DSC00446I know I mentioned that I had taken a crochet class at our TNNA Market this summer. It was fun and I came home wanting to make something with my newfound skill. I happened upon the Attic24 blog. (I have no idea how I found my way there, but you know how blog reading goes. You read one, click something from that blog, then read another and click one of their links, and soon you’re way down the Information Highway with no idea how you got there.) I made a few Granny Squares, thinking I’d do a DSC00448pillow, but then decided that what I really needed to do was to just do rows and rows of plain and simple crochet. I thought that would be the best way to get the feel for it and to get the tension right, and all of the things that come with time and experience. This Granny Stripe pattern (free on her blog) turned out to be just the thing for me to practice on.

edgeThis was going to be a baby-sized blanket, but I miscalculated how many stitches (chains?) to start with. I still have to figure that part out. But it didn’t matter, because as soon as I started working with this yarn, I decided that I wanted to make it a throw blanket for my house and not give it away. I wish you could feel this yarn. I’m hoping they continue to crank out new colors, because I can’t wait to make something else with it. Now that it’s done? I want to start another one. (Smitten with crochet. Yes, I am.) But do I want to make the next one out of this or this or this? Oh – or this! I can’t decide. Although I think it’s good that I was able to narrow it down to those three four.Ā If you were going to make one of these throws, what colors would you put together? Pulling colors is half the fun.

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(Note – we put the last of the available September Dream in Color Dream Club yarn up, and I also found four more skeins of the August colorway, if you’re interested!)


  1. I would use Spud and Chloe Sweater, and combine Popsicle, Grass, Splash, and Toast. I learned to crochet before I knit, but it’s been so long, I’ve mostly forgotten. I’m hoping to refresh the skills this winter.

  2. Personally, I’d probably go with either the Cascade or the Spud and Chloe. If the S&C, I’d probably go with Firefly and Firecracker, possibly with Grass and Ice Cream, but I’d have to look in person, frankly. With the Cascade, it’d be Gelato, California Poppy, Delphinium, Navy, and White. (I think. Again, faced with the Wall of Cascade in person, I might change my mind.)

  3. Oh yes, I know what you mean about being smitten with crochet! I’d probably go with Cascade because of the vast array of colors, but I’d need to visit the Wall of Cascade in person, wouldn’t I? (At least it’s a good excuse, right?)

  4. Hey Sheri! : )
    First of all, I was away for the long weekend and just got to catch up reading your posts. lol : ) Very cute kitties btw.

    Second, as a knitter, I was recently retaught how to crochet (like in the last 6 months). So I can’t speak as a skilled crocheter that’s for sure -but I have to say, your blanket came out quite lovely and why does your crochet look so different from my crochet?!!? Did you do single, double, triple / treble? (I don’t know what the last one is actually called. lol )

    Keep up the good work and of course, looking forward to your progress : )

    Thanks for the cute note in the sock yarn order too !!! Made me giggle and my mother in law was all ‘what’re you laughing about, it’s sock yarn?? ‘ : ) We had a great time trying to figure out where the beads go too … I’ll let you know when I learn to do the sock knitting required to do that sock kit and then we’ll all be old and gray and it’ll be awesome. : )
    Have a great week!

  5. In crochet when you are making your foundation chain, you can make it longer than you need. Then just stop on your next row when you have the width you want and zip out those extra chains, tie a knot and clip it off.

    Crochet goes much faster for me, but I love the drape of knitted fabric.

  6. Asking for comments on which yarns to pick for another project sounds suspiciously like a conspiracy of enablement. (Who’s been watching X-Files reruns? šŸ˜‰ ) That aside, I’d probably go with a wool blend as opposed to all cotton, because the throw should be lighter and less dense. Drowning in cotton isn’t my idea of comfortable.

    You’d love the weather here by the Bay — fog comes in on a breeze, temps stay in upper 60’s, fall is just around the corner! On that happy note, I finally uploaded a photo of the Traveling Woman Shawl I knit up last winter in Casbah Hemlock II. Overcast days are best for getting outdoor photos of finished objects. šŸ˜€

  7. I love your color choices on your first one – it would take a lot of thought to come up with another combination, but I am wanting to do something different in our living room and I am thinking of forest green, light tan, burgundy/dark red. I feel like I’m going into hibernation in a northwoods cabin ……. the nights are cooler and the sun on your back is feeling good these days.

  8. As someone who has recently made 3 Hoodies and working on a 4TH out of Spud N Chloe sweater I think you know what my suggestion would be. I just love this yarn. As for colors I think I would use Popsicle-Watermelon-Splash- and Ice Cream. Maybe even some Turtle and Jelly Bean. In the true Granny Square tradition I might even add a couple more colors. Of course being able to see all these colors in person might change my mind.

  9. LOVE your blanket šŸ™‚ I would definitely use the Spud N Chloe Sweater! I absolutely love that yarn and will be making a blanket and sweater out of it. I think the Cider, Pollen, Firecracker, and Rootbeer combination would be very pretty. A very Fall theme šŸ˜€

  10. The blanket is lovely. And they go together so quickly!
    I am an oddball, so I would do a blanket in Classy: November Muse, Gold Experience, and Gray Tabby.

  11. You did a really nice job!

    My favorite blankets here at home have been crocheted by people whom I love. I think of them and say a little prayer for them every time I see or use the blanket.

  12. Sheri – I love this – how do you figure out how much yarn to purchase? I would love to make one for my living room, and one for a 3 month old niece. Did you get the math figured out – the pattern just says multiples of 3 and maybe I didn’t read all the way through -but what does that come out to in inches? (I’m pattern math challenged I guess). For me – I would probably use the Classy so I could just machine wash. Thanks.

  13. Lovely. I have made a few sweaters in crochet, but they were all pretty simple (they were the garter or stockinette of the crochet world). I haven’t actually tackled anything as weighty as a blanket. It looks seriously cozy.

  14. Lovely blanket, Sheri! I independently just found the Attic24 blog over the long weekend. I love her blog! It is so interesting, with her vacation pictures this summer, her patterns, and her color selections, etc! I am finding that crocheting is much easier for me than knitting is now that I am having so much trouble with my left hand and wrist, as part of my rheumatoid arthritis now. At least I am right-handed, thank goodness!

    I need to stay away from 100% cotton because it is too heavy, both to work with and to use as a finished product. I have a beautiful 100% cotton sweater that weighs a ton, so I don’t wear it very often; it isn’t very warm for as heavy as it is, either. My yarns now need to be fully machine washable because of all of my arthritis issues now, so I can’t manage hand washing larger items, sigh.

  15. I started her zigzag pattern in crochet – my first time and I totally agree – you have to put miles on if you want to perfect your craft. I am loving this crochet stuff. I ended up ripping out the blanket after about 4 inches of blankie was completed. I started it in some donated acrylic and simply couldn’t stand it any more! Really. I couldn’t imagine wrapping up a baby it this stuff – it was so scratch and plastic. I can’t believe what a vain yarn snob I’ve become.

  16. Rani – there’s a difference between being a yarn snob and preferring quality for yourself and loved ones. Quality yarns last longer and for all the time and effort you put into a project – you want what you are making to last and look good for years to come – so in a sense you’re saving money in the long run šŸ™‚

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