Do the Elves Knit?

DSC00362From time to time, you ask how it is that the Elves can work here and not take everything they see, home with them. I have to admit, it is a particular problem of mine. (Taking things to MY home. Not the Elves taking things home.) I try to stay away from unpacking new yarn and moving lines from one place to another, because when I do, there can be trouble. I am often heard to say (to anyone who happens to be listening), “You know, this is really really beautiful yarn. I need to make something with this.” And …. yet another project comes home with me. I need to stop this.

DSC00361Some of the Elves knit, some of the Elves crochet, and some of them don’t do either one. We’re still working on them. Here is a beautiful scarf that Head Elf Susan made out of beautiful Juliespins Merino. She used the stitch pattern from the Dream in Color Shrug and just turned it into a scarf. I love how it turned out. Out of the Elves who work here, Susan and Donna knit (and Donna also crochets and spins), Sue and new Elf Lori crochet, and Vicki, Anna, Karen, Mary, Sharon and Diana don’t. But we have high hopes for them one day. Maybe they’re afraid that it’s just a slippery slope.

This is a holiday weekend in the U.S. and there is no mail service on Monday. We won’t be here working on Monday, but we will definitely have an Update for you on Monday night. We have a new Yak yarn for you to try, the new Hundertwasser Collection from Opal, 3 AM’s new yarn line, Sweet Georgia’s Tough Love Sock re-stock (plus new colors), and a very big order (60+ colors) of Madelinetosh Merino Light going up. Plus new patterns and needle re-stocks. So it’ll be a biggie.

Are you doing anything fun this weekend?

Sheri itwasadelightful63degreesonmywalkthismorning.yay!


  1. Not a terribly exciting weekend around here for us this time – but the weather looks to be fabulous so I am hoping we can get out and enjoy it a bit! Hope your is a good one!

  2. OH NO!!! New Yak yarn AND a yarn line from 3AM??? I see doom in my future. šŸ˜‰ Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend, and that there is much knitting time and perhaps a barbecue in your plans! Hugs to all of you!!

  3. Elf Susan’s scarf is just beautiful. Thank you for showing it to us. I know she’ll enjoy wearing it when the weather turns cold.

    We may be getting a break from the heat soon. Hurricane Earl has bypassed us and cooler temperatures are predicted.

    Sheri, I hope you and all of the elves have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend. Enjoy your time off.

  4. Tomorrow we are heading north a few hours to pick up 10 or 12 new sheep. While I’d rather not spend the whole day on the road, I am really looking forward to getting the new flock additions. Must remember to take my knitting along – right now I am doing a Multnomah in Bugga – Black Witch Moth.

    Next weekend is the really fun weekend. Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival – when are you going to make it here, Sheri?

  5. Have a great weekend and i can trump your 63 degrees. we had 36 on the thermometer this morning. Woo-hoo, fall is just around the corner,time to break out my wool socks.

  6. I want to knit … I must clean and destash … but it was cool enough last night to put the quilt back on the bed. That is a good sign for knitters wanting to knit a worsted weight sweater before Dec.

  7. It was 20 degrees cooler this morning than it has been over the past five days. And there’s a breeze! Granted, it’s from the impending hurricane but I’ll take it! No need for fans today – yay!

  8. Well, since you asked…. šŸ˜‰
    I’ll be spending this weekend getting ready for seven months in Germany. Yes, I’ve already wondered if I’ll be able to score some Wollmeise while I’m over there. I’ll also be getting the rest of my destash up on Rav. This trip isn’t going to pay for itself!

  9. I’m still recovering from some minor surgery which has given me plenty of time to work on a scarf. I hope to have it done and ready to block before the weekend’s over.

  10. We are currently less than an hour from Denver and spending the whole weekend in Colorado with our son and his new bride. (Yes, I know you are jealous….). And, for the record… it IS a slippery slope!!!! But well worth the ride!

  11. Glad to hear that your weather is becoming more fall-like. Meanwhile, we are cooking here in So Cal. 105 degrees here today with relief in sight at the end of the weekend thank goodness! Hope you and WH have a great weekend. Ours is filled with friends, pools, and barbecues. šŸ™‚

  12. Are you still walking to work? I just started back walking the last couple of days. Somehow sitting on the couch was not boosting any weight loss. But getting alot of knitting done.

