Friday at The Loopy Ewe

It’s always busy on Fridays. Although we’re open for drop-in shopping on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, this seems to be the busiest day. Last Friday I had to confront one of our shoplifters. We now have people check their big bags and backpacks at the front, so she solved that by sticking yarn in her jacket instead – and I saw her do it! I couldn’t believe it. I just don’t understand how people justify taking something that they didn’t pay for. She’s the same lady who took a bunch of yarn and my vintage knitting needles the last time she was in (no, I did not get them back), so we were prepared for her and watching her extra closely. FPS. Needless to say, she’s no longer welcome to shop here. Anyway, yay for the cameras in the shop. I know that you can pop in and view things through the webcam throughout the day, but did you ever wonder what the webcam looks like from our viewpoint? I stood behind the Loopy island to take this. That little white box in the photo – that’s your window into Loopy. And you can see the pole where we hang signs to talk to you.

Also going on today: Stocking another new line from Cascade, which will go up on Monday. (Don’t worry – we have more than that of each color. That’s just all the shelf space we could give to it right now.)

Knitting Daughter is home for a long weekend and came in to work for a couple of days. She wanted to earn a bit of money for next semester’s textbooks and I’m always happy to have her helping out at Loopy when she wants to.

The Elves are busy packing up orders, helping customers with projects and questions, and causing mayhem. Seriously. Some Fridays are just like that. How’s your Friday going?

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  1. Well, this morning I was a hair away from being hit by a car that forgot to look to his right before switching lanes. I barely managed to move out just in time.

    Other than that I’m glad it’s Friday!!!

  2. Sheri, That is JUST horrible you are experiencing shoplifting in the store!!! I don’t understand shoplifters either! Its just very wrong!

    Enjoy your weekend with Knitting Daughter! Did she bring any Ivanhoe’s with her 🙂

  3. How awful that you have to deal with shoplifters! I am glad that you were able to catch this one and hopefully there won’t be any more! May a thousand moths invade her yarn stash! 🙂

  4. I do find it amazing how much energy some people will put into taking something that is not theirs to take. I’m sorry you have to deal with that. A lady at my LYS store told me yesterday that she had a bag of hand-knitted scarves, mitts, and such that were to be Christmas presents stolen from the front seat of her truck just before Christmas. She had knitted a beautiful cabled scarf from Plymouth Alpaca Grande, and it was one of the stolen items. So yesterday she was in purchasing more yarn to knit it all over again.

  5. I am so sorry you’ve been having such problems and hope that this is the end of them. That woman needs professional help too.

  6. That woman has a lot of nerve returning AGAIN to steal more! You’re nicer than I would have been-I might have had to take her aside, scream in her face, and make her drive me to her home where I would be looking for those needles!!

    On a different subject, I am attending Macworld 2011 in San Francisco where I am carrying around my apple green TLE bag-a woman stopped me to ask which vendor I had gotten my bag from! So Loopy is also a hit with geeks! I’m the only one KIPing here, tho’.

    Remember , don’t let the b€£¥?!?s get you down!

  7. It is unbelievable to me that anyone would steal from your store, Sheri. I’m so glad you confronted this person and made her persona non grata at TLE. I sure wish you could get your vintage needles back.

    Enjoy knitting daughter and your time with her.

  8. Oh, my word – seriously, I am so glad you caught the shoplifter, but I’d have a hard time being nice, too. I’d probably threaten to press charges unless she returned the vintage needles.

    I just don’t understand people sometimes.

  9. I can almost understand shoplifting food if you are in a desperate situation, not that I think its right, but I can somewhat understand it in a desperate situation. But yarn, really? That is ridiculous! and Knitting Needles!. I think that should be a felony. And they should never be allowed to touch yarn again! Maybe even have their fingers surgically sewn together. OKay that’s a bit extreme. But seriously! Yarn! That is worse than stealing fine art.

  10. I am the former owner of a quilt shop and always felt a great since of betrayal when someone stole something. We regard our customers and friends. I hope prosecution is in the thief’s future….

    Enought of my rant. Please have a wonderful weekend!

  11. In a previous life, I worked as a security agent at Sears. You cannot imagine the stuff I saw people steal, and the places they put the stuff to squirrel it out of the store!! In retrospect, it was the best job I ever had. I loved it when I caught someone. And, I agree! Jewelry, clothing, and other items are one thing. But, yarn?!?!?! That is beyond the pale! Have a great weekend, Sheri!

