Things to Distract Me at Work … and a CONTEST!

Loopy Elf Donna got a new puppy named Lucy. Is she not the cutest thing? She had just been to the vet, so she was exhausted from her big morning out.

She posed:

She checked out Loopy:

And then she zonked out, fast asleep.

Needless to say, all work of any kind stopped while Lucy was visiting. We all stood around and watched her sleep and talked about how darned cute she is.

So this month’s contest question is: What distracts you at work? Whether you work in the house or out of the house, I know there are things that pull you away from what you are intending to do. (Ravelry? I’m talking about you.) What distracts you?

Leave your answer in the comments and we will randomly draw names of winners next week. The prize – $25 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificates, so that you can splurge on some new yarn!

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Sheri hopingLucywillcomebackandvisitusagainsoon


  1. Ravelry is of course my biggest distraction. It is an amazing place to check out new yarn, patterns and catch up with friends. LOL Now if I could get some things done while being on ravelry then I wouldn’t get the eye roll from the hubby every time I snagged the computer.

  2. My co-workers are my biggest distraction at work. I keep trying to tell my boss that I would get so much more work done if I could work from home because I wouldn’t have anyone to talk to. Besides, if I worked from home, I could knit when my customers put me on hold!! LOL!

  3. definitely my co-workers/the fact that my desk is in a pretty open location leading me to swivel my head around every 30 seconds to see whose about! and the frequent emails about leftovers across the office.

  4. My biggest distraction at work is the view out my 20th floor window. I work in cubicle-land, but was lucky enough to snag a cubicle by a window that faces east, so I see Lake Washington and the Cascade Mountains, and if I stand next to the window and crane my neck, I can see Mount Rainier. My biggest distraction this time of year is the sunrise. We have had some amazing ones this month, and I usually arrive just about the time the show gets started. I always have my camera with me, so I may spend a few minutes snapping pictures, too.

  5. Mostly it’s my co-workers who distract me. The days when all of us are in the office, we’re always busy catching up and there seems to be a lot of small moments taken from work to chat.

  6. When I get on the computer and start reading the blogs I can’t seem to stop. I could spend hours on end just sitting there and reading all of them. Some are great and others I could do without. The Loopy Ewe is my biggest downfall. I am so hooked with the site, I spend litteraly hours on here.

  7. Email. Even if it’s work-related, it tends to fracture my time. I can spend all day doing work-related ‘stuff’ and still end up feeling like I’ve accomplished nothing.

  8. What distracts me is my next project…do i have the yarn for it? do i have to sneak wool into the house before the darling hubby sees it. how long before i can get to it. then i can’t wait any longer and i start it before the other four projects are done!!!!!

  9. Having just been “missed” by three tornado like storms here in North Alabama by a few short miles or less!!! Yikes!!! I have to say the weather interupts my day…daily!! I go out side and walk during the nice weather, when we have it. Watch the winter storms roll across the country and into the Northeastern states (childhood home where I learned to knit), track the hurricanes in the Atlantic with their projected paths (read possible rain for North Alabama and the dreaded “possible associated tornado(s)”) and of course the daily projected local weather. I am watching and checking the weather and sometimes…. knitting!

  10. Usually it’s the noise coming from our customer service dept. They tend to yell over the cubes at each other rather than picking up the phone or walking over. The other thing is thinking about all of the knitting time I’m losing…LOL.

  11. When I have lots to do, I avoid my upstairs workstation, as that is where my computer and printer are. I can get sucked into any number of pattern sites and KAL’s in a matter of minutes, and those minutes then grow into hours. Suddenly my noon “just checking my email” becomes “Janet, dinner is ready”!!! No wonder DH feels neglected. I love Ravelry for all of its ideas, but it can really take hours and hours away.

    After two years in Mafia Wars, I exited that game, as it was getting to be nearly an obsession with me–but I haven’t saved time because I just spend more time on Rav and stalking TLE for their sneakups!!!!

    jc in WI

  12. I am so easily distracted by other work I have to get done

    No wait


  13. Distractions are what I do at work…Walk-ins from students/faculty/staff mean I must drop what I’m doing to help them – and I do that gladly! 🙂

    Other distractions include cell phone calls, arrival of inter-office mail, impromptu meetings with the VP/President/Deans, incoming weather front (I have a VERY big window – floor to ceiling!), unexpected celebrations (birthdays/years of service), fire drills (or actual fires/equipment failures, which require evac from buildings)…

    Can you guess I work for a very busy community college? But – I get to knit every day at lunch and that keeps me sane after all the distractions!

  14. I can’t access Ravelry from my work computer, but I do keep a knitting project at my desk and it keeps calling my name!

  15. Mostly other people’s conversations and in the rare moment when I ‘m not busy, I go to Ravelry or the Loopy Ewe to check stuff out!

  16. Wow! I wish I had something so adorable to distract me while I work. I am a full time college student and I find that the TV distracts me more than anything. Oh, and constantly checking Monday Updates at the Loopy Ewe.

  17. I purposely do NOT bring my knitting to work and I limit any personal internet use to lunch time. What stops me at work? A phone call or email about my 9 month old granddaughter. I’ve been able to spend time with her 5 times in her life (she’s lived in NYC and Hawaii and I live in Alaska) and I want to know everything she does!

  18. At work I sit near a window that looks out on a grassy field bordered by woods. I can get distracted by the birds, occasional deer and “woody” the woodchuck that runs back and forth!

  19. On Mondays, Wed, and Fridays it’s that distracts me. Any knitting or cooking blogs will provide a nice diversion.

  20. I have not been a long time fan but am a loyal fan of The Loopy Ewe. That seems to be my biggest distraction here at work. I look forward to the emails and read every word. At time it takes me from one email to the other to look at everything. Thanks for being there for me. I do find myself ordering quite often and have loved everything.

  21. I work in the billing department of a hospital, and so sometimes I get distracted by the different diagnosis on the claims. “I had no idea you could even GET that sort of thing!”

    I also get distracted by a few coworkers and their drama….

    Then there’s always the internet and updates by my favorite sites. *ahem*.

  22. Reading knitting blog is the biggest distraction. I can spend hours reading about knitting and knitters and techniques Oh my! Patterns and yarns and puppies Oh boy!

  23. my newest knitting project distracts me. I keep thinking about it and then just take it in my hands, after I do that I want to knit just for 2 minutes….

  24. I work at home, and sometimes walk out into the yard (with my little camera) for a break. Then I get distracted taking pictures in the yard of blooming flowers, pollinating bees, developing fruit, and my two dogs.

  25. I work for a bank in their vault counting money. Sooo while I am running my machine I am thinking about my stash and what am I going to make next…….the machine jams because I am off in knitting land and where did the day go????

  26. I get distracted by ravelry, and dreaming of my next project, or the CPW I’m currently restoring… Some days can’t go fast enough…

  27. Definitely my beautiful abyssinian cat named Ramses. I do call him my ‘Loveboat’ as he showers me with kisses every few minutes, most often while I am knitting. I do have to stop working, set the knitting aside and give him my full attention !

  28. i get distracted by the internet, esp. Ravelry. Facebook too, and i am really not proud of myself for that one!!

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