Plastic Bins and Contest Winners

DSC00372Done, done, done. ๐Ÿ™‚ ย What a project that was! Although, based on the amount of things thrown away, and piled up for Goodwill, WH wants to know why there isn’t more empty space on the shelves. He was in charge of dispersing garbage and the give-away pile, so he’s aware of exactly how much stuff came out of that room. We both agree that it looks better, though, so that’s a good thing. What’s left? A LOT of childrens books and toys. I just saved the good stuff. Unfortunately, since I was a reading teacher and my mom was a kindergarten teacher and my mother in law has good taste in children’s books, there just aren’t a lot of “bad” kid books in the bunch. (Except maybe Captain Underpants, which was a particular favorite of Knitting Daughter’s. I had to save those two books.) Also, I have decided that I love plastic bins. And Uline, because that’s where my bins came from.

DSC00376I found an expandable file of reports that I had done in junior high. (And it was important to save those for all these years, because …?) Tossed it. I also found this paper in there – “I will not talk without permission”, 50 times. I have no recollection of the event, but I can confirm that it was my handwriting, so it must’ve been something. I also found lots of fun hand drawn pictures and letters from both of my kids (you know, back when writing an “I love you, Mommy!” note was fun for them). So glad I saved those then, and of course I saved them now as well. Those are keepers.

DSC00375I also found this photo of me, WH (the dark haired one) and one of my oldest friends in the world, Steve (the light haired one). He’s now married to one of my best friends, Janice, but I’ve known him since 7th grade, way before Janice appeared on the scene. (Isn’t it nice when you really like the people that your friends end up marrying?) We were all about 19 in that photo, and now all of our kids are older than that. How can that be? (And what is up with my hairstyle? I have no justification for it. My hair is naturally straight as a board, so you know that between my 80’s perm and my faithful curling iron, there was some time spent on that interesting ‘do.)

Enough about basement cleaning – on to the Anniversary Contest Winners! We had 1593 comments (thank you for all of your wonderful wishes!) and so we picked 8 commenters for the gift certificates. ย All winners have been notified.

Winners of the $30 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificates:
Ruth in Ontario, Canada, Bhama in KY, Alicia in GA, Erin in OH, Dawn in NC, and Ruth in Thunder Bay, Canada.

Winner of the $50 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate:
Jennifer (not sure where she is from, but I have emailed her. If you’re a Jennifer, check your email!) Edit: from Delaware. She emailed back!

Winner of the $100 Grand Prize Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate:
Tamara in TX

It’s steamy hot here in St. Louis, and we’ve been under an “extreme heat advisory” all week. What’s it like where you are?

Sheri verythankfulforairconditioning!


  1. Congratulations on achieving bin heaven and especially on enjoying bits of the journey. The weather in Pasadena, CA felt almost fall-like this morning. It’s been a freakishly moderate summer. It made me think, “Christmas is coming!”

  2. It has been awesomely cool in the morning here but still gets up in the 90s during the day. I’m in the desert of SoCal.

  3. It alternates between unbearable heat & humidity and “let’s open the windows for some fresh air” – sometimes all in the same day. Your storeroom looks like a well organized warehouse (of memories). My most organized part of the house are my rolling basket drawers from elfa with yarn – but all my yarn is not in them, and my notebooks with patterns in page protectors – but they do not seem to stay there. I need to get to work … but I started Septembertuch and I am working on the leaves – 4 done, 27? to go…

  4. Your basement looks fabulous! I love the order you’ve managed to create in a space that (in my house) is often neglected.

  5. I kinda love your hair-do in that pic! I’d never be able to get my hair to do that!

    The basement looks super-duper. Now if only some of your ambition could rub off on me. I have a storage unit begging for attention…

  6. Beautiful! Congratulations on the work! Mine will never be as organized since we have almost no “storage” space and Dear Son is using the only possibility-storage-room for his podcasts and video game review v-logs (recording studio).
    I ain’t sayin’ a word-he is the chicken babysitter when we go on vacation. And the fish sitter, and the chihuahua sitter and the shih tzu sitter and…

    Anyway I am in Florissant where it is a balmy 85 in the shade at 11 AM. The chickens are panting so they will go back into the garage coop. All this heat makes for ball-game-watching-and-knitting time.

  7. You’re hair looks super cute in that picture!

    We’re having some freakishly cold weather in Sacramento right now. I actually had to pull out a jacket this morning, and the weather report says the high today will only be 83….we’re usually into triple digits in August. Totally bizarre.

  8. Congrats to all of the winners!

    It’s pretty muggy here, but is finally cooling off into normal temperature lands. Hopefully that will hold out through the end of the week, because striking the set on Saturday will be hot and thirsty work.

  9. Your room looks wonderful now, in part thanks to the bins. I had to laugh, though…my husband works for Uline! We had never heard of them prior to his employment there and now, they are everywhere!

  10. Your back room looks great! We order stuff from Uline for the shop – probably should think of them if I decide to do a major organization.

