Last Random Acts of Kindness for 2010

Thank you to everyone who participated in our annual Random Acts of Kindness blogs in the month of December. As always, it’s heartwarming to hear about all of the things you are out there doing for others.  Last week, I loved reading about Ellen giving her Pi Shawl to her neighbor (an “itty bitty thing, traveling to Oregon for Christmas”.) Can’t you just imagine how much she must have loved receiving that?  I also liked Alice’s idea of handing out Starbucks gift cards to Salvation Army bellringers. I want to remember that for next year. Those folks stand out in some pretty cold weather, giving up their time to ring that bell.

Karen and her daughter gathered up their spare and outgrown coats, mittens and hats and took them to a local women’s homeless shelter. Jennifer was able to help someone from her Sunday School class who has been out of work. Lisa donated several copies of a movie to the Ronald McDonald house in honor of a friend who had passed away. Beth and her daughter handed out cups of Instant Ramen Noodles and bottles of water to people holding signs, asking for help. And the list goes on and on. I think you all have been more creative and intentional with your RAK’s this year, than ever before.

Today is the last day to leave your latest RAK reports in the comments. Tell us what you have been up to this week, as you’ve been out and about, helping others! We’ll randomly draw winners next week. For this past week’s contest, we’ll be sending 2 skeins of The Loopy Ewe Solid Series yarn, 1 pattern, and a tub of our Soak’s Heel Creme to Claire in CA and Michelle in CA. (Go, California!)

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  1. This comment is about RECEIVING a RAK and what that felt like. I was in the book store when suddenly a serious muscle spasm hit my foot! I could hardly walk. I was in excruciating pain. A nice young man and his girlfriend spotted me trying to limp out of the store (without much success). The man took me by the arm and guided me out and to my car. The girl went back inside and bought me a latte to help settle my nerves. Well, I can’t begin to tell you what these two people did for me. They were a true blessing. I will never know who they were, but for sure, I will never forget them!! These RAKs mean a great deal.

  2. This is a small thing, but I think the person really appreciated it. I let someone go ahead of me at the grocery store. It was Christmas Eve and the grocery store was CRAZY. She seemed rather harried and stressed and I didn’t have anything else to do, so I let her go first. I feel a little silly posting about it, but there it is.

  3. I heard from a friend about a family that lost their home to fire on Christmas Eve. It was a small thing but I sent down some money for the family (they are in another state) and I shared their story on facebook in hopes of others helping out. It was small but I keep finding myself thinking about RAKs this month – I know I will carry this on in to the new year. Already my son and I are discussing ways for RAKs all year long.

  4. Compared to the RAKs of others, mine seems very trivial, but I hope it has made a difference to my elderly neighbor. As I walk my dog, Libby, each morning, we pitch her daily paper up to her porch. The paper seems to be in the middle of her yard, or close to the street on a regular basis. I have often wondered if she peeks out her window to see how the paper gets where it does.

  5. Not HUGE things, but when I was emptying my son’s room for new windows and subsequent floor sanding, I found all the phone cards sent to him in Iraq. No one hear realized that the expense of making overseas calls used so much of the phone card value that there was no “talk time” left. Since he did not use them (and I assume they still have value), I gave them to our pastor who frequently come to him and need things like gas $$ and/or phone cards to seek employment.
    The other thing that I put my “back and arms” into was to shovel about 150 feet of the center of our alley (slush, mud & sand, ice) so that the all the rain and snow melt could drain into the sewer in the alley. If I had not done it, the alley would have continued to flood and then turned into a sheet of ice when the temperatures dropped last night.

  6. While the commenters before me think their deeds were small I think those of the kinds of things we can feel good about doing for other more often. It’s thoughtful and I love hearing about them. I have a neighbor that LOVES Hershey kisses and I went to Walmart and stocked up for her candy dish. She’s not able to get out and about and I was able to take advantage of the sales. Again, a small effort but appreciated by my neighbor!

  7. On Monday I gave a $20 tip to the complimentary hospital valet parking attendant where I took my Mom for some tests — he showed his kindness in going and getting a wheel chair for her so I didn’t have to get hers out of the car and helping her in and out of the car, seemed like such a little thing I could do for him even though I know that he was really only doing his job. I hope I brightened his day

  8. I’m not sure how random this is, but at Christmas Eve mass, we saw a woman wearing a knitted garment which my friend really liked – kind of a shawl, or maybe an oversized cowl that you wear around your shoulders is a better description. She liked it so much, she said she would pay me to make one and since I absolutely don’t knit on commission, I think I probably just smiled or something. However, I did track down the pattern (I think) and I’m going to make it for her as a surprise. It’s so much more fun to knit a gift than knit for money and I can’t wait to finish it and give it to her.

