most plentiful thing here lately is sun, no moisture to speak of for many months. Stay warm and snuggle up with your knitting.

  2. I hope to be both spinning and knitting this weekend. Now that the craziness of the holidays is over and with the frigid temps as well as heavy snow cover here in Connecticut, both my needles and my wheel are calling out to me:) Is it too late to knit a heavy sweater-I’m really going to need it! Have a great weekend, Sheri…

  3. Yes, I’m working on my Batik for the Cable Challenge. I’m about halfway through Chart 5 and throughly enjoying the pattern and the yarn (using Bugga in Grouchy Ladybug – just the color is cheering in this cold snowy weather). This is my first project with Bugga and it is such a treat!

  4. I have some options: I can work on a scarf-in-progress, I can work on a sock-in-progress, or I can spend the weekend digging stuff out of the latest batch of snow. Hmmmm.

  5. Snow…i’ve always wondered what it looks like in person. I’m in sunny California today’s forecast is in the low 80’s F.
    This weekend I’m finishing up a square for an afghan project!

  6. There had better be some knitting time going on…I need it very much. I am working on several things, and need to finish something (anything) up for my own peace of mind.

  7. Hi Sheri, the cookie looks too cute to eat. So what new Mary Hadley items do youhave in store for us?

    I have a set of four Mary hadley, plates, bowls and mugs for my breakfast service.

    Have a great weekend.

  8. That has to be the cutest cookie I have ever seen!! I will knit one sock and continue with my Irish Hiking scarf (which is for my husband’s birthday next week!!)

  9. I am going to be snuggled in bed with my knitting and a big box of kleenexs, and plenty of tea. Just to darn cold to do more than that.

  10. Sheri, I’m working on my Simple Yet Effective out on Noro Silk Garden sock. Love the cookies! Can’ wait too see what new pottery you have for us.

  11. i’m trying to finish a pair of fingerless gloves for a co-worker (to whom i’ve owed them for an embarrassingly long time), the 198 yards of heaven shawl (only 13 rows left!), and then i’ll spend any leftover time working on my girl friday sweater… that is if i can keep myself from casting on for a shawlette in my lovely skein of madelinetosh vintage… my new favourite yarn…

  12. I am going to try to knit this weekend. It is a heavy sports weekend with the kids having basketball this weekend including on playing in a fundraising game at the United Center! Fun times! But Sunday is all about football – GO BEARS!!!!

  13. Going into my mom’s tonight for a stitch & b#%ch with my sisters & nieces. Last week not one of us did a stitch – oh wait mom did until she realized she had her chart upside down – that was good for a screaming laugh!!!

  14. The hubby is leaving town at the crack of dawn Sunday for a week in Houston. I’ll be knitting all day Sunday. But I think I may have to find some cookies and tea to enjoy along with the knitting.

  15. I will be knitting. Finish the leg of a toe-up sock (2nd one) and cast on for a cowl.
    The cookie is so cute and I agree shouldn’t be eaten. Curious about your “blue” project. You all stay warm and snuggle in. We may get some snow on Sunday this is a rare winter indeed.

  16. 11 inches of snow in North County St. Louis! I am having a wonderful time-declaring this upcoming weekend “Fiber Time”.
    I made brownies, have bags of salad, and made a big pot of chili so there is food for everyone. This gives me hours to play with fiber!

    My goal this weekend is to log all WIPs, then frog the unwanted ones and repurpose the yarn. And knit a scarf out of superthick yarn and crochet a shrug from alpaca yarn I got from TLE
    Have a great weekend-love your pretty yarn!

  17. I’ll be working on the gift for my Loopy swap mate. It’s coming along nicely and about 2/3 done. After that, it’s casting on sock 2 of my self imposed sock club and maybe playing with my spindles a little.

  18. I’m working on my spring loopy challenge. Yarn arrived this week. Madelinetosh pashima in malachite. Have not gotten to cable section yet but love working with this wool

  19. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to hang out with 16 boxes of yarn!! No snow here. Cody is dry, but Yellowstone has really gotten socked this winter. We are headed up the North Fork to the eastern entrance to see Big Horn Sheep and Bison. If we get really lucky, we may see an Elk or two. Tomorrow we celebrate 34 years of marriage. Good way to celebrate!

  20. If we are lucky maybe the temperature might make it out of negative numbers here this week-end. Definitely too cold to go out so I will be curled up with my challenge project. It’s coming along nicely and if it continues that way I may just finish it by the deadline.
    Love the cookie! Almost too cute to eat.

  21. We are about 5 hours east of you. Couldn’t you just keep the snow on your side of the line? SRSLY – we are sick and tired of the white stuff!! We are more than happy to let you keep ALL of it!!

  22. I’ll be knitting, spinning and weaving every chance I get this weekend. We’re expecting your “left-over” snow on Tuesday or Wednesday. i’m knitting a Flower Basket shawl with Knitosophy Discover and have begun to appreciate the value of lifelines which I’d never used before. I seem to like frogs lately.

  23. I love the UPS man making deliveries to my house but I would REALLY enjoy unloading those yarn boxes with you guys! Sounds heavenly! Enjoy your snow….we sure need some here in Colorado. While you guys are getting more snow than ever, we are getting unseasonable low amounts.

