First Quarter 2011 Challenge

It’s time for a new Loopy Ewe Challenge! One of the things we try to do around here is to move you forward in your knitting, encouraging and inspiring you to try new things. Sometimes it’s a technique, sometimes it’s a new yarn, and sometimes it’s a new type of project. For our First Quarter 2011 Challenge, we’re focusing on Cables. Cables add texture to whatever project you are knitting up. They look impressive, but they are amazingly easy to do. Bottom line – it’s just a matter of knitting your stitches in a different order – that’s what forms the twist. The other nice thing? You usually only do the cable row every 4-8 rows, so it’s not something you do on every row. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is.

The challenge is to pick a project with cables, and jump in. It can be mitts or gloves, hats or scarves, sweaters or vests, etc. Whatever project works best with your timeframe and your interests. Now some of you have been cabling for a long time, so you need to make this challenge a bit more difficult for yourself. Don’t pick an easy-peasy project with a simple cable. You’ll want to do something that lives up to the name “challenge”, for you. (Have you been following Wendy’s cabled sweater in her blog? So gorgeous. If you’re an old hand at cables, try something with multiple cable variations going on, like Wendy is doing with her sweater.)

Here are a few patterns/links to get you thinking, but of course you can pick any pattern with cables.

Nine to Five Socks
Firestarter Socks (10th pattern down)
Calendula Cable Socks
Highland Fling Socks

Habitat Cabled Beanie
Knotty But Nice

Fetching (this pattern was my first try at cabling)
Knotty Gloves
Linda K’s Yummy Mummy Wristwarmers
Fine Cabled Mitts

Cabled Keyhole Scarf
Palindrome Reversible Scarf
Irish Hiking Scarf
Hollygrove Scarf
Irish Cabled Neckwarmer (pictured, finished last week for a gift!)

Hooray Cardigan
Central Park Hoodie
Tangled Yoke Cardigan
Cassidy Cardigan

If you’ve done cabling before but never tried it without a cable needle, check out Grumperina’s great tutorial on cabling without a needle, found here. (If you have not cabled before, you might first try with a cable needle.)

Final details: Start date is today (or any time thereafter), and your project needs to be completed by 3/31. To be eligible for one of the Quarterly Prizes, photos must be submitted to our Photo Gallery by 4/4, and it needs to be a yarn that is available here at The Loopy Ewe. If you need to purchase yarn for this new challenge, we are offering a 20% off discount, valid until 1/7/11. Simply leave us an order note telling us which yarn you’re using for the challenge, and we’ll manually adjust it to 20% off when your order comes through. (Make sure that the discount doesn’t take you under the $75 level, if you’re going for free shipping in the U.S., otherwise we’ll have to add the shipping back in on that.)

So – who is up for the Cable Challenge? I’m making the Hollygrove Scarf out of Cascade Eco Alpaca and starting it today!

Sheri whowillbelearningtocablewithoutaneedleonthisproject


  1. Sheri, Love the Irish Neckwarmer that you posted about a while back. That wasinspiration to me and have so far done 3 for Christmas gifts. It’s a great pattern for first timr cablers. I’d not really done any cable before Wendy’s class at the Spring fling this year and then did not do any until you posted the nesck warmer.

    Love the yarn you used. What is it? I may have to get some of it for this challenge.

    Happy Holidays

  2. I’m totally in! This is my first Challenge ever! Going to attempt the Firestarter socks. A few challenges for me in this pattern. Learning Magic Loop, Crochet Cast-On, and Cabling Without a Cable Needle!

    Can’t wait to see how this works out!

  3. So, I have a cabled sweater I started last year that I really want to finish (I only worked on it for the 2 weeks of the Olympics). I want to do this challenge with that sweater, but I will have to find something else, because it is out of a non-Loopy Ewe yarn!

  4. Oh, and I still need to use my Third Quarter challenge discount. I have evidently been remiss in my yarn buying! I think I’d like to do an Alpaca Fino cabled cowl or neckwarmer to go with the shawl I’m plotting 🙂

  5. I have had knotty gloves on my Ravelry queue for quite some time. It will be a challenge for me due to the fact I do not read charts (have always avoided them, they confuse my brain) but I decided this year was the year to learn to read charts and make me new gloves too!!

  6. Perfect timing Sheri ! I got a beautiful new kelly green cashmere/wool winter coat from my mom for christmas – I have been scouring RAV for a beret pattern and I think Sweet Little Nothing by Marie Adeline Boyer is the one for me – It uses MT sock which I have been dying to try. I have been perusing colors and I think Malachite or Moorland is a good choice to show off the cables however I fell in love with Plum tree – So after I have recovered from Christmas and the old bank account gets an injection – I will be ordering for this project. Thanks for a fun event to chase away the after holiday doldrums. Melody

  7. I’ve never done cable and would like to give it a try with the Irish Hiking Scarf.. would the Sanguine Gryphon yarn weight work?? thanks!! Sounds like fun and I will then maybe learn!