  13. Have a fun weekend.Relax! I can’t wait to see the re-stock of colors in Sweet Georga yarn. I”m a L.L fan and just decovered sweet georga yarn. Now to have a big talk with my yarn budget…………

  14. Ha!! I am working both days of the weekend. With any luck I will still be alive for BBQ Monday. Here in coastal SoCal we are finally getting into the 80s. I certainly hope summer isn’t over yet!! Happy Labor Day to you and the elves.

  15. Penn State football kicks off at noon tomorrow. We will go early so DH can see warmups, etc. A sock project will accompany me in my new Namaste bag. Rest of the weekend will be catch-up on laundry, housework, etc. Temps are to cool and I am so anxious for that to happen. Been a bad week for hot weather

  16. It is such fun to see what the yarn looks like “when it grows up” into a project šŸ™‚ Thank you! I am taking it easy this long weekend, trying to de-stress from work.

  17. As one who works at a yarn shop, I know it’s hard not to take everything home. I’m a petter so I try not to touch it. I try not to take yarns home unless I have a project in mind. I still buy stash yarn from TLE (oops that’s sock yarn so it doesn’t count.) The yarn shop doesn’t carry a lot of hand-dyed/painted yarns so that helps too. Be thankful TLE doesn’t sell books.;-) It’s going to be in the 70s here over the weekend. I’m glad because I have a piece to steam block and it’s been too hot. Have a great weekend.

  18. Can’t wait for the Yak yarn šŸ™‚ Loving the scarf too! My weekend will just be knitting and crocheting at home with some good food/desserts. It will be heaven šŸ˜€

  19. Wow! 3AM has her own yarn now? How cool is that?

    About 10 years ago, I had a second job at a fabric store. Yeah – I have a TON of fabric, including lots of cool quilting cotton prints. And I don’t quilt.

  20. Will be celebrating a birthday and knitting this weekend šŸ™‚ hopefully catching a movie on Monday and looking forward to the cooler weather that Earl brings in.

  21. ahhh…the Elves make lovely things. Nice to know there are crocheters and knitters. Love the photos.
    We just got back from Colorado so there’s a chicken coop to clean and grass to hack through. I am finishing a sweater so there are buttons to attach and button holes to make.
    I am trying to finish one more sweater before Labor Day weekend ends.

  22. aside from a fw more home improvement things outside before winter arrives…. we finished the front deck last night, final touch up painting done, replaced rotten boards on back upper deck….. still need gravel and to finish a few bricks front and back, hmmm, some rain today. Driving a bit looking at vintage travel trailers looking for our poor mans dream second home!

  23. Hope to get a little more knitting in this weekend than I have during the week (which was basically none). I have to work Monday, but hopefully it will be quiet with no meetings. Its hot and humid again here in FL.
    I love Elf Susan’s scarf!! I have the pattern and would love to adapt it. I’m not very good at changing things around, though. That would be nice in Bugga!
    Happy holiday knitting!

  24. It is a busy weekend here in St. Louis, the Japanese Festival, the Greek Festival and ball games. Hubby is in training to ride in the MS 150 (riding 150 miles on his bicyle over two days) so we have been training on the tandem bike. So far I just can’t seem to break past 40 miles in one day. Been trying to figure out how to get my knitting in my backpack and knit while ride on the back of the tandem. I do take my knitting with me and knit on breaks.

  25. It has cooled off nicely in N. IL also, and is beginning to feel like fall. I found some Malabrigo Rios at my LYS last week (it is a brand new line – they scored some at Stitches Midwest), and have started a scarf for a niece who just moved from NC to the middle of Iowa. I figure she will need a warm scarf!

    I was thinking about the Japanese Festival last week. We lived in St. Louis for about 5 years, and loved that festival. I still have a collection of those wooden sake cups! Wish we could be there this weekend.

    Note to Carol Price – thanks for doing the MS 150!

  26. I have a much higher restraint when I am on the job, so I would be one of the elves that earmarks funds out of the paycheck each month and bought yarn. This is one of the things that makes working at the chocolate shop in February hard. I am being very strict on myself, so as to not cut into the profit margin!

    (I was at a wedding this weekend. I’m so over-socialized right now that I just want to go hide away and knit.)

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