RAK Reporting Day and Cinnamon Puffs

elves-themselvesThis was another fun week of reading about all of the wonderful (and kind) things you are doing for those around you. Thank you again for sharing it with us. I know that “random acts” are typically done quietly, without telling anyone you did them. But you’re still pretty incognito in the blog comments here, and you have been inspiring a whole lot of people in the meantime. You should read the emails I’ve been getting about this! It has been just awesome.

Just a few from last Friday’s post I liked Jeannette’s idea of making up care packages to hand out to the homeless. Ziploc bags filled with socks, gloves, lip balm, and non-perishable food items. They keep them in the car to hand out. BethC decided to forego fries in her lunches this week and donated that amount to the charity container in the restaurant. Diane decided that she and her family had spent enough on gifts for family and friends and donated the rest of their Christmas fund to the Heifer Project. There was also a lot of snow shoveling, windshield clearing, coffee/cocoa buying, hat and scarf knitting, special help/gifts for the elderly, and Angel Tree participating going on. (Read the ones from our first reporting day, too, if you haven’t seen those yet.)

This week’s randomly drawn winners are: Elizabeth in PA and Kim in TN, who each win two skeins of The Loopy Ewe Solid Series and a pattern (their choice of color and pattern) and a tub of Soak’s Heel creme. I look forward to giving more away next week again, so be sure to leave your latest RAK comments on today’s post to be entered into the drawing.

Today’s recipe originally came from Elf Mary, who brought this in to Loopy last week. I got to thinking about it, and tried a new version over the weekend. I am going to serve these with brunch on Christmas morning!

breakfast-cinnamon-puffsBreakfast Cinnamon Puffs

2 tubes of Crescent Rolls
1 package of cream cheese
1 cup of sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
2 Tbl. butter, melted
cinnamon to sprinkle

Whip together the cream cheese, sugar and vanilla. Fill your cupcake pan with liners. Separate the Crescent triangles and put one in each liner, opened up (so that all three triangle points are laying on the edges of the pan.) Add 1 generous Tbl. of the sugar mixture to the center of the triangle, and then flip all three pointss in to cover the filling and make the little “puff”. I did a little twisty twirl with the longest point, just to make it pretty. 🙂 Brush with melted butter and sprinkle the top lightly with cinnamon. Bake at 375 degrees for 15 minutes, or until done. Makes 16 puffs. Can be served warm or cold.

(Note – the original recipe called for the same ingredients. Grease a 9 x 13 pan. Unroll one tube of Crescents and put on the bottom. Spread the cream cheese/sugar/vanilla mixture on top. Add the second layer of Crescents over the cream cheese. Spread 1 stick of melted butter on top and sprinkle with cinnamon. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Either way, this tastes great!)

For those of you deep into scarf-wearing weather, check out this post about how to do a pretzel knot with your scarf. I tried it and I love how it keeps the scarf snug (and cute!) around your neck. (You might also want to check out Lisa’s beautiful jewelry, while you’re at it.) 🙂

Back to the RAK’s – tell us what you did this week to be a blessing to others! I’m looking forward to reading all about it.

Sheri tryingtobemoreimpromtuwithmyRAKsthisweek


  1. Ran to the mall today to run an errand before work. When I arrived the poor security guy was outside, no coat (- 8 degrees) trying to explain to 2 different people in 2 different cars that they were parked in the fire lane and could not park there. Neither one of these random drivers were taking it in the spirit of the season shall we say. I felt bad for the guy who was only doing his job so after the bank I went to the coffee shop and got him a hot chocolate. I think he thought it was a bit random but hey – that’s why they’re RAK.

  2. We have purchased gifts for the “Angel Tree” project (gifts for kids with incarcerated parent) for several years, but this is the first year where my kids and I will actually deliver some of the gifts. I have spoken to two different families and have times set up for delivery tomorrow afternoon – we’re looking forward to it!

  3. I recently broke up with my boyfriend so we’re not talking at the moment but while at Trader Joe’s today, I noticed they had their annual Vintage ale. He’s always wanted to buy a bottle but always misses it because it sells out so quick. I bought him a bottle and will give it to him when things settle a bit.
    Today, I also donated some clothes, kitchen stuff, shoes, and electronics to goodwill.

  4. I have a friend who is getting a bit frazzeled between the pre-holiday stuff she needs to do at work, and all the organizing she needs to do to get her college kids home by Christmas (not to mention supporting them long-distance through the angst of Finals Week). I stopped by her place yesterday and CLEANED her kitchen so that it would be spotless when the kids and guests arrive this weekend.

