Spring – Pollen and Painting

DSC03636More signs of spring – warm weather, more flowers coming up, more trees blooming, grass getting greener, more allergy sneezing, porch covered in yellow pollen, car coated with powder ….. oh, wait. I digressed into the not-so-positives there for a minute. Sorry. Focus on the flowers.

When the outside gets a new painting of colors like this, it makes me think the inside might need a new coat of color as well. WH and I bought 9 gallons of paint a few weeks ago, in preparation for slicking up the colors in our house. In addition, I decided that I was tired of the calming sage green that we have on a couple of the walls here at Loopy, and I went and bought a cheery robin’s egg blue for them. (12 paint chips later.) Since I’ve already maxed out WH’s painting skills at home, I hit up my dad for painting at Loopy. He has done all of the walls here and he is happy to help. But he did make me promise to never pick RED again. I don’t think he’ll object to the blue. That’s on the schedule for this weekend.

Back to my house – now that the walls are getting painted in new colors, there are a whole lot of other things that need to be updated, too. Like lighting. We still have the (ugly) brass chandelier in the dining room that came with the house when we bought it 15 years ago. (And I’m pretty sure that it was original to the house, which is now 25 years old.) And then when you change the wall color and the lighting, you know that the curtains are no longer going to work. Sigh. Obviously I need to stop watching HGTV on the weekends……

Hey – here’s a fun thing to do – pop over to the Lorna’s Laces blog and enter their naming contest. The prize? $500 worth of LL yarn – cool!

Do you have any house to-do’s on your list this spring? And does anyone else have an ugly brass chandelier in their dining room?

Sheri later,I’lltellyouabouttheuglywallpaperinthebathrooms


  1. I have a terribly ugly chandelier! But we need new doors and gutters before that gets replaced. Unfortunately! Thanks for the heads up on the naming contest.

  2. We have that ugly chandelier hanging in our garage collecting dust. The first thing we did when we move into our home some 15 years ago was to switch for something much nicer. We have a lot to do around our house, as well. Unfortunately we had to replace the heat pump a few weeks ago, so everything else is on hold.

  3. We have that ugly chandelier, it’s brass and wood. It hangs just above the dining room table and if I move stuff out to mop, I hit my head on it, it’s that low. Ridiculous!

    We have the pollen coating everything here this week too. The weather has changed in the last day, from cold and rainy to warm and sunny. It’s wonderful!

    We need to replace our carpet with wood flooring, but that may wait until Fall, depending on how our vacation fund is used for a trip to Scotland in August. I’d rather do the carpets now, but that trip is coming first. 🙂

  4. OMG, do I ever! Let’s see – paint the living room (just primed sheetrock now since I bought the house 12 years ago), repaint a couple other rooms, sand and refinish the wood floors in the kitchen and livingroom, replace the porch rooflet (overhang), maybe even replace the front door, and while I’m at it, rip out the old porch all together and put in a nicer porch/deck…the list goes on and on…..then there’s those ugly sconce lights in my bedroom – need to see how Ikea might be able to improve upon those, and more track lighting in the studio … aren’t you glad you asked??

  5. Thanks for the shout-out Sheri.

    And that chandelier….we had it too. Haven’t been able to find one I like so I painted it matte black until I do. Depending on the room, it could look great in white too. Or glossy red. Or…..

  6. We had those till about a year ago when I went out and bought 2 new ones. It did not really cost much and the difference is amazing. We need to repaint the master bedroom badly, just need to get the time to do it.
    Everything is coated with pollen here, can’t wait for that to be over.

  7. I have HORRIBLE carpeting in the dining room AND kitchen. It will soon be history…well after the puppy stops chewing. I am not putting down a wood floor until my little chewer grows up a bit…so probably a mid-summer project. I’m spending some free time organizing the closets and donating what we don’t need. Clearing out spaces is a good feeling! Painting and a totally renovated kitchen are on my drawing board within the next year.

  8. We had the brass chandelier. Then a black one. And now we have an on-the-ceiling light, on a dimmer. We move the table enough that it is safer this way.

  9. Isn’t HGTV addictive? I love Holmes on Homes – he really has helped some folks out of some bad spots.

    We moved last fall and we’re happy with the wall colors after repainting one wall in the living room. I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of window treatments I want in our master bedroom. We have plantation blinds all through the house and I want to leave them up but add some drapes or something to soften the feeling in there. Also I’d like something sheer in the dining room to make it feel a little more elegant.

  10. we don’t have a chandelier in the dining room yet, after 15 years. we have an old ceiling fan/light fixture from our daughter’s bedroom.

    the idea when we built the house was that we would not get light fixtures for the dining room until we got new furniture. but we haven’t done that yet.

  11. Spring to-do’s: gosh, we still haven’t done anything on last year’s list!!!

    -Paint walls (been on the list since we moved in 4 years ago–currently builder’s white)
    -Plant more trees/shrubs in hopes deer won’t eat it. Flowering trees never bloom, evergreens are smaller than when we planted them two years ago!
    -Figure out a way to convince the big black snake to find another home
    -Spread compost on lawn

    With the exception of the painting, I can’t really do any of the above given my severe allergies.

  12. We pretty much redid this house when when DH moved into it — 3 years ago for him, I followed about 6 months later after he was done with most of the work — and we found a great replacement for that chandelier on Ebay. Took a while, but we finally found one with both liked. I’m working on the yard now

  13. I feel lucky to have beautiful chandeliers that came with my house. and crown molding! The bathroom tile, however, is a thorn in my side and I am dying to replace it!

  14. Gah, we had insulation added late last fall (late enough that we had already noticed the walls were cold), and because of the way our siding was done it needed to be done from the inside. Almost every room has these circles of spackle, and so nearly every room needs repainting.