  24. I too am in sunny So Cal and will take a long walk to get ready for a half-marathon in a couple weeks. I hope to finish a sleeve for my Aidez cardigan and get it seamed up. The weathers has been beautiful, but for a knitter, I long to wear some cozy knits!

  25. I need to start my Twisted Road cowl sometime this weekend…it’s my cable challenge project. I was in Florida last week where it was in the 70s everyday! Now, I’m home and it’s in the 20s/30s. I definitely need the cowl!

  26. You’ve already frogged twice due to gauge? Whenever I hear something like that, it’s so sobering (and a bit heartening) that even really good, experienced knitters run into complications. I am the worst when it comes to not swatching and not frogging when I see something amiss (yes, I actually keep going for some reason which usually ends up in a junked project!). In the future, I need to remind myself that even the greats must swatch (and frog)!

    This weekend I’m hoping to finish some Noro mitts and start my first ever stranded project (I’m scared!). On a different crafting front, I’m also taking an embroidery class tomorrow – so exciting!

  27. Trying to stay inside here as much as possible – sub zero temps here in Wisconsin. Lots of dyeing going on here – maybe a little knitting time, though.

  28. Yep, there will be knitting, and crocheting, and possibly even some sewing going on here. And maybe some spinning. I’m practicing. πŸ˜€ And making chili for Sunday’s football game. I’m trying to put off serious things, like updating resumes and such, as long as possible.

  29. Now that most of my chores are done (there is still laundry to take care of later) I will be catching up on my tv with some tea and knitting.

    And I’m not in St Louis, but this winter does seem colder and snowier than last year! All the more reason to knit!

  30. I frogged the A Little Jazz twice before I figured out what I was not doing correctly FPS!!!
    Anyway now on track and will be working on that this weekend. Snow here, too. I looked out our dining room window yesterday afternoon and a young spike buck mule deer was lying under our spruce tree only six feet from the house. One of his spike antlers was broken off so he is definitely recognizable. Since we live in town this was a treat to see.

  31. No snow in Louisiana, but it is cold. And for once, I have a free weekend with no obligations. Yay! So I’ll be watching the Australian Open and knitting on my Cassis, which I started last night. The yarn is Tosh Vintage in Trodden colorway. I’ve never used this yarn before, but it is wonderful.

  32. Knitting is looking a little iffy here in Franklin County MO, due to an over population of frogs in throats! When there are a couple of sick adults & at least one sick kid, knitting gets put off until everyone crashes at night. I’m praying that I have enough yarn to finish the pair of fingerless mitts I’m working on. It’s my own design with a small ball of yarn living in my stash & I only have one ball! If I run out of yarn, I’ll just have to by more yarn so that I can make a pair!

  33. Working on a hat & learning to do toe up socks from Wendy’s book. We are rving now that we are retired, kinda waiting it out in Ky so we can leave for Florida. Ready for a little more warmth!! The snow is pretty, freezing temps not so much. Have a great weekend

  34. Hi, Sheri! We just got about 6 inches of snow and it looks gorgeous out my windows. One advantage of losing my job is that I didn’t have to battle my way up and down the highway!! See…you can always find a happy thought if you try hard enough. Right now I am finishing up a set of fingerless mitts for a friend. I just finished, last night, a monster from “The Big Book of Knitted Monsters” by Rebecca Danger. It was so easy and so adorable! I think I’m going to do my next one in self striping sock yarn in girly colors and add a tutu! I’m hoping to get a job soon…this staying home and cooking and knitting is way too much fun!!!!!

  35. cute cookies!

    Hurt my back the other day so it has still been a bit spasm-y , admit to a bit of melancholy with daughter back to school and hubby gone 3 weeks for business (with no contact ability either) So…. been hitting up the goodwill and finding some treasures to revamp and just finished a test knit for someone… now working on a sweater for daughter as well as other things crafty. Once the back is better i can get back to working out and really overhaul cleaning the house! (the gray gray rainy weather is not helping!)

  36. Well, I left St Louis on SNOW day to go to a funeral in Utah. (We got 14″) Sitting in O’Hare now, waiting for my last flight – almost home. the bright spot was that I had HOURS of plane time to knit. Working on ribbed knee socks out of self striping yarn for my daughter and I got to try them on her for size while I was out there. Tomorrow has promise for knitting too. πŸ™‚

  37. January spring fling KAL is finished, just finished 2nd cabled hat for challenge, and need to finish YOSS socks for Jan.

  38. Inside, I have an old, beaten up recliner with one of those arm rest hangers full of knitting essentials, outside, when the weather cooperates, I like to knit on the bench under the tree and I keep my stash in a portable tub for convenience. Quite peaceful!

  39. Working on the 2nd sock that has been sitting in my purse for awhile. I’m tired of it being there and it needs to be done so I may wear them and start another pair.
    Please send some snow towards me. I’m in the pocket that has all the storms going around it. I’d like one good storm before winter is over. Thanks.

  40. Just recently found your website. My son and his family live in Illinois not far from St. Louis. Next time I’m there, I would love to visit your store! Currently I’m working on a wrap, a shawl, and will start a pair of socks tomorrow as I need a small project to take to a meeting tomorrow night.

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