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Many of you have discovered our new Loopy Webcam already. Isn’t it fun? We talked about where to aim it, and I thought it’d be fun to aim it at the order packing island, because there is activity going on there the whole day. (The Elves vetoed that idea.) We settled on the front entry, just because that’s where it says our name, and that’s where new boxes come in and get unpacked from day to day.

Why a webcam? We had to install security cameras due to shoplifting. (Note to shoplifter: bring back my grandma’s vintage knitting needles that you took from the red cabinet in the front room. And the yarn that you put in your purse. Seriously.) As long as we were doing cameras for a not-so-fun reason, why not do one camera for a positive reason? If you come to shop in person and want to have your webcam photo saved in the Webcam Gallery, just let us know and we’ll make sure your photo gets saved. Are you on Twitter? Tweet and let your peeps know that you’re shopping at Loopy and will wave to them on camera. Wondering what it looks like when all of the Spring Fling shoppers are here? Now you can peek in and take a look! Want a clue as to what will be up in next week’s Update? Watch and see if you can catch it.

The photo changes once a minute, during our normal working hours (9 am – 4 pm, Central time.) Sometimes it will look the same, because nothing changed right there during that minute. Other times you’ll see someone pulling an order, sorting inventory, matching skeins, stocking shelves, or shopping. Today, you might have see me updating yarn signs for our shop. Yesterday you may have seen our Cascade Rep Michael, when he stopped by for a visit. Or Tammy, or Kathy, or Joy.Β Once in awhile we’ll do a contest, and let’s start that today. I put a pile of yarn (same colorway) on the island. The first person in the comments to identify the yarn, will win a skein. (It’ll be a little bit of a challenge, since you can’t zoom in and get up close to it. Are you up for it? Somehow I think someone will figure it out. You all are smart like that.) If you can’t identify it, you can leave a comment telling me what yarn you WISH was sitting there – ha! If no one guesses correctly, we’ll randomly draw a winner from all comments. If someone guesses quickly, then maybe I’ll put a second pile up there! Edit: Jenna guessed the first one correctly – Three Irish Girls Adorn. The second batch was Fiber Optic and Seanna Lea guessed it right away. Third batch was Mountain Colors Bearfoot, won by Elizabeth. Our fourth and final batch was correctly identified by LisaPB – a skein of Dream in Color Everlasting. Thanks for playing along today. We’ll do it again sometime! And for those of you in the comments, wondering where the yarn pile is – we did this during the day on Friday.

Remember my Cable Challenge problem? Turns out it’s all user-error. (Um, that would mean it’s my own fault. The user.) I know that’s no surprise to anyone. πŸ™‚ The lovely Judy (Hollygrove designer) contacted me and could not have been sweeter in helping me figure out my snafu. Β Apparently I started the first chart row in error. It was supposed to be a WS and I made it into a RS, which puts the whole chart off. One of these days I will have this chart thing completely under my belt, I’m just sure of it. Cables ARE easy – I promise. And one day I will learn to read directions more thoroughly, instead of breezing through them and figuring, “I got it.” Despite my snafu, the pattern is turning out just right, after my self-imposed adaptations. I usually like to make things as complicated as possible.

Finally, one more big round of appreciation for all of you who participated in our RAK’s contests on the blog throughout December. It has become one of my favorite parts of the season, over the past few years! The final winner for the last week’s contest is Carrie in ND, who wins a tub of our Soak Heel creme, two skeins of The Loopy Ewe Solid Series in her choice of color, and a pattern of her choice. Congratulations, Carrie!

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  1. How Cool!! Almost like watching Wharf whatever it was in San Fran before the seals left! lol It was always fun to see how many seals were snoozing/playing at the wharf. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m sorry that you had to get security cameras but do like the webcam. My guess for the 3rd batch is Dream in Color Electric Mauve.

  3. How sad that you were victimized by a shoplifter, and your grandmother’s needles, no less.

    I’m not sure if it willbe fun or painful to watch the camera during Spring Fling if one won’t be there. I’m sure someone will phone someone at home and tell them to look at the camera and they’ll be waving. Might cause a traffic jam. Maybe move the webcam that week?