    We are going on day 8 of over 90 temp and 100 plus heat index. According to Monday’s weather map, we were the hottest place in the country based on the heat index. Hoping for a cool down Friday.

  11. Wow! That’s an impressive transformation.

    I’m not brave or ruthless enough to tackle the disaster that is my basement. I’m working up to it in tiny little bits.

  12. I think today is the 12th day in a row above 100 — and we are very excited that there might be a “cold front” so that the temperature on Sunday only reaches 99 – but I’ve already heard rumors that the front isn’t going to make it here. Love your organized room!

  13. The pics of the reorganized back room are great–you must have spent a fortune on Uline bins! Love the pics-it’s always fun to look back at some of the interesting things we did or wore, etc. And I especially loved the “lesson”– I will not talk out without permission. That’s a riot! Brings back memories …

  14. Wanna come organize for me?

    This whole week KC is doing the 100 degrees, 115 heat index…..ugh. My dogs want to go outside, get to the door and stop and look at me. “Really? You really want us to go out there?”

  15. The Virgo in me is in love with all of your organizational bins. I am similar in a lot of ways and I can’t help but love that sort of stuff!

    I love the flash-from-the-past photos too. I dunno if and when I’ll ever have kids, but I imagine there are some awesome (see: terrible) photos of my bad feathered 90’s hair in there too. And when perming only half of your hair was cool (I have no idea why). Yeah… got some of those as well.

    This summer has been amazingly cool for us here in Hell, California. It’s normally 105-110 until September, but our highs have only been in the 90’s with lows in the 50’s. Not sure how it happened, but I am not, in any way, complaining. At all.

  16. Way to go on the organizing, Sheri!

    Now were you and WH already married in that photo or just dating? You all look so adorable!

    It’s hot here today but I confess I’ve spent most of the past month indoors due to my ankle (no AC, but nice breezes at night!).

  17. I was forced to do a stash dive on Monday and was appalled at some of the yarns languishing in the totes in there. I think that I’ve decided that once the temps drop back in the 80s I will be doing a stash reorganization. I suspect that some of the yarns will go to Goodwill or the Senior Center. I asked myself “what were you thinking when you bought that?” When I reorganize, I suspect that my totes will all become the clear ones and will be labelled better.

  18. Here in Sunny HendersonNevada the temp is 88 @ 11am its suppose to hit 103 its been unseasonably nice for August wait until the weekend though. The organizing looks great I have a weeks vaca this month so now I am on to organizing and redirecting what hasn’t been used in years. Hopefully it won’t take long and I can spend the rest of the time knitting. Have a great week and hope you cool off a little.

  19. Doesn’t de- cluttering make you feel like a new woman!?
    Re- the weather: I hate the heat and humidity this year! It’s too much. I don’t know if it’s me – but this weather juse makes me feel blah ๐Ÿ™
    Even with AC – you feel like you have cabin fever. Looking forward to having my windows open and FRESH cooler air blowing through ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. The weather’s been beastly all summer here in central VA. When we moved down from Boston a year and a half ago I was giddy at the thought of trading bitter, snowy winters for nice, warm summers. Instead we had record-breaking cold & snow here in Richmond this past winter, and record-breaking heat this summer. Not exactly what I bargained for, but hey, at least it means I’ve spent more time in the house knitting! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. I see you’re wearing a Wheaton College sweatshirt! Is it the Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL? My husband and pretty much his entire family graduated from there and he and I lived in Wheaton for a few years while he worked there as well.
    PS Love the ‘do. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Your back room looks GREAT! I love that you have all of the same bins. Not only does using the same bins make everything look nicer, they also fit right in their spaces. I was just thinking the other day that it’s unfortunate that as I’ve bought bins, I’ve only bought a few at a time (I always think “how many more bins will I need?”) Now, I have all of these bins of varying sizes which causes an organizing challenge of it’s own.

    It is very hot & humid in Boston. This is going to go down as one “HOT” summer!

  23. Woah, you did a fantastic job on that back room! I bet it feels like a tremendous load is off your shoulders. I know that feeling.

    I have a thing for plastic bins as well, especially since they keep dust, lint and bugs out of my yarn and pattern stash. Can’t recommend them enough.

  24. Wow! Looks like your cornered the market in plastic bins! Congratulations on getting it done – looks great!

  25. OMG – your back room is so neat. Maybe if I keep looking at that picture, I will be inspired to straighten up here! But I have to wait until summer ends – by comparison, you probably don’t think it’s hot here in Wisconsin, but by our standards – it’s been hot and humid ALL summer – and record setting rainfall – resulting in what must be record setting amounts of mosquitoes! I only do what I absolutely have to each day (no A/C here).

    I understand completely about the books – our son is 14 and I still have almost all of the books he has ever owned (hundreds – maybe more) – how do you get rid of some of those beautiful picture books? Or the fun – and very intricate – pop-up books? Or anything by Sandra Boynton? Or illustrated by Jane Dyer? I could go on and on. My absolute favorite, though, is “All the Places To Love” by Patricia MacLachlan.