  5. When out & about doing my shopping, I’ve been donating money to the charities available at the checkout registers… the ones where you pick up a bar-code coupon & the coupon amount is added to your total with the money going to the charity. It doesn’t feel like much, but maybe this little extra in addition to our regular charity donations will help.

  6. We had a sizeable snowstorm in Minnesota last weekend. The storm was so bad that the plows gave up on Saturday and were behind in snow clearing and the roads were slippery and the snowbanks were fierce.

    On my way to work at 6:30am Monday, I saw a car on the other side of the road which looked like it was stuck in the snowbank. I went up to the next intersection, did a u-turn, and came up behind the car and went to see what was up. The intersection was slippery, and the driver of the car turned it into the snowbank to avoid hitting the car who stopped quickly in front of him to make a right turn.

    I didn’t think I could help much in terms of pushing out the car, but I started digging out the snow from the front of the car. I knew that my stopping greatly increased the chances that some stronger people would stop and help, and sure enough, 2 guys stopped and helped dig out the front of the car and one of them managed to rock it back and forth enough to get the front of the car back on the ground.

    Then, over the course of the week, a friend posted the following link on Facebook (warning, I cried like a little girl when I read this … it’s amazing), and it really highlights why I stop and try to help. I sent this link to my husband, and on our way home from the airport 2 nights ago, we turned around and went back to see if we could help a car with a flat tire at a busy freeway off-ramp.


    Even if I can’t directly help, I know what it’s like to be in a disabled vehicle with no way to call someone or no one to call and no one stops to help.

  7. I finally finished a neverending two-at-a-time red and white scarf project and the scarves will be donated to a local elementary school with an extremely high percentage of free and reduced lunch families. Two children will have warmer heads and necks on the playground.

  8. What a week, I had to place my husband in a Nursing Home. So I gave all our living room and family furniture away. Time for me to down size. Happy Holidays

  9. this week, and I guess next, it is my son who is doing acts of helping out and kindness for me. My daughter is helping too, not to leave her out, but my son presents with autism and type 1 diabetes, and to see him taking responsibility for himself, is a good feeling for me. So I was sloppy, fell rushing to the car and now not walking on one foot. He has been measuring his food himself, bringing the insulin to me, and just more than he usually does. going towards more independence, that is a joyous plus for all of us here. My daughter is doing the driving, and the cooking for me, and will take her brother to his drs. appointment if I can’t drive or walk well by Monday. good to have family. I should knit for them while I’m sitting here. She wants fingerless mitts, well he wants dvds and video games. can’t quite knit them.

  10. I was the recipient of a RAK on Thursday. I was driving to work in freezing rain, and my windshield wipers decided to not work. I stopped at a gas station to but a scraper ($1.39) so I could keep pulling over and chip off ice. At the cash register, I realized I did not have my debit card OR money because I took it out so my husband could use it the night before. The teenage attendant bought the ice scraper for me. It was so sweet.
    So, on Friday, I took her a thank you card with a $20 bill in it, and dropped it off on my way to work.

  11. I shoveled my neighbors walk when the association was horribly snow in clearing us out after our blizzard. I saw tracks in the snow so I knew they used their front door.

  12. Walking to my neighborhood coffe shop, I noticed that the parking meter meany(read meter guy) was parked watching and waiting for a meter to expire. There were about two minutes left. This was an out of state car; the last thing an out of town visitor needs is a parking ticket as a memento. I put money in the meter.

  13. It’s been unseasonably cold here the last few days. Snowy, too. I left the mailman a thermos of hot chocolate and some chocolate chip cookies.

  14. Well I am not sure how kind my acts were. I mean I read other posts where some folks have some huge acts of kindness. All I have done is let people with kids go in front of me in line or go first in the rest room.
    I think I need to step it up.

  15. I performed three concerts with The Harmony Project (http://www.harmonyproject.com), a community choir that is heavily involved in community service – if you don’t volunteer and serve the community, you don’t get to sing! This season, we raised enough money to provide 16,000 meals for the Mid-Ohio Food Bank and give over 2,000 toys and 120 bikes to underprivileged children. Can’t wait to see what we do next season!

