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Need to know what to invest in? Wondering who is having an argument with their spouse? Want to hear about the trouble that Little Bobby got into the first week in school? Come visit my office. My desk is pushed up to this window, and this is THE PLACE for all break-time phone conversations to occur. I think most of the people in our building stand here at one time or another. And they talk loudly. Like these people:






Sometimes, I think it’d be fun to yank the blinds up and scare the latte right out of their cups. (Is that wrong? Was I having a bad day when that idea occurred to me?) They have no idea that they starred on a knitting blog today. That makes me feel a little better about the whole situation. These weren’t all on the same day. But after it happened over and over and over again, I decided to take photo evidence. You never know when I might need it. Now I just need to get photos of the other 23 people who make this a habit in our building. Or maybe I’ll stop now.

Anything interesting going on outside of your windows today?

Sheri Icouldmovemydesk,butwhatfunwouldthatbe?


  1. I would say tape a sign to the outside of the window that shows the address of your blog post saying…..beware… are famous! or….do I talk by YOUR desk?!

    Out our window are a lot of children trying to suck every last moment out of summer. Michigan law requires schools to start after Labor day… kids have that almost sad look of wishing it wouldn’t end.

  2. The office I work in is a huge cube farm, and we have absolutely NO privacy anywhere. I guess I can empathize with the people outside your window—if I want to call a doctor’s office or make some other private call, I have to sneak out to my car with my cell or find some other place to hide outdoors. It may be annoying to you, but having been on the other side of it, I can’t tell you how wearing it gets to have someone watching and listening to every thing you do or word you say all day long. And whatever information people even think they glean by eavesdropping on your *private* phone calls is of course spread far and wide by the office gossips, who are going to keep that gossip mill churning whether they know what they are talking about or not.

  3. I would either do what you wanted to with the blinds OR make a nice sign(not that they would all notice) saying “Attention All Cell Phone Users: Can You Please Speak Just A Little Louder – We Have Missed Only 10% of Your Phone Conversation Details)
    OR – you can – before you raise the blinds – get a Halloween mask and scare the bejeebers out of them. Would be funny on America’a Funniest Home Videos – then you could make some $$$ out of it – as for me – I am at a corner desk with (boo hiss) no windows. Can you get one of those no cell phone zone signs that hospitals post?

  4. I don’t have a window šŸ™ Just my little cubicle.

    Have you thought about putting a pair of googly eyes in your blinds? Just, disembodied eyes? I wonder how long it would take for someone to notice? And, would they jump out of their skin when they do?

    You could add entertainment to your day to temper the annoyance this causes.

  5. The only thing outside my window is apple trees, finches, chickadees, scrub jays, etc. Can you guess that this is into my backyard? I’m so glad I’m retired!

  6. Oh my. That is to funny ! I think you should wait until Holloween. Dress up & yank the blinds up with a loud “BOOOOOOOOO!” Of course you will offer a nice handfull of trick or treat candy becouse you got to trick they can have a treat. Just a thought?

  7. lol! Someone should send them all the link to your blog! Maybe you should post a sign that says ” I can hear you now”!

  8. Randomly:

    * I LOVE the airhorn idea – is it wrong that that made me laugh really hard?

    * Didn’t I read somwhere that places like the symphony and tony restaurants are purchasing cell phone jammers so that folks can neither make nor receive phone calls within a certain radius? It would probably be a deductible expese for you šŸ™‚

    * I’m on the 19th floor, so mostly I only hear sirens and the sounds of the regular demonstrations that occur in the SF Financial District. The demonstrations drive me nuts – not because people are demonstrating but because from 19 floors away I can NEVER figure out what they’re demonstrating about. It’s just a lot of angry background noise that has me gritting my teeth after awhile.

    * On the other hand, I commute on a bus about an hour each way and I’m regularly STUNNED by the conversations people will have on a cell phone on an otherwise quiet bus. Think people making airline reservations and giving out their credit card information. Slowly – so you can write it all down. Think half hour conversations about the caller’s sex life. (Or don’t – it’s a little ooky). I find myself wanting to get up, tap on the caller’s shoulder and say “Seriously? You’re just not that interesting!”