  9. I do something random and kind everyday. It was my resolution last year. I’m 100%. The most meaningful memory i have happened just a few weeks ago. I was in line at the post office, and a young girl was trying to manipulate the tape and seal a package. She was having a hard time. I offered to help, and she looked me in the eye and said “Thank You! this is something my mother always took care of, and now it is my turn. My mom passed away just before Thanksgiving.”

    You never know whose heart you will touch being kind! Thank you Sheri and the Loopy Ewe for asking us to reflect on our acts of kindness… it is an act of kindness on your part as well.

  10. Like Hannah, I received a RAK and wish to post about that instead. We awoke (rather late) today to find that some anonymous person had shoveled the sidewalk in front of our house. I bet they thought no one was home, so that was nice of them, because if we hadn’t been home we could have been fined!

  11. As a RAK this week, instead of selling the things that we’re clearing out, we’ve been finding people who need/want the items and then gifting them. It’s a small thing, but it’s a difficult year and everyone seems to enjoy their new items.

  12. A co-worker coveted a head/neck band that was at one of the shops near our workplace, but didn’t buy it because she was saving her money for a Christmas gift for her daughter. I studied it and then used some stash yarn to make a hand-knit version of it for her and left it on her desk as a surprise. She was thrilled. 😉

  13. A friend and co-worker had to file bankruptcy recently. Her father passed away last month and she didn’t have any money to pay for the funeral. I hate asking for anything, but knew my friend was in a bad situation, so I contacted friends asking for donations to help pay for the burial. We collected close to $1,000. Even though I didn’t like doing it, I’m glad to have been instrumental in helping alleviate a bit of stress for a friend in her time of need.

  14. A lovely girl at our weekly Knit Night had a beautiful Malabrigo sweater she knit for herself (she knits tons for charity & others but seldom for herself).
    Her mother washed and dried it for her with the regular laundry. Where I would have cried at such a beautiful sweater being shrunk to less than half its original size, she gave it to a child at knit night that it fit perfectly after being felted. small child loved it.
    I gifted her enough Ultra Alpaca to knit herself another sweater. It wasn’t malabrigo but it made her very happy. I was so impressed with the way she handled herself in that situation. It was my attempt at doing something nice for someone I have seen do nice things for so many others.

  15. Last week, my friends called me, begging me to bring them hot coffee while they were ringing bells outside of Walmart. While I was picking up coffee for them, I picked up 5 more cups and went around to grocery stores handing them out to other bell ringers. It was bitterly cold up here in North Dakota and they all had smiles on their faces! One man said the coffee would help melt the ice off his beard, LOL. Gotta thank them for all they do!

  16. gosh, after reading all the others, this seems tiny and kind of selfish, but here’s mine:

    i work overnights in a clinical (ie hospital) laboratory. this year it’s my turn to work new year’s. while most of the world is spending midnight with their loved ones (or sleeping), we’re here drawing blood and running tests to help diagnose and treat those who are too sick to be home right now. i went out and bought a few bottles of sparkling cider so that we could have a “champagne” toast at midnight like everyone else. well, it didn’t work entirely as planned–too busy at midnight–but we had our toast. i’m thankful for my friends and coworkers and all the others that have to work holidays and special events to keep us safe and healthy.


  17. God bless us everyone!
    I hope everyone continues to do their RAK thru out the new year – and maybe this will all have inspired new things!
    Hubby continues to work at the local Food Pantry – and we continue to take food to them and gocery store gift cards alll year round

  18. Very trivial efforts to report. I told someone who didn’t know that there would be no more buses that night. And I helped someone whose bag had fallen over. But as has been noted above, the small things do help others, and they’ll thank you with their smile.

    Happy New Year!

  19. Nothing larger than life here…but my Aunt loves to have candy in the house and can’t get out much…so I filled a simple glass jar with some of my colorful homemade trail mix …peanuts, M & M’s and raisins and dropped it off…I will drop off a batch every change of holidays for her during the year…..I use the different holiday M & M’s available throughout the year….she was so thrilled!