  16. Dear Sherry
    I’ve been absent from Loopy for a few weeks – loads of Christmas cheer to whip up. I’m so happy that I was able to ship off my hand knits this morning but I have to start / finish another project tonight. : )
    Keep up the awesome RAK inspirations.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
    ps New Year’s resolution #1 – KNIT MY FIRST PAIR OF SOCKS IN 2011 !!!!

  17. Walking up to the grocery store saw the bell ringer. It had snowed all day and the snow was sort of melting causing a damp cold that just went right through you. The bell ringer was his normal jolly self, singing and thanking people. I asked if he would like a hot drink and if so if he needed milk or sugar, “no just black, please”. Stopped at the coffee bar in the grocery store and got him the large coffee. Not just to drink but to keep his hands warm. Handed him the coffee with my change from grocery shopping.

    In the summer I put a bottle of water into a ziplock bag with lots of ice and put it in the mail box. A nice surprise on those 100 degree days for the mail carrier.

  18. My office sponsors a family every Christmas and we all contribute to gifts so that the entire family can have both gifts under the tree and a festive meal. Makes it nice for those of us without kids to still have the fun of picking out dolls and crayons!

  19. This week shoppers seemed really stressed trying to get the needed groceries amidst crowded aisles. I determined that the biggest gift I could give was (1) yield the right of way every time, whether it was my turn or not; and (2) make eye contact and smile at every person struggling with child and cart.

    You’d be surprised how many people put their shoulders back down and smiled in return.

  20. Sent a chocolate care package to someone I don’t really know but who clearly needed it. Bought a Starbucks card for my hairstylist as a thank you for all the extra effort she’s put in with my wiggly 4 year old and everything else. Also some things for clients at my work which I shall keep to myself, other than to say I’m proud of my staff for the extra effort they’ve put in with our clients, who often find this time of year particularly hard.

  21. I used a bunch of leftover worsted yarn that I had to knit a bunch of hats and mittens for a woman named Teanne on Ravelry who went on a mission trip to Romania this December. I had never done this before; she recently posted many pictures on her project page of the kids wearing their new warm winter clothing after she handed it out. I was both delighted and sad when I saw a small boy and girl wearing the hats that I’d made; while I wish I could do more at least I’d done something.

  22. It was just a small gesture but as my DD and I were trying to finish up our Christmas shopping today the smell of the cookies being baked overwhelmed us and I had to buy a box and as we continued to shop and staff in stores where chatting/offerring to help us I handed them out to each person which made them smie and thank us for thinking of them as they were very busy indeed, as I said just a little gesture but i was left feeling i had made their day a little better which in turn made my day so much nicer with the added bonus of not eating too many cookies ourselves :0)
    Merry Christmas Sheri and the busy elves.
    Love Mel x x x

  23. A friend at work got some bad health news about a family member, so I took in a plant & a gift certificate for one of his favorite places to let him know that I’m thinking about them.

  24. Sherri, I know it’s past the RAK date, but I just had to share what a wonderful experience I’ve seen today over on http://www.plurk.com Plurk is similar to twitter, but allows for threads of conversation, and quite a few knitters have befriended eachother there.
    One particular knitter was having a bad day, so someone used the pattern gifting feature on Ravelry to cheer her up. Then she passed it forward. From there, it has been a pattern gifting party all day long!! For many people this year it’s been tough economically, so some knitters are getting patterns from several people even though they can’t pass on the love themselves. I wonder what the designers will all think when they get the notifications hehe!
    I wish I could attach a screenshot of all the “loves” and “hugs” posts over there tonight, but it’s very heartwarming and I wanted to share!

  25. I made a small charity donation when asked by a cashier if I would like to round up my purchase total by just a little bit. It was such a small donation that I was kind of embarrassed when the cashier rung their donation bell. It was a good reminder that every penny counts so I’m keeping my eye out for more of these since I can’t do larger donations this year.

  26. My son brought his dog, Bisquick, home for Christmas. Then he and his dog leave for North Carolina and I’m not sure when next we will see them. So when they arrived I took Bisquick to the dog beauty parlor and cleaned her up, bought her a pink striped sweater for her journey East and a new comfy bed to fit in her cage. And yes, I’ll do some equally great things for my son before they leave. I’ll miss them.

  27. I baked cookies for my co-workers.

    If my RAKs all seem to be work-related, it’s because that’s the only place I’ve gone lately. But I’m off for the holidays now – yay!

  28. I have been giving up parking spaces to others when I have been Christmas shopping. It’s not much, but maybe their day will be a little easier if they get a slightly better spot, and I don’t mind walking a little extra

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