  9. Maybe you need to post a small sign in your window that says something to the effect of “All phone conversations held in this area will be taped and submitted to the FBI for further analysis.”

  10. Sheri, I think you should post a sign in your window that says “Phone Booth”
    Maybe even a slot to put your quarter in to make a call. šŸ™‚

  11. * Get one of those fake video security cameras with the red light that looks like it’s recording, and have it peek through your blinds at their eye level (in plain sight).

    * Put a sign next to the camera that says ‘the video of your phone call will be posted on Youtube this evening.’

    * NYC Alt 1: Put cones outside the window and some broken pieces of stone on the sidewalk and a sign that says ‘beware of falling concrete.’

    * NYC Alt 2: A pile of (fake!) doggy doo outside where they like to stand.

    * NYC Alt 3: If your window opens, aim your music speaker out the window. Keep a special playlist handy (I find Black Sabbath, Metallica, Marilyn Manson or Rob Zombie work well for
    these occasions, but barking dog recordings can also do just fine!).

    * And finally: A chalk outline of someone holding a cell phone (some shattered electronics on the ground would add a nice touch) on the sidewalk outside the window, and fake bullethole on your window….

    (Yes, I’m hormonal, and enjoying all these possibilities!)

    : )

  12. Do it. Scare the bejeezus out of them. It would serve them right! šŸ˜‰

    Nothing going on outside my window today. I should be thankful. The past couple of days my lovely, pristine, politely-dressed neighborhood has been witness to the Bare-Belly Man. He must be a visitor, because nobody in this neighborhood goes outside unless they are dressed properly for public consumption. Not even to get the mail. Nope. We’re fully dressed even if we’re just stepping out to grab the paper from the stoop.

    So when I looked up from my computer to see this visage, this wondrous creature of advancing age and already-advanced beer gut, strolling by with a button-down shirt left completely unbuttoned, with his enormous hairy belly bouncing along for all to see, well… I was speechless.

    And then he strolled by the next day. Wearing the same shirt. The same way.

    Thankfully, that trend appears to be over.

  13. LOL – I would consider it cheap entertainment if it’s interesting, juicy conversation but if it’s like most public cell phone conversations I’ve been tortured into overhearing, I’d be tempted to line that window with one of those bug zapper thingies. You know, the kind that electrocutes. Decorate it to make it look inviting to lean on then, ZAP!

  14. I hope some day to have the guts to just start talking back at the callers, in response to what they are saying into the phones (loudly)
    “Oh, I know, she can be such a jerk sometimes! You should totally not invite her to the party.”

    Outside my window? One impatient hummingbird!

  15. I don’t know if it’s interesting or scary. A trash truck with trash inside caught on fire outside our windows and the police, fire trucks, ambulances are all sitting outside. EVERYONE is FINE! It smells like burning dirt, paper, and paper glue on and off since about 11:30 our time. They had to empty all the trash onto the road to get the fire out… it was pretty big considering. The road outside my window is closed and will remain that way until about 4 pm. Again everyone is fine.

  16. Outside my office used to be the place where the smoking employees of the next door restaurant took their breaks. Besides causing me to wonder if many of them were brain damaged (I could tell you stories!–though I’ve known a number of people with serious brain injuries who actually behaved better and more sensibly, not to mention the employees had no excuse for their behavior) I also resolved never, ever to eat in that restaurant after witnessing their behavior. Yes, it was that bad.

  17. From my office window….hmmm…I work upstairs in my home…and while checking email, I glanced outside my window as saw marathon runners running down the street making the turn that will return them back to the finish line (they have 11 more miles to go!!). What an awesome sight! Kudo’s to all those that dedicate their time to running….and completely 26 miles in one day!

    What do I hear from my window….only the traffic from the highway…which isn’t very loud anyway…and the sirens from the fire trucks as the station is about 100 yards away!

    I don’t have a “naughty” conversations….nor smokers (cough cough…)…I just have sunny blue skies with the tradewinds in Hawaii!!!

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