Knitting for Babies …

… is fun! My friend Janice had her first grandbaby this week. (No baby pics on her blog yet, but I know they’ll be there sooner or later. Edit: Now update –  Here’s the post with the baby pics!) This was my first chance to knit something for a baby, as most all of my friends are out of the having babies stage, and many of my other friends don’t yet have grandchildren. I put off making a decision on what to knit until a couple of weeks ago. There are so many cute options and I just couldn’t decide. I finally went with Felix’s Cardigan and Shibui Knits Bebe Hat. (I was going to knit the socks to go along with it, but ran out of yarn. I had a little ball about the size of an acorn left over. I was sweating it as I neared the top of the hat!)

The yarn is Dream in Color’s new Everlasting Sock, in a darkish version of the Morning Glory colorway. I picked this one because I was sure this baby would have blue eyes (thus the blue) and it’s possible that he might have cute red hair (thus the green). I really like how this yarn base knit up and look forward to using it for more projects. The colors are what most draws me to this line, but the non-striping, non-pooling is a bonus. A note on the patterns – I love the hat. The pattern is well written and the texture down by the brim is cute. The cardigan – I really like the way it turned out, but the pattern itself has some mistakes in some of the counts. I see others have commented on this on Ravelry, but apparently nothing has been fixed in the pattern because the comments were from months ago and I just downloaded it two weeks ago. Just a “beware” if you knit it. I basically ignored the numbers that were wrong and knit on, which worked just fine. The infant pattern is free on Rav. I think that most infants grow so quickly that a 6-12 month size (or bigger) would get more use, so I made this one in the 6-12 month size.

There are so many more things on my to-knit list that I want to get to. And so many different yarns that I want to work with. I might end up doing only one handknit gift this season – a shawl for a friend. Is that bad?

Sheri happythattheweekendishereanditwillbeCOLD!


  1. How cute! Great choice of yarn! I just finished a BSJ for a co-worker’s new daughter in DinC’s Classy – Pansy Golightly. Who says babies have to be in pastels!! Enjoy your knitting time this weekend!

  2. Take comfort knowing you can knit until your 110 years old and never run out of yarn or inspiration!!

    I just finished a baby sweater, too! I LOVE the darn thing.

    Love the color of your little outfit.

  3. Baby blanket number 1 is done and BSJ is done. I still need to do a hat for the baby and I am working on a pink baby blanket for my niece who is due in January and who’s Mom is pink obscessed.

  4. Lovely set in a beautiful colorway. Personally I prefer darker colors on babies instead of always pastels. The recipient will be lucky to have this gift.

    A friend is having her third child and I am designing a hat for the baby, and making a soaker cover. My first time knitting and crocheting for a child.

    My kids are busy with their lives so I do not forsee any grands soon.

    However, I do have baby chickens to knit for…hmmmm….

  5. I don’t have anyone who has babies, which is too bad. The 5 and 6 year olds I know are just picky enough that I don’t really want to knit for them.

    Instead I will just have to knit for my friends who don’t mind when I pick out something kooky for them.

  6. That’s a sweet little baby set right there. I love that color!

    And I think only one handknit holiday gift is just fine, especially when there are babies to knit for!

  7. Cute cute cute cute cute!! Tell Janice congratulations!

    I’m too buys knitting for the gifts to do anything that I “want” to do (which doesn’t count the gifts, as they’re things I want to do, too), but I’ve got that list warmed up and ready for January!!!

    Stay warm!

  8. You know – who says you can only give a knitted gift for the holidays? I think if you give a hand knitted gift at another time – it may even mean more then. Better to knit one in time for the holidays with your heart behind it AND enjoying the time knitting instead of putting pressure on yourself to whip through your list. I like a “for no reason at all” gift best at any time of the year – to give and to receive 🙂

  9. The baby pics on Janice’s FB page are precious! I’m sure the sweater will look adorable. But Sheri, how could you ever run out of yarn – lol!

    I’m not planning any knitted gifts for the holidays either, unless I get inspired (maybe one or two). I’m really hoping to finish a few sweaters this year so I can actually wear them while the weather is cold. Hear, hear for cold weather! Love it!

  10. I love to knit for babies. Toddlers, too. I usually do not make knitted gifts for Christmas. I have too large a family and could not just single out a few . I knit all year round for them and they know that they are in the list, so it is okay. Besides, if a project is on the needles, they have no qualms about speaking up and checking out if it has a future or is available for adoption.

  11. I only get to 1 or 2 people per year for knitted gifts. I am making Sockhead hats for my kids’ daycare ladies. I am also making fun ornaments, but I may keep all of those for my tree.

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Sheri, great baby jacket and hat! And no, it’s never wrong to ony knit gifts that work for you. I’m a firm believer that gifts that are either purchased or made must be done with a loving heart and rushed handknits definitely make it a challenge to have a loving heart! Handknit gifts are appreciated all year long – for any reason or for none at all. I gift as the spirit moves me and I’ve found as I’ve gotten older that I’m happier and my “giftees” are fine with ad hoc hand knit gifting!

    I just finished a nice cowl with HandMainden’s Merino and Sea Silk in Earth from TLE – the cowl has a very simple four row lace pattern mixed with columns of straight stitching. I”m so tickled with how it came out – I’ll be blocking this week. It’s a item for myself – I’m further north this winter and I’ll need some kind of head cover. I love the seasilk and merino blend – it doesn’t seem to cause as much static with my very fine hair, so I won’t start the work day looking a mess!

    I’m now looking at how to best spend my $25 Loopy Ewe credit – so much to buy, so little time to shop and knit :>

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