Happy New Year!

I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to this year. We have a lot going on in 2011 and it’s going to be a fun year! I’ll keep you filled in as it all progresses. 🙂

There are new things up for our Monday Update tonight.Did you miss not having an Update last week? I did. It’s always fun to get new things put up and to see what you all like as you discover it all. I’m glad that most Mondays hold an Update and our Mondays off are few and far between. Although you all still found plenty to spend your gift certificates on. We kept the post office busy last week!

We have a new shipment of Sanguine Gryphon Bugga. You’ll notice some fun new names and colorways (including The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Very Quiet Cricket, Miss Spider, Lord of the Flies, etc.) And of course Bugga has that wonderful 70/20/10 ratio of wool, cashmere and nylon. So nice to knit with and then wear. (Shown here: Two Butterflies Went Out at Noon.)

We have another batch of the larger skeins of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock to add to our growing collection. As we mentioned earlier this fall, they decided to go to big skeins (435 yard skeins instead of the smaller 215 yard skeins). Now you only need 1 skein for a pair of most socks.) We have a few of the smaller skeins left, but not many. We’ll continue to add to and stock the big skeins for you.

Julie at Juliespins has sent us another batch of her wonderful Silky 435. That’s the yarn that I used for this shawl back in the late summer. This 50% silk, 50% merino yarn base comes in 435 yard skeins and is a great choice for all of those cute one-skein shawls that are so popular right now. The silk adds a bit of shimmery depth and extra warmth to your project. It also works beautifully for scarves and cowls. The last time we had this in, I added a Forbidden Forest (shown in photo) to my stash, and this time a skein of Eden jumped its way into my stash. (Just trying to keep up with my New Year’s Resolution. I’m happy to say that I’m right on top of that.)

In addition, we’ve re-stocked all colors of Dream in Color Classy (just in time for your winter sweater knitting) and Starry (which I love for cowls and shawls, although I have seem some darned cute socks out of it, too.) And we’ve added in the Dream in Color Dream Club yarn for January – an exclusively dyed color of Groovy called Alpine Flurry (shown here). We’ll email you the Pigtail Hat pattern with 24 hours of purchase. (Remember, if we run out of Groovy, we’ll have more throughout the week.)

Sheri encounteredtroublewithmyCableproject.


  1. I am loving all the beautiful yarns tonight! I have been organizing my stash…sort of. Really, I have just been trying to remind myself what I actually have:) I have a tendency to repurchase the same colorways, forgetting I already have it! I am looking forward to getting started on my cable project. Can’t wait to hear about yours on Wed!

  2. My biggest issue with cable problems is it’s so hard to drop a stitch or two down to fix it and then carry them back up to the top. Thoae beautiful twists complicate things! I have the hardest time leaving a cable that I cabled the wrong way. That always stands out when i look at it!

  3. sweet yarns! I had been -playing with our lys and the dream club but never saw decembers… or maybe there wasn’t one. But this looks sooo nice! Very much January!

  4. Thank you for printing the picture of the Two Butterflies Went Out at Noon, but by the time I saw the pic it was, of course, gone. So I went to Sanguine Gryphon yesterday and it was, of course, out of stock. So I sighed and signed up for when it came back in and they emailed me today to say they had it available. Today! Not after three months! Thank you for showing the pic, thank you so much. Getting it at all is the next best thing to getting it from you.

    P.S. Hmm, wonder if you have any of the JulieSpins left?

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