  20. My brother and his family came to BC to visit us over the holidays. Because they are from Chicago and ski hills are few and far between they wanted to take advantage of their time here and go to Sun Peaks (the ski resort nearby) and take in a day of skiing. The day we had scheduled to go it was cold. Very cold. As in the high for the day was -20C (that would be -4F). I never would have gone skiing on such a cold day, but didn’t want them to be disappointed, so was a good sport and took them up the hill. I am still trying to thaw out.

  21. Every one a Happy and Crwative 2011!
    This week i had Holiday and there where lot of snow over here, i have try to be nice to every one i met.

  22. My final RAK wasn’t really very random, it was also a little self-serving.

    A few friends and I went through our stash and needles and patterns – including some free online sources and put together “kits” for our local friendship club (helps at risk girls). This past holiday the girls along with their mentors and some inmates at juvenile hall knit and distributed nearly 500 hats and scarves to homeless, elderly and otherwise needy people. We thought it would be good to give them a start on next years projects. They were happy and we’re so proud that, even though they have problems of their own, they enjoyed the process of helping those even less fortunate.

    The self serving part of this was that I removed two big boxes of yarn and needles from my work room!

  23. While reading the earlier RAK posts, I’m struck by how often we start by saying that we did a little thing. Me too. My RAKs this week were to listen as fully as possible to friends who had challenging times before, or during Christmas. My resolution for 2011 is to look for opportunities to be kind all year. I hope that everyone at Loopy Central will have the opportunity to recieve much kindness this New Year.

  24. It is the accumulation of all the small RAKs that make our world a better place. My New Year’s resolution is to make even more efforts with RAKs throughout the year.

    One of the “bell ringers” in front of our local Hobby Lobby was playing a small harmonica with great enthusiasm. I enjoyed it at the time as it reminded me of the street performers from my home in New Orleans. I mentioned him to another bell ringer in front of Walgreen’s, who knew exactly who I meant and told me that his name was Clio and that his harmonica had been stolen. I went home and found a fine harmonica in its case that had belonged to an uncle, then drove to the Hobby Lobby to find Clio and handed it to him. I can assure you that it gave me great joy to see his face when he realized it was for him.

  25. I heard my elderly neighbor wasn’t feeling well, she lost her husband 2 years ago at xmas and her closest family live at least an hour away. We all try to watch out for her. I made her a pot of soup and a small loaf of bread. Took the crock pot over to her home and set things up so as she recoops she can dish out soup as she feels she needs with it already being warm and ready. Also took a stack of movies so she could really relax.

  26. My husband’s boss suffered a terrible loss- their house burned down just before Christmas. We decided do some things for the family for Christmas. We bought the daughter a gift and crocheted a hat for her, and we made a basket of knitting supplies for his wife, who was just learning how to knit before the tragedy. I am only happy we were able to help them out 🙂

  27. I accidentaly bought my daughter two of the same doll for her upcoming birthday (don’t ask, I wasent thinking, and all barbies/liv/what have you, look the same to me) So, instead of returning the doll, I gave it to my neibour, whos home is being forclosed on, to give to his daughter, who is a year older than my girl. I didn’t tell him who it was from, I just left it with a post it on it with his daughters name in his mail box.

  28. Made an extra Monkey Bread and made a surprise visit to an older couple from our church to deliver it. “Grandma” Mary used to watch my oldest son (now almost 12) in the Church nursery when he was a baby and both she and her husband have continued to ask about and encourage our kids through the years.

  29. I made dinner on New Year’s for a friend who had surgery and is laid up for a long time. Also, some dinners to put into the fridge.

  30. This act was really random. I went out in the morning to “water” the dogs in my p.j.s and my neighbor whom I have not seen in several months was there. He had been in Iraq and was home for his mother’s funeral. This neighbor’s wife and children had traveled overseas for the holidays and he was wondering if I had a key to his house. I didn’t but invited him in, let him use our phone to call to the other country, made him a good cup of tea and then blueberry muffins.

  31. Hi,
    I know it really isn’t much, on Christmas when I got to work and notice that a fellow employee seemed to be upset. I went and gave her a hug and asked what was wrong. She and her mother (who she lives with) had not spoken in two days. I listened and let her air her sorrow. The next day I brought her a small gift.