  8. Oh, I may have to join this one. I just finished a Cabled Keyhole Scarf and made a Palindrome in the past. I may have to try one of the pair of socks though the Hooray Cardigan looks very nice. I also have a few vest patterns that are calling to me and may have to pick one of them. Decisions, luckily I am off all week and can decide.

  9. Perfect timing. Have been twiddling with doing a cable mitten…. and really need the practice to fine tune my technique! But, as with some the others, to pick a pattern! Thank you for all of your support!

  10. I’m going to knock out Jocelyn Ahlers Cloisters Cap — so very cute and awesome! I recommend it to anyone who wants a great cable project that they can finish fairly quickly. She’s “Knitting Linguist” on Ravelry and the pattern is free!

  11. Love to cable!!! Want to pick out yarn for a honeycomb/cable scarf. Will be fun to see what projects everyone picks.

  12. Well, how about that–just when my new year’s resolution in knitting is to try and do something with cables. Last year I did 3 little socks…no mates, but had one in size 3 and one in size 8 and used for grandkids stockings at Christmas. The tiny loopy ewe sock I left out for baby Jesus….Last year I also learned how to do a little lace/chart knitting. I’m slowly getting on board with more than knit/purl! I love your encouragement. By the way, hope your Christmas was delightful and the New Year blessed.

  13. Count me in! I’ve only done 1 complete project with cables and have 1 WIP that has cables. I most definitely would like to learn cables without the needle. I will be checking that out.

  14. My favorite cable sweater that I am plugging through is awesome and sexy and warm and beautiful!! You should definitely check out the Howlite Sweater from Army of Knitters…. we are trying to have a KAL for it, on Rav. if the cables intimidate you…. come and join us so you can have something cabled and challenging and still get some support:)
    I bought all my Cascade 220 for the project from The Loopy Ewe! Sheri was so helpful, I was worried I needed more, and they had plenty of my dye lot left… this sweater is definitely challenging, I am hoping to be done by New Years Eve…right!

  15. I’m dying to do the Palindrome scarf, but you don’t sell the Patons SWS the sample uses. What might you have that would give that effect?

  16. I think I’ll finally go for Rhiannon with the Cascade Heritage in White I purchased awhile back. It’s been marinating in the stash long enough, methinks!

  17. All right, I’m in. I’ve never made myself socks before, so I’m going to use the Wollmeise I bought from you a while back and make some cabled socks. Excited!

  18. Sounds fun! I have been trying to stash-bust for a while, and since lots of my stash is from Loopy, this sounds like a good challenge for me! I’ll go rifle through my stash right now and see what I find…then I’ll pick something delicious to cable. Eee!

  19. This won’t count for the challenge, as it’s a WIP, but I may take this as an incentive to finally finish the cabled sweater in Cascade 220 I’ve been working on for the past mumble years.

    If I do participate, I’ll probably make the Eunny Jang Bayerische socks; they’ve been in my queue forever, and I’m planning to make them with Cascade Heritage.

  20. I love cabling and do many projects that require it. Right now I’m making Cookie A’s Marlinda from Knit, Sock, Love using DIC Smooshy (Cocoa Kiss) and I just finished Miller’s Hat using a small spinner’s Alpaca blend. For this challenge at least one of my projects will be (probably) mitaines & moufles from Twist using fresco and O-wool (oops, doesn’t look like those are in the shop), maybe another pair of cabled socks and probably a beret of some sort – star crossed beret maybe. Possibly a pair of mitts. At least one of these should be eligible…

  21. Oh I have some fetching fingerless gloves to make for a February birthday and I am completely in lust for the Hargrove scarf by the Three Irish Girls … I have the perfect yarn already, but I may need a second skein. I’m so excited about this!

    No, I will not be cabling without a needle. I’m not that confident yet and it terrifies me to lose a stitch.

  22. I would like to try cables. My pattern is called Intwined hat. (found on Ravelry). It is the perfect excuse to buy more yarn because it uses sport weight yarn which is low in my stash. Just placed an order for some Madelinetosh. Count me in

  23. okay – i am in too – i am a cable knitter but want to master knitting cables without a cable needle.. hmmm what will i do with all those hanging around cable needles? i’ll think of something.. LOL – will start out with Mom’s fingerless gloves and go from there forward….

  24. I’m in, too. I’ve been wanting to learn to cable without a cable needle, so this is a good incentive. Still have to pick a pattern, but I’ll find one!

  25. I’d join you, but I started my Cabled Keyhole scarf in December, using Malabrigo worsted–purchased from the Loopy Ewe. For once, I’m too early–not too late…

  26. First I’m going to finish my Central Park Hoodie and then I’m going to try those Knotty gloves….have been eyeing them for quite a while. Love your choice of scarf pattern; it looks HARD! (bought it anyhow, LOL)

  27. I cable, and have tried it without a needle, but am FAR from proficient. This will be great practice! I’m going to play along with a pair of socks (in some luscious Lorna’s Laces, in a fabulous colorway) – and to kill two birds with one stone, they will be toe-up socks, a technique I’ve been curious to try. Thanks!!

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