Three Irish Girls, Fiberphile, and Gale’s Art

Lots of things to choose from in this week’s Update. I’m all for buying your own gifts, just in case someone forgot to put you on their list (or wrapped up a Chia Pet to put under your tree.) Look at the new things you have to choose from this week:

Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock – 32 colors in an 80/20 fingering weight yarn base (shown here in Mairin). I find myself walking back to those shelves, just to look at all of the pretty colors. (I did succumb and get two of them. That’s how I handle other yarn lines that I love, too – a couple of skeins each time they come in, until my stash of that line is full and colorful and complete. Of course the “complete” never happens, but I can pretend that one day I’ll stop adding to it.)

Fiberphile Merino Cashmere Sock – didn’t I just mention last week about how much I love the merino/cashmere/nylon base? I know some people only knit scarves/cowls/mitts/shawls out of it because they say it’s too nice to put on your feet, but have you tried on a pair of MCN socks? Because once you do, you’ll soon decide that your feet are totally worth those socks. And Georgia’s semi-solids are gorgeous. The perfect combination of yarn base plus color. (Shown here in Northern Coast.)

Gale’s Art Sock – a re-stock of all of those popular colorways that sold out so quickly the first time. I’m just so glad that she expanded from roving-only to sock yarns this past fall. Good move.

Gale’s Art Black BFL Roving and Alpaca Silk Roving – Spinners: more roving! Several of you have noticed that our roving supply has gone done, and I’m happy to be building it back up. Sometimes I get waylaid by yarn for a bit, but we always want to continue to have beautiful roving available for you, too. (Shown here: Alpaca Silk in Proud Peacock.)

Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock – We’re continuing to build up our supply of their new, large 435 yd. skeins (shown here in Vera). This batch brings our total to 54 colorways in the new size, and we’ll continue to add to it.

Are you done with your gift knitting? I need to finish one more item – a button-on cowl like I made for myself earlier this fall. Then I’m done.  I have a list of things that I want to work on “over the holidays”, but then I look at my calendar and realize that I don’t really have that many days off over the holidays. When do I think I’m going to get all of this done? My list is always longer than the time available to complete it. It’s similar to me taking 6 projects on a weekend trip, thinking I’m going to get them all done. I don’t think I’ll ever change.

Sheri lookingforwardtosnowherelaterthisweek.


  1. Merry Christmas to me!!! I always get just what I want that way!! Merry Christmas to Sheri and the Elves! You make us so happy!

  2. Every time I see yarn posted on FB, I go to your website, login and can’t find
    where to order what you have posted. This is terribly frustrating . What am I
    not doing?


  3. Merry Christmas! I’ve got one mitt to finish and a pair of thumbs to add to a pair of Fetching…once the yarn arrives from TLE tomorrow. Which is good, since I have to have them wrapped to be given to my son’s teacher on Wednesday!

  4. I have one hat to finish. Also a Cabled Keyhole Scarf if I get it done, but it doesn’t have to be a gift, I just wanted to make it.

  5. I’m now into the add-ons–those things that were on the “if I have time” list. I’m knitting 4 turtles made by the pattern “Tuck” from Spud and Chloe blog. My nephews and brother are all scouters and all members of Order of Arrow group called Turtles. So they love them. The nephews will get cash with their turtles and my brother will get some peanuts and either pretzels or a Tide-to-go stick with his. I’m on the second of 4. Debit got the first one today so it had to be rescued before she chewed it up.

  6. Hearing the snow may come in as early as Wed night and stay to Saturday in St. Louis!

    Our tree is up and the house is jam-packed with foodstuffs. We do Polish Christmas Eve (Wigilia) dinner with 13 meatless courses, then Christmas Day is just full of lolling about and snacking.

    Due to the upcoming bad weather, both my adult kids (who were supposed to be in Chicago for Christmas with their grandma) will instead be HOME!!!! With sig others.

    Glad I bought a tur-duc-hen! More people for me to (gladly) feed.

    A very Merry Christmas to everyone at TLE-you all make me smile.

  7. Guess who’s leaving early to finish the knitting gift!!!!
    : ) Keep up the good work. What beautiful re-stocks and new items. I told my hubby this afternoon 2011 will be the Year of Sock for me. I’ve done a bunch of hats this year so I’m moving on! : )
    Have a wonderful Christmas : )

  8. Happy holidays!

    I’m not done with my gift knitting, but two of the gifts that were supposed to be given out on the 18th have been moved all the way to the 31st so I can pay attention to the Christmas gift that was decided on at the last minute. Thank goodness I have Friday off to do a bit of knitting!

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