Things to Distract Me at Work … and a CONTEST!

Loopy Elf Donna got a new puppy named Lucy. Is she not the cutest thing? She had just been to the vet, so she was exhausted from her big morning out.

She posed:

She checked out Loopy:

And then she zonked out, fast asleep.

Needless to say, all work of any kind stopped while Lucy was visiting. We all stood around and watched her sleep and talked about how darned cute she is.

So this month’s contest question is: What distracts you at work? Whether you work in the house or out of the house, I know there are things that pull you away from what you are intending to do. (Ravelry? I’m talking about you.) What distracts you?

Leave your answer in the comments and we will randomly draw names of winners next week. The prize – $25 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificates, so that you can splurge on some new yarn!

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Sheri hopingLucywillcomebackandvisitusagainsoon


  1. Knitting, and how good it would be to be snuggled up on the couch under a blanket with some knitting, watching TV on DVD instead of being at my desk!

  2. Knitting distracts me – reading about it (Rav, blogs, new magazines), wanting to do it (for my new grandbaby and the 2 grandbabies on the way!) – and – well, doing it!

  3. We got kittens in June. Their names are Bonnie & Clyde. They live up to their names. They are 6 months now and everything is a toy. I mean everything from a piece of cat litter that Bonnie will bat around the house for hours to my wedding ring that she found on the edge of the sink. I have cat toys that I have purchased for them that they don’t seem to like as much as other things. They are into everything, so I guess what distracts me while I am working at home are the kittens. They are so cute, so I don’t really mind.

  4. What distracts me most at work is my overactive imagination. I am a server at a private country club so i cant go online and be distracted by my favorite websites. I just distract myself by planning new knitting projects in my head or thinking about my current projects. I also get distracted when a member comes in wearing something I know was hand knit…i try to figure out how to make it and what yarns I would use…

  5. Hmmm, I get most distracted by Ravelry. I reward myself in between tasks by allowing some goofing off time – sometimes that becomes too much time. eeep!! Good thing i’m in my own office, and monitor my own work =)

  6. These days I’m distracted by calculating how much knitting I need to do each evening to finish my Christmas gift list on time! If only I could figure out a subtle way to knit at work…

  7. I don’t know whether to call an annual fall knitting obsession a distraction or not. I do get very distracted by free book offers for e-readers.

  8. I can’t get online at my job!!!!!!!! I am a student too. I reward myself with ravelry, after I reach studying goals.

  9. lindt, we shipp it out to different stores so we get alot of it for ourselves. Love when a driver walks in with truffles!

  10. Where do one begin; internet-once I am on it, I am on it for quite a bit. I am easily distracted from household work [cleaning the house, vacuuming, and etc] because I really hate doing it; my kids activities distract me; and my job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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