  12. Woohoo! So glad you caught sticky fingers. I hope she doesn’t have any partners-in-crime and this will be the end of it all. I loves me some yarn, but not enough to steal it from someone. I really have a problen with people who try to take this route and not pay for stuff…ugh! Enjoy your time with knitting daughter!

  13. Please tell me you had an officer come and take her away. Someone who would stoop that low should have to stand before a judge and explain herself.

  14. Go Sheri! (On confronting the pest.)

    I do love the Cascade colors in your last picture. They’re so bright and cheery.

    Have fun with your daughter this weekend!

  15. Quiet thus far, but about to become a whirlwind! We’re meeting up with our college alma mater’s pep band for a pair of hockey games in the area. So, we drive two hours to the game tonight, come home with 11 extra people, feed, entertain, and house them for the night, and then head into the city for the second game tomorrow. I hope we win at least one game, but the food, drinks, and friends will be worth it no matter what!

  16. I’m glad you busted her! I don’t get the mindset that approves that. 🙁 Sorry that you’re still missing the vintage needles.

    Happy weekend!!

  17. So sorry to hear about your unwanted customer. Glad you could deal with it. I worked briefly at a Hobby Lobby in fabric and needlework and was very surprised at what people took from the store. Very sad.

    Sounds like your weekend is firming up well. I’m doing tons of cooking for my Monday night class. One advantage of being out of work is that you have lots of time to be creative with all your hobbies! This past week I’ve knitted 2 pairs of fingerless mitts, baby hat and half of a cowel for myself. I’m hoping to finish the cowel this weekend.

    Have a great weekend, everyone!!

  18. Glad you confronted the shop lifter- She needs to give you back the vintage needles that she took. Like many of the other comments- I don’t get why anyone would want something that is not theirs! I am glad that you have the camera!
    Cascade- I dream in color 🙂

  19. It really takes guts to be a “frequent shoplifter” at the same place – it is also embarrassing to the rest of the knitting world to think that someone would feel the need to do that.
    Today I planned to paint …. but, I am knitting … 6 more rows and I will paint??

  20. I hope you are prosecuting. I hear that “non violent” crimes often go unpunished but this should definitely go before the knitting judge.
    As I said before, it is distressing that anyone steals–but it is like a personal violation to take your stuff. I had a Corvette stolen when I tried to register for a return to college in 1975 and never got it back–and my husband and I had worked so hard to pay it off in one year. No transportation and kids the same year—it took me 20 years to get that BSN degree and kids done with their college before we could replace that car 🙁 I’m still mad at that thief and just glad that you caught yours!

  21. One more thing: if you don’t prosecute, maybe you should just put her photo on the webcam under the heading “thief”.

  22. I’ve heard of a shoplifter in our area that hides the yarn inside her clothing. The shop owner was so stunned to see the obvious bulges (and not ready to confront) that she just let her go. The next time she dropped in she was confronted and told not to come back in. This person knew the family, had done business with another family member for years and still felt like it was ok to steal from them!! Amazing. But glad you caught your shoplifter and I’ll be happy to leave my purse/bags etc. at front while I shop. I hate carrying them around anyway! 🙂

  23. It is too bad that you need the security cameras, but a good thing that you have them. There are people who apparently think they have a right to simply steal whatever they want – they do need help.

    I am glad you have the webcam. It gives me a little window into your shop since I cannot visit in person. I love Loopy’s little signs!

    Thanks again for the care you all put into your shipping. It is always a treat to receive an order from you.

  24. I’m so happy that you were able to confront the shoplifter. I only wish she returned your grandmother’s needles. I know how precious they are. I have my great grandmother’s crochet needles and an afghan needle that I hold dear.

    Have a fabulous weekend with Knitting Daughter 🙂

  25. I always think of knitter’s as honest do-gooders. I’m sad for you and the shop to have to face the shop lifting. I hope it’s a great rest of the day for you all!

  26. So sad about the shoplifting, but I’m glad you caught the person, so hopefully it won’t happen again. I hate people that think they are entitled to things that they didn’t pay for.

  27. I’ll just never understand how anyone can think it’s ok to steal. I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with shoplifters but I’m SO happy you caught that woman!

  28. Boo on having to watch out for shoplifters. Such a shame.

    YAY on only having 3 more days until Add/Drop is over> Double YAY that it looks like there will be room for all of the students who hung in there on the waiting list. As a reward, I hope my weekend has a nap with my name on it!

  29. I think the webcam just paid for itself!!! You caught the shoplifter. Now if there was only some way to get those needles back.. Have a great weekend.