  26. Yeah, it’s steamy hot here too! Whaddaya gonna do, it’s summer…

    Too funny about the hair in that photo but I think we all need to go through that stage (right now both my teenage sons are letting their hair grow long and I’m just letting them do it—easier than arguing) and in any case you all look great!

    And you can never have too many plastic bins.

  27. Congrats on the fabulous clean up job. Don’t you like an organized storage room. I have a garage with 5 shelving units with assorted plastic bins, which I love also, so I understand the feeling of joy when you have a finished job.

    Still wish I had some cupcakes, though.

  28. Fantastic basement! Had to make a decision between new roof and other improvements – roof won! I like your picture – and didn’t we all spend lots of time on our hair trying to get it to be the opposite of what it really was? We are much like St. Louis here in southeast Michigan – it has been consistently in the upper 80’s – lower 90’s and extreme humidity. Today we have storms coming through – but no cooldown til next week.

  29. I KNOW WHERE THAT HOUSE USED TO BE!!!! The one in the picture! Yes, sorry to report, it’s gone now. But I did want that hair at that time. My natural curl wouldn’t come up with it. That’s a great picture!!!

    I need to get plastic bins. You’ve inspired me to tackle MY mess. I’ll have to show Mama your before and after pics, then get her to the basement. Wonder if BFF Liz will come out to help? Usually I just need to promise that I’ll cook…..

    Weather here? Hot. Rainy. Muggy. And way too many mosquitoes.

  30. Your room looks awesome Sheri! It is hot and humid here too (central Minnesota)…but it was still fun to get away camping with my knitting friends. We knit while camping in 90 degree weather with terrible humidity, but everything is better when with friends and yarn! ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Your room looks great! How inspiring you are. Just maybe I will get motivated. It is always fun to see what you saved from your children- memories!
    Northeast Texas is hot, hot, hot and hotter still. Everything is drying up. Right now the wind is kicking up and keep your fingers crossed we just might get a drop of rain.:-)

  32. It’s about the same steamy hot at my house as it is at yours! Wanna come over and do my basement too? You’re an organizational genius! (And to think all of TLE once fit there….!!)

  33. Thanks friend!!!! It was wonderful to marry into such a great group of friends! Of course a REAL friend would come and organize her friend’s storage space now that she’s on a roll……….

  34. Thank goodness you now have permission to talk as much as you want or this blogging stuff wouldn’t be nearly as fun as it is.

    Your photo is totally delightful!

  35. Like the other Californians who left comments, we’re experiencing unseasonably cold weather here in the Sonoma area. How I would love just a couple days in the 90’s! My son is getting married in a vineyard wedding this weekend and I had a really pretty chiffon print dress picked out to wear. Now it looks like I’m going with a silk dress and matching jacket (long-sleeved) instead. Rats.

    Love your organizational skills! I have an overstuffed garage. You have my address. Nuff said!

  36. A anchor on one of our local (austin, tx) tv stations said, “there is hot, there is really hot & there is summer in texas!!!”. But i have been to st louis in the summer & it was oppressive!!

    How did we ever live without plastic bins?!!!

  37. My Mom taught preschool (starting with her own 4 kids) for many years. Then my middle brother married a preschool teacher. Now their younger daughter is a preschool teacher! You should see the stuff the three of them have “saved” over the years!! It is kind of neat that books are so important to them, because they have in turn taught thousands of kids to love books. I am very proud of all 3 of them.

  38. Congrats on clearing out the clutter. I’m still trying to get my husband to clear out his stuff from the move a year ago.

    BTW, it’s freezing here! OK- not truly freezing but 60 degree highs are not getting my tomatoes to ripen!

  39. I LOVE plastic bins too and that store is just heavenly. Thank you for linking. Your new basement looks SO organized WE are oner 100* here, is just awful, DO NOT plan to visit WG right now.
    Your old picture is real nice.

  40. I am impressed. What a great job! If you ever want another business, I’ll hire you to organize all my very scarey areas.

  41. Oh wow – I am very envious of your well-organized storage space as I have a room just like yours USED to be…full to the brim with…at least mine is mostly Christmas decorations….and DH’s computer bits and pieces….and empty boxes….and luggage….and enough spare linens and old towels to sink a battleship ๐Ÿ™

    Here just north of Houston it is hotter than “you know where” and pretty humid as well. We have been in the high 90’s for WEEKS now and dry as a bone…with no relief in site. Our grass is crispy and brown for the most part and even some of the young trees around here are dying from lack of rain. Dare I say some around here are beginning to wish for a tropical storm to come our way just to get some relief? And all this after one of the coldest winters on record…we got snow four different times last winter, and that is highly unusual this far south!

  42. I am amazed! with how quickly you made all those save/trash/donate decisions and with your newly uncluttered space. I’m (excessively)proud of myself anytime I clear out a single box or shelf or drawer so you know a job like this gets a HUGE atta girl in my book.

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