Cascade Heritage Silk

I’m loving this new line from Cascade – Heritage Silk. All my rep had to do was to lay this out on the table and my response was, “oooooh!”  I always know it’s a good thing when that’s the first thing out of my mouth. The 85% superwash/15% silk is great for socks (and comes 437 yds. to a skein), but the first thing I envisioned was one-skein shawlettes. Gorgeous. And the true solid colors means that even the most intricate patterns will shine through and take center stage. There are 28 colors, and we have 25 for you tonight. Three colors are on backorder. (Want to see a photo of Michael, my rep? We made him pose for the Webcam, so scroll down the gallery and see his thumbs up!)

Another fun thing up tonight? These cute Hadley Loopy Groupie pins. They did a sample pin with Loopy on it, just to see what I thought, and I had them add Loopy Groupie on top (way cuter that way). This is a miniature work of art, and I’m sure the Hadley artists would rather be painting Loopy on a large Flare Mug, than this wee little pin! Great for shawls or scarves, but also cute on a knitting or project bag. (Or stick it in your bulletin board at work – that’s where mine is.)

We’ve also added in: big re-stocks of Cascade 220, Fixation, Eco Alpaca, Heritage Sock, and Epiphany, as well as large skeins of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, and spindles and bobbins from Schacht.

Loved reading about your weekend projects in Friday’s blog post. I was working on mittens over the weekend and I finished one and started in on the second one. I’ll show you photos on Wednesday. (And wouldn’t it be nice if I’d go ahead and finish that second mitten, rather than starting in on a new pattern that arrived today and has me itching to cast on? Yep. I thought so.)

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  1. LOVELOVELOVE the Loopy Groupy pins! Hadley Pottery rocks!!! And that Heritage Silk just ROCKS!!! Made my Monday!! 😎

  2. Sheri, You have such a delightful looking store. Wish I didn’t live one thousand miles away!! Those are really nice shots from the “webcam”.

    The Loopy Groupie pin is really special.

  3. I am a sucker for Cascade, but the Heritage silk sounds even better!

    Looking forward to working with it.

    I like Start-i-tis. I restarted a super easy, bulky knit scarf 11 times-just not thrilled with the cast on. And as soon as I got it going, I began to dream of a short sleeve cardi. Now with Heritage Silk, I am dreaming of a lovely short sleeve sweater for Easter.

  4. sweet pins! i love their pottery!

    i have been being pretty good and trying to finish two projects for every project started… i have come very close to being caught up! (with lots waiting to be started!)

  5. Let me just say from your last post….my feelings about gauge are very much love/hate. I just wish they would magically knit in gauge just how I want them to look. 🙂

  6. ‘Morning Sheri and Gang! I’m really with you about starting new projects. I recently turned one of the closets in my workroom in a little space with shelves floor to ceiling and put all my WIPs in clear plastic boxes on the shelves. Ridiculous!! Way too many boxes!!! My new goal is to finished everything….yeah, right!! This week I need to finish my fingerless mitts and a cowel for myself. I mean, really, I’d like to wear them sometime this winter!!! Love the Loopy Groupie pin. Have to have it for my big knitting bag. Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

  7. I would finish the second mitten, but that is not because I dislike startitis as much as I dislike being cold. Boston’s been so cold that I have needed extra socks and long johns and the works and I still feel cold.

    The pin is super cute.

  8. The pins are too cute—I’m really debating—they’d probably make it in one piece over here but I’d be heartbroken if something happened to them!

    I’m currently telling myself (VERY STERNLY) that I absolutely cannot start a new project until I finish at least one of the things already on the needles/hooks…! Yeah, right.

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