  30. So far I haven’t seen a shoplifter at Gate City Yarns. I’ve had a couple of customers that I watched closely as I suspected that was what they were trying. We have more problems with street people wanting bus fare.

  31. Hi Sheri,

    I am truly sorry to hear about your shoplifter! I hope someday you get your needles back!

    Friday is a great day but today its snowing AGAIN! And after this past Wednesday most of us have had our fill of snow! People were stuck on the roads 8-15 hours here in Baltimore. It was the quickest nastiest snow I have ever seen!

    Have a great weekend!

    P.S. Love the webcam!

  32. how crazy! i don’t know how folks justify it. My purse is large and i always offer it up to smaller businesses to stash behind their counter. (saves me from carrying while shopping, lol) glad you caught her finally though!

  33. I’m sorry to say that our LYS had to put her addi needles behind the counter and you have to ask for them at check out she has had so much problem with theft. Her shop is cluttered and has many obstructed views – no telling how much yarn is walking out of there. It’s sad but theft of all types of really up in this bad economy – doesn’t make it right for sure. I’m sorry for the unplesantness you had to deal with.
    hope your weekend is great ! Melody

  34. I wonder if she steals because it’s a compulsion (and so she steals anything), or if she genuinely can’t afford quality yarn? I think part of me is actually glad someone steals yarn, because that says to me that fiber crafts have really “made it.”

    On the other hand, I can’t imagine taking any pleasure out of knitting stolen yarn (or enjoying stolen anything). I’d feel sick every time I even looked at the ill-gotten skeins.

  35. My knitting group talked about this. I must admit that I don’t understand stealing yarn. What kind of joy can you get knitting with yarn that you stole? I truly don’t mind leaving my bag up with the Elves, especially when I get to shop at Loopy Ewe.
    This weekend we will probably go to the car show and I will be knitting away on Batik. I will also be swatching on the next Spring Fling KAL project.

  36. my Friday: no progression of the bad thing in my eye, and the dr thought I am younger than I am. I told him I would come back every Friday so he could flatter me! lol!

    Otherwise, we are getting more snow-even though they said ‘scattered flurries’- we must have 4″ new already. At least it isn’t so cold.

    3 months until Spring Fling!!

  37. I am so glad that you caught her. My house was burglarized last year, while our family all slept upstairs. The things that were taken really bothered me, although they could be replaced. The really awful part though, was the thought that someone thought they could have MY things and come into MY home to take them. What a violation. I do realize that it is a little different in the shop, because you want strangers to come in, but the violation by taking your things and, more importantly your trust, is the same. I can’t imagine taking something that isn’t mine and just don’t get how some people have no problem with it.

  38. Friday’s are always good. Glad you caught your shoplifter, though it’s never pleasant to confront someone on something like that. Can’t wait to see the new yarn next week!

    Like Little Loopy says, Happy Weekend! Looking forward to knitting and hanging out this weekend!

  39. Oh my word – I can’t believe she’d do it again! Glad you. were able to confront her…I’d probably chicken out. 😉

    My weekend plans are to go ride our atv tomorrow when it’s supposed to be 72 degrees here in DFW – can you believe it? Then we’re supposed to get snow/ice on Tuesday…too funny!

    I also plan to finish a pair of socks because the elves shipped out a package to me today and I plan to use that yarn for the February Spring Fling KAL.

  40. I hope this one bad apple does not spoil the future hours of being able to drop in and shop in person! I love checking in once in awhile, and glad the webcam is there! Good for you!

  41. Just echoing the comments of disbelief. When I came in a few weeks ago, one of the Elves was very apologetic about asking me to put my purse upfront. She explained what had happened and I was just stunned. The more I thought about it the more disturbed I felt. It felt like a violation. I consider The Loopy Ewe to be one of my very favorite places. It is my place to go when I want to get out, have some yarn to pet and color therapy. To think about someone violating that space…well you know. Let me just echo the hope that you turned the matter over to a very nice police person.

  42. Glad knitting daughter is home for the long week-end! Hope you enjoy your time together. Perhaps you can have some mother daughter knitting time. Speaking of knitting that is what is on my agenda for the week-end. I hope to finish my sweater for the Cable Challenge. It will be a good week-end to do it because there is more snow predicted for our area. Another 3-5 inches. At this rate it will be Memorial Day before I see the lawn again!

  43. FPS is right! Some nerve! I’m glad she’s been found out. I like the earlier comments about posting her photo with the caption of “thief”.
    Happy week end wishes

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