  32. I went home to New England for Christmas. Landed at Logan and waited for the express bus. But, before I got on the bus at the airport a person left their suitcase by the bus luggage door and got on the bus. The driver was not going to load the suitcase on the bus because there was no owner. I got on the bus and yelled out that a blue hard case suitcase was not being loaded because there was no owner and whoever owned the case had better go claim it. The owner was confused, but got off and told the driver that he owned the case.

    Then as we were getting off the bus a lady had dropped her cell phone cover sometime during the trip and did not notice I yelled out that a black case was on the floor, she was so thankful.

    Finally another person left their carry on luggage on a seat on the bus and was heading out the far door of the bus station, I was not allowed to run after the her, and so told one of the workers to run after her with the bag because it clearly matched her suitcase.

    I began to feel like everybody’s mother, watching out for bags and belongings!!! I got home with all my bags without incident and had all the presents to give to my family and I hoped everybody else was as lucky!

  33. I have knit several hats for the Warm Weather Tree that our church sponsers. The hats, gloves, mittens, etc, are given to one of the local elementary schools in one of the less affluent parts of town.

  34. I know I’m a little late with this, but didn’t even consider what we did as a RAK until someone pointed it out to me…it was just the right thing to do. My daughter’s on and off again boyfriend ran into a little trouble. As a background, I’ll say that he’s been out of his parents’ house and on his own since he was 16. He’s now 23 and had been back with his parents for the first time since then. Things were not going well and he found himself back out on the street 2 days before Christmas. With nowhere to go, we invited him to stay with us through the holidays. He was hesitant because he didn’t want to intrude on our family Christmas and didn’t feel he could watch a “happy family Christmas”. We insisted he come to stay, made sure there were plenty of gifts under the tree for him and made him feel welcome. I’m happy to say, in the last week and a half, he’s become a valued member of our household and a blessing to us. I’ve given him my sewing/knitting room to have as his own and we’re hoping that he’ll be able to take his time, get back on his feet and take advantage of the opportunity he now has. Sometimes, you just need to give a kid a break and no one has ever done that for him. Let’s hope we can make a difference!

  35. I’l late too. Early Christmas morning I found myself in Urgent Care and was treated wonderfully. So, on New Year’s Eve we took a plate of cookies and carrot bread to the same Urgent Care unit for the staff that was cheerfully working on this holiday evening.

  36. Hope I’m not too late to post my RAK! Over Christmas we “adopted” a family from our parish. They were in need of gas cards, winter coats for their 2 children, and money to pay for utilities. We bought gift cards for them for gas & a local retail store. We’ve always donated toys for tots at Christmas, but this year I thought we could afford a whole family. I spent ALOT more on the family, but I feel that I appreciate all my family has all the more. Next year I hope to “adopt” again, but I will start put money in a fund now ( change jar maybe?) so that I can really make a good Christmas for someone.

  37. I donated 2 fish hats (my nephews rejected) to the auction for Women’s and Children’s shelter. They raised $50.

    I also, paid for the person behind me in line at Starbuck’s.

  38. I brought coffee and half and half for the entire staff when we all had to work last Friday. Lots of morning smiles when everyone realized they got to enjoy good coffee all day long.

  39. I knitted a perfect size hat from a preemie that I know. I am not sure how random that is, but the mom thought it was random of me.

  40. Help! Does anyone have ideas for a simple, cute but awesome baby sweater. I am gonna need one by September for my niece’s baby

  41. I stopped by McDonalds late afternoon on Christmas Eve to buy some last minute gift cards for my nephews. While in McDonalds I noticed 3 people eating. One being an elderly lady eating by herself on Christmas Eve. Made me sade. I purchased 3 extra gift cards and gave them to the 3 people eating in there.

    I passed a homeless man standing on the side of the road with a “hungry sign”.So I went through a drive-thru to pick up a combo meal for him and took it back to him.

  42. Food for the food pantry, via my LYS. Something we do every year. I love these postings every year durng the time of largesse for most of us. It s so easy to forget those who struggle daily and never seem to get ahead. Let’s try to keep this up through out the year and not just an effort made at the holiday ti me. Blessings to all of us, in the manner we require them.

  43. I spent some time this week going through my extensive stash of yarn and making up a box to donate to a group of charity knitters in Gloucester VA.

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