Sock Kits for a Cure

I actually have a recipe for you today – surprise! I think it has been awhile since I’ve shared one. (Not because I haven’t been baking, but because I mostly make old family favorites while Knitting Daughter is home for the summer, and I have shared most of those with you already.) I’m kind of surprised I haven’t shared this one already, but I looked in my past recipes here and couldn’t find it.

But first – I wanted to tell you about a special Sock Kit that we will have up in a week or two. Many of you may remember Skacel’s Booby Sock kit that they sold in 2008/09. They combined a cute pattern and an exclusive pink Trekking color, to sell 2500 kits to participating shops. Skacel donated their entire proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and shops could choose to donate whatever amount (or not) that they wanted to from their sales of the kits. We didn’t order those kits, but they have a new kit benefitting a new cause, and we’ve ordered a bunch.

This year, Skacel has again worked with Rosemary “Chappy” Chapman to come up with a special pattern, and Trekking has jumped in and come up with an exclusive colorway in teal, which is the official color of Ovarian Cancer research. This is being done in honor of Susanne Skacel, a 3 year survivor of Ovarian Cancer. The kit contains the pattern, the Trekking yarn, and beads to complete the sock design. Skacel is once again donating their entire proceeds from the sale of this kit, and we at The Loopy Ewe will be donating our entire proceeds from the sale of the kit as well. We’re hoping to send a great big check to the Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research. The kits are scheduled to ship to us in the middle of next week, so hopefully we’ll have them up sometime during the week of August 30th. I just wanted to let you know that we plan to have them, and we will get a good photo of the yarn/pattern/beads as soon as they arrive.  Each kit will be $25. (Edit – for those who have asked, yes, you are welcome to get more than one kit!) We’re happy to be a part of this, and to be raising funds for a great cause.

Today’s recipe is so easy – almost too easy to share. But then again, whenever I take it somewhere, people want the recipe. That tells you how delicious it is!  I hope you make it and your family enjoys it. (The photo? I know. A food blogger I am not. sigh.)

brownie-truffleBrownie Truffle

1 package of brownie mix (for 9 x 13 pan)
2 lg. boxes of chocolate instant pudding mix
1 lg. container of Cool Whip, thawed
1 bag of toffee brickle bits (or chopped up Heath bars)

Make the brownie mix as directed and let it cool.

Cut brownies into 1″ pieces and layer half of the pieces in the bottom of a glass bowl. Mix up 1 box of pudding mix and pour over the brownies in the bowl. Spread half of the Cool Whip on top of the pudding and then sprinkle half of the brickle bits on top of that.  Repeat these layers a second time.  Let sit in the refrigerator overnight (or several hours). The longer it sits, the better it gets. (See? Isn’t that embarrassingly easy? You almost don’t want anyone to ask for the recipe…)

The weather is supposed to start cooling off (to a whopping 85 degress) this weekend. I think it will feel marvelous, after our days of 110 degree heat indexes. It’s all relative.

Sheri treasuringthelastdaysofhavingKnittingDaughterhome
sillystupidcollegeschedule 🙁


  1. Donations to the Ovarian Cancer Research is a great thing. There needs to be a cure for ovarian cancer. I wholeheartly suport it.
    The Brownie Trifle is to die for! I make for my family and there is nothing left, not even a crumb- that is how good it is. Hope you get some cooler weather- we are burning up in Texas!

  2. It is supposed to cool off here in Texas by Monday — to a high of 99. I’m sorry, but that isn’t cool, just slightly less hot than the 103 we are having right now. Could you please blow some of that 85 our way?

  3. As far as the weather goes, definitely it’s all relative. We had a couple of thunderstorms blow through here this week and even though it’s only a few degrees cooler, it feels wonderful!

    Will be looking forward to those kits, that’s a cause that deserves all the support it can get.

  4. Sheri,
    I really enjoyed this post! My son is going back to college in two weeks, so I can totally identify with you there. My mom (at 76) was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer this year, so I think I’ll have to pick up a couple of those kits! One for me and one for my sister. Ending on a sweet note, we make this brownie trifle with one slight change. We poke holes in the brownie pan with a wooden spoon and drizzle some Frangelico liqueur in there. Adds a distinctive flavor but it still makes your teeth hurt!

    I’m with Joni – please send some of that cooler weather down here to Texas! Have a great weekend!

  5. I had a similar dessert last month and it was divine…I asked the person who made the dessert if they at least used fat free cool whip and the laughed at me. Well, at least the calories was worth it…it is delish!

