Cascade Ultra Pima & Kollage Riveting

It’s always fun to get new yarn lines here at The Loopy Ewe. We’re picky about what we add in, and we’re always on the lookout!  Tonight’s Update includes two new yarns that I’m particularly excited about.

First, Cascade Ultra Pima. This DK weight cotton yarn has been on my “must get” list since I got lost in the color palette at our industry market last summer. With Spring knitting coming up, it was time to get it in. This is great for summer tanks and cardi’s, as well as lightweight scarves, wool-free hats, mittens and gloves, and machine wash/dry baby items, year round. Click on the photo to make it bigger. Can you see why I was so taken with it? Do you have any great ideas for a short-sleeved summer cardi pattern that you want to share with me? I’m looking!

The other new yarn line is Kollage’s Riveting, made from recycled blue jeans. You know how you want to wear your softest, most comfortable jeans on your stay-at-home-and-relax day? Now imagine knitting with something like that, and wearing it. Check out the patterns that they have for this line, as well. I like the Tabitha top (shown here in the adult size and the Baby Tabitha size) and the Saturday cowl. Actually, I’m taking the Saturday cowl home with me tonight, so watch for the finished photo on my blog soon-ish.

In addition to those two new lines, we also added in BFL and Lambkins roving from Enchanted Knoll Farm, new colors in Cascade Fixation, Gingher Scissors for your accessory bag, Brittany Birch Straight Needles, and re-stocks in Perfect Notions Cases, Knit Lights, Baggu Bags, and Tulip Crochet Hooks. We had a fun week, getting this Update ready for you!

Since tomorrow is February 1st, watch for the new Dream in Color Dream Club yarn to go on sale. (And remember, we continue to add more skeins in during the week, as our pre-order people make decisions on buying it or not.) I liked this new pattern so much that I’ve already knit it up. Photo on Wednesday’s blog.

We’re under a Winter Storm Warning here in the midwest. It’s supposed to deposit an inch of ice during the evening tonight, and then snow 6-12 inches on top of that, tomorrow and Wednesday. We’re planning on being here at the shop to get your orders packed up and out, but if your status says “pending” for an extra day or two, you can bet that we’re iced under and stuck at home. If that happens, we’ll get back in here asap!  If you’re tempted to come shop in person on Wednesday, call first to make sure we made it in.

Sheri readytohunkerdownwithcoffee,fireinthefireplace,andknitting


  1. Oh my goodness, that forecast isn’t to bad. We have about 2 ft. on ground and are expecting another 2 ft. with this storm. I don’t mind the snow, I rather like it. However the ice is a different matter. If you have tomorrow off I hope you enjoy your time. You and the elves will make up for it when you can. Hugs

  2. Oh, forgot to mention how much I love my Loopy yarn bowl. The cats are fascinated but do leave it alone. No more tangled yarn. Success!

  3. A foot of snow mixed with ice is headed here as well. Such a monster storm. Needles are at the ready, soup is made, water jugs are newly filled (when we lose power the water pump for the well doesn’t work). Stay home and be safe!

  4. Agree with the others-orders can wait, stay safe!
    North Co St. Louis has had freezing rain for 3 hours now-slippery! Husband barely made it home tonight.
    Sheri, you and the Elves please be careful-this is a big storm.

    I have yarn (Lopi) for a teapot cozy next to me-tonight’s work is decided. The dogs want me to sit and knit/crochet so they can cozy up next to me.

    The chickens know it is a big storm-they have been almost silent all day.

  5. Same nasty weather heading East to NJ. I wish we were all together at some lovely lodge in front of a fireplace chatting and knitting!

  6. Stay safe at home!! Enjoy your day(s) off. The riveting yarn looks really neat. Trying to decide what project to knit with it.

  7. I like Sharon’s idea! That sounds so great! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all weather the storm together with our knitting (and yummy soup that it sounds like so many people have going!)

    Here in Central Ohio it is the same drill as elsewhere – ice/snow/then rain. Hope everyone stays safe

  8. Stay safe and warm! We’re on the northern edge, but had a couple hours of white-out today already. Then we get a break, then six inches or so of snow tomorrow night, they say.

    A short-sleeve cardigan pattern that I have already bought and plan to knit, either for me, or my mother, or both, is Bonne Marie Burns’ (ChicKnits) CeCe.
    One-piece (no separate button-band or sleeves!), pretty lace, short sleeve or 3/4 sleeve versions….I really like it, and those who’ve knitted it already seem to like it also.

    The Cascade Ultra Pima seems like a great yarn for that sweater, and it is the right weight! Hmmm…..

  9. Blizzard warning here. 😎 I’m ready for it.

    I need to go back through my patterns for summer sweaters. I know there was one I was thinking about that the Ultra Pima would be perfect for…

  10. Sheri, does the Cascade Ultra Pima have some stretch in it? Regular cotton really hurts my hands, but the love the colors of those.

  11. Expecting 8 to 20 inches here in SE Michigan. I have my knitting, some chocolates, a glass of Riesling for the late afternoon, an afghan, and a flashlight (just in case). I think I’m ready for the snow!!

    Made two really cute shrug sweaters for my granddaughters out of the Cascade Ultra Pima – it’s a great yarn to knit with!

  12. Very excited about the recycled blue jean yarn. Ordered some this AM so I can knit myself a dress. Whooo HOOOOOO!

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