  4. Ok, it REALLY looks like Sweet Paprika Vivace, but it would have to be Cinnamon Bark since you only have 1 Pumpkin Pie left. πŸ™‚

  5. Just got back to this and I see that Elizabeth was the first to identify the latest batch correctly – Mountain Colors Bearfoot! I will put one more yarn up today for you to guess. Thanks for playing along with the webcam!

  6. That shoplifter better watch their back…knitters are good with pointy sticks!

    Malabrigo Velvet Grapes or Archangel?

  7. My guess for this last batch: Studio June, Eight Bells, Blue Suede Shoes colorway.

    I think we should do this again…maybe once a quarter? At any rate, I’ve had a blast playing “Guess the Yarn” today! πŸ™‚

  8. I have to agree with Erin, this was so much fun! I hope it will be a repeated competition, it was fun looking through the yarn in the store again, on the search for what it could be.

  9. LisaPB is correct – Dream in Color Everlasting. Congratulations to everyone! We’ll get these shipped out to you all on Monday. πŸ™‚

  10. Reading directions is overrated. (Says she who reads EVERY instruction manual for every new appliance from an electric toothbrush to an iron to a stove thoroughly — ask BFF Liz.) πŸ™‚ I tend to be a bit kamikaze in my approach to knitting patterns. Heck, crafting patterns of any kind. I got a new sewing machine for Christmas, and have immediately jumped in before taking the “Learn Your Machine” class that comes with it, and made a skirt without a pattern (which I wore to Mass on Christmas Eve), and now I’m designing gifties for friends. πŸ˜€

  11. I think it sucks that people steal. Period. Go out and earn what you want.
    I was surprised when I noticed that my lys didn’t have addi’s. I finally asked and it turns out they are kept behind the counter because they were being stolen. πŸ™
    But in your ever positive way, you are making a fun thing out of this.

  12. I didn’t see a yarn pile. HA.

    I am so sorry that somebody was stealing! A “true knitter” would never. I hope you get your Grandmother’s needles back especially. I felt sick to my stomach when I read that they had been lifted.

  13. That stinks – what the heck is wrong with people???? I know if somebody took something that had once belonged to my grandma I’d be sick!!

  14. Seriously? Someone shoplifting from TLE? OH MY GOODNESS!!!

    Note to shoplifter: Return Sheri’s grandma’s knitting needles! You can return the yarn too so that those of us who are more than willing to pay for it can!!!

  15. I am so sorry that someone took ANYTHING from you. But something personal makes it even worse somehow. I love visiting the Loopy Ewe and I take my time looking all over–the store is so beautiful and full of wonderful things. But I can’t imagine just taking something. It distresses me that anyone can steal or vandalize or have so little honor. Oops, I was so upset about the theft that I forgot to look for the pile of yarn.

  16. I won’t guess on the yarn, because I was in the store today. I think the yarn-cam is great, though I avoided it so no one would catch me cheating on my yarn diet!

  17. FPS who would steal from TLE?!? If that person would return your needles I would buy her some needles and yarn. I am so sorry to hear this as I feel so much a part of the Loopy family; it is just hurtful to think of a theft and the bad karma that is created by it.

  18. Sheri I think I’d keep an eye on ebay or craig’s list – ya never know whoever stole the needles might try & sell them.

  19. Love the webcam connection but hate the reason for it. May whoever took your needles have really bad knitting karma. All their projects come out wonky and all their yarn have knots…..

  20. Shame on the shoplifter. I hope Karma does its job… On the other hand, what a fun way to be at Loopy central and see the action!

  21. Oh darn, Sheri! Just catching up with things after being away for the holidays (and fighting jet lag all the way)—so sorry to hear that a shoplifter made off with your grandmother’s vintage needles! Bad karma, if that’s any consolation….

  22. Yikes!!! Your Grandmother’s needles, OMG!!! That’s awful. May the yarn that they stole fall apart on their needles, or tangle up into such a mess that they cry from being exasperated. That’s no less they deserve!

    Meanwhile, I think that the webcam is very cool and I’ll be waving to you ( although you won’t see me) when I take a peek.

    My very best to you and the Elves this year.

    And if you catch any shoplifters, beat them with wet yarn!!!!!, in addition to calling the police!

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