  6. Oh boy! Teal is my sister’s FAVORITE color. Bet I know what I’ll be doing next week – stalking the site for her!

  7. Hey Sheri –
    Stop making my mouth water. I’m only reading this at a few minutes before 5pm when I already have dinner plans….. starvin marvin over here! lol : )

    Anyway – I don’t know the rules, are we pre ordering for the Ovarian Cancer sock kit or is it just when they’re available we go in to the colorway and select as we would a regular yarn purchase?
    Either way, I am quite interested to order one. A very important cause for which to raise awareness as well as funds.

    Can’t believe summer is almost over but really, can’t wait for the Fall weather and all the lovely knits! : )

  8. How very funny – I just got back from a pre-wedding open house showing off the couple’s home to out-of-town guests, and I had this exact dessert there for the first time! You sure you’re not in New Hampshire this weekend?

  9. I really hope I can get the kit! My grandmother who taught me to knit , battled for over 3 years from Ovarian Cancer and then lost that battle 2006. So anything that helps find a cure for this dreadful disease, is a topper on my list!!!

  10. Thanks for supporting the ovarian cancer Sheri. A collegue of my husband lost his wife to ovarian cancer. She was 36 and had two daughters, ages 8 and 10. She had been in pain for almost a year, but the doctors had a very difficult time making a diagnosis. By the time they did, it was too far along.

    I hope I’m able to participate.

  11. I’m hoping I can get a kit or two. My Aunt is fighting Ovarian cancer for the last year. Thankfully it was caught early by total accident, but sadly she isn’t responding well to treatments. Praying a cure can be found quickly.

  12. Will have to try to get one of those kits. Still haven’t made up any of the socks from the Soick Club shipments or my Wollmeise sock club last year but I lost my mom (and her sister) to ovarian cancer so…. I have a feeling this kit will be high on my knitting priority list. Thanks so much for supporting Ovarian Cancer research.

  13. Yesterday I thought, ‘Wow, it’s been hot when I think 72 is cool.’ my normal comfort range is 65, and it has been Too-o Hot here in western NY.

    Eagerly awaiting the Ovarian CA sock kit-two friends lost mom or sister, one who is a survivor herself. We need to kick cancer’s butt, by caring for each other!

  14. Hot here on the east coast, but not 110 so thankful for that. Can’t wait to see the kit, will there be plenty to go around???

  15. My mom battled ovarian cancer for six years and lost her battle in 2006 so I’m eager to buy and knit the kit. Thanks so much for donating all the proceeds to the cause; you rock!

  16. This is really similar to a cake I make: Chocolate cake mix cooked in 2 round pans-when cool, slice each one in half (horizontal-so you have 4 circles)-then layer starting w/ choc. cake, instant choc. pudding(prepared), Cool Whip-repeat til all used up(4 layers). Then top w/ crushed Heath Bar pieces-Yum! One of my sons requests it for his birthday cake every year. I gave it to my best friend & her father in law has declared it his favorite.
    I want to try it your way w/ the brownies!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  17. I hope Knitting Daughter as a great year at school and Knitting Mom doesn’t miss her too much.
    My daughter is in town for the weekend so we are getting Thai food today and having a yak-fest. (um, talking, not…yaks)

  18. What a great cause to support, Sheri. I’ll definitely try to snag a kit or 2. I appreciate all that you do to make the Loopy Ewe a special place and supporting this cause is just awesome.

    Love the recipe. Definitely will be making that for when the kids and grandkids are around.

    I know you’re going to miss your daughter. She’s a sweetie. And so are you.

  19. I am very excited by the sock kit. It supports a great cause. I lost my mother to ovarian cancer. It is so hard to detect and most often isn’t detected until too late. I will definitely be haunting the website for the sock kit to show up.

  20. I am so excited about the sock kit….its for a very good cause. If there is a preorder put me in for one. It would be nice if the weather would cool off here in Henderson Nv. Pretty soon. The recipe looks interesting. Thanks for sharing it. Looking forward to the sock kit.

  21. I’m sorry everybody is having such hot weather. Here in Northern California, we’ve barely seen the sun all summer! It’s been foggy and grey and cold here and we’d love to have a bit of heat but we have to wait for our “summer” until September/October!

  22. I made this recipe tonight for a family dinner and it was a huge hit. Will definitely make it again. Thank you!

  23. The kit sounds pretty fun. I love adding beads to my knitting.

    I love to cook, but like you some of my food looks less than appetizing when I take the pictures no matter how delicious it really is!

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