    However, this year is even more about the garden and yard (and redoing the bathroom), and so we have a huge amount of backyard that we have raked and limed and will be seeding this weekend. I feel like my arms are getting a workout almost every day!

  15. My chandelier is pretty nice but it is very dim in my dining room – I need to find the paperwork on it and see if the wattage of the bulbs can be increased so you might actually be able to see your food on your plate. LOL

    Most of our sprucing up is being done outside – we had a terribly hard winter and lost a lot of plants plus it’s time to put out flowering plants with lots of color.

    I’m so excited to see you are adding blue sky and spud and chloe – they are way up on my list of favorite yarns.
    Thanks Mel

  16. Oooo, robin’s egg blue and loopy red! That sounds like my favorite color combo. Do you have any yarn or spinning fiber colored like that? If not could some be offered in honor of your new walls? 🙂

    I’ve got that chandelier in my study, believe it or not, where it lends a funky touch. But the one that bugs me is the victorian chrystal-y thing in the dining room which is literally the center of the house. Nothing else in the house is victorian at this point (although the house itself is that old, but a rather austere vickie). Am hoping to find something like this to put in the dining room: http://www.destinationlighting.com/storeitem.jhtml?iid=322434
    Also I have fantasies about tearing down the ancient mustard provence print wallpaper in my kitchen and painting it a very pale dove gray to go with the loopy-red counter tops already there. And just have a few mustard-colored accents to remember the wall paper by. But your use of robin’s egg blue has gotten me to thinking….

    Happy nest renovating everybody!

  17. No brass but we do have an uglier-than-sin “white” chandelier in our dining room. It also came with the house, I’m sure. We also have those awful chrome light bars in our bathrooms that have a bazillion clear round light bulbs that run the length of them across our vanity mirrors. Wish I could get something better looking. Those also came with the house, of course. 🙂

    Good luck with the painting – luckily our house came with some great painting already. 🙂

  18. Considering that we just sold our condo, all our spring projects are pretty much done. The condo is changing out a mulberry tree for a red maple though so that might count. The mulberries made the yard unusable for too much of the summer so this should be a good change.

  19. I got rid of my ugly shiny brass chandelier last spring, and the modern-y sink faucet in the kitchen that did not go with the rest of the room at all. What a relief!!! When we switched out the chandelier, even my 15 yo son ( who, let’s face it, is not that big into decorating) said mom, that old brass thing stuck out like a sore thumb. AMEN!

  20. I’m so happy to hear that I’m not the only one out there with an ugly chandelier. In fact, I have two! It’s low on my list of upgrades at the moment, but one day….

  21. There has been much going on in my house. Especially since I just moved back in with my parents. Last week I painted my walls, it always makes me feel more comfortable when I leave a little bit of my mark on something. I painted trees, flowers, and koi fish (pictures over on my blog)…since my allergies have been acting up as well! It’s wonderful to bring a little of that color inside. The other project is to build a hanging/floating bed so there will be more room. 🙂

  22. Definitely brass, definitely chandelier, not sure if it’s ugly, but it’s 30-odd years old, sort of standard, and a bit out of shape.

    My to-do list for the spring summer is a very long one. Can’t afford it all, but we’ll see if I can’t get some head-way made. Wallpaper similar vintage to the chandelier in the hallways and Mama’s bedroom AND the upstairs bathroom needs to come down and walls need painting. Did I mention our house is 70-odd years old, and has real plaster walls? None of this drywall business…. 😛 Patching patching patching.

    Yep. Lots to do….

  23. I had THE UGLIEST ceiling fan with those tulip lights in the dining room – took that down 2 years ago. Bought a nice one very similar to one I saw in a Country decorating magazine (with the faux candlesticks and little lampshades and copied the picture with a garland of bittersweet berries around it. It’s in the oiled bronze finish which I love.
    Must be something about Robin’s Egg Blue – I just treated myself to new sheets today – in that color – it just makes you feel so good to look at it and it’s a very feminine color. Puts you in a good mood just to look at it! Something how a new ceiling fixture and a new paint color make you feel like a new person.

    OH – the pollen is something here too. You wash your car in the evening and in the morning – its covered again. I was all today vacuuming the sofas, matresses and washing sheets and comforters – we sleep with the windows open and I figured if all that is on my car – it’s blowing in the windows too. Is on everything from the window sills to the tv screen.

    The new Lorna’s Laces yarn sounds wonderful !!!!!!- will have to look for patterns now to stash away for when the yarn is available. That photo put me in the mood for anything with a big dollop of whipped cream on it. I hope they will offer it in that undyed color too – that’s pretty as is 😀

  24. Yes, I have the ugly brass chandelier!! Here in Wyoming, people replace them with elk antler chandeliers, FPS! Cherish the Brass!!

  25. Oh, what a harsh subject! I have a duplex and rent out half. I finally moved into the rental in December so I could paint and have the floors refinished in my little place. With the rain & the shock of moving (I’m a very “fixed” type of person) I haven’t been very enthusiastic about my renovations. But now I really need to get it done so I can get out of my rental! What good is having a place to rent (and a portion of the mortgage paid!) without a renter? Sheesh. I will be painting one of the living room walls a nice leafy green. The rest will be some soothing beige that will coordinate with a rich dark brown. One of these days I’ll get really ambitious and stencil Celtic interlace around the top of the walls by the ceiling (that’s the dark brown). Sigh. Just get the darned place painted! Oh, and my bedroom will be a warm pink. Yeah, pastel, but warm, pink. It’s an energy thing. (Do I sound too New Age?)

    Have fun, everyone, with your projects! Oh, and thankfully, no chandelier to replace. 😀


  26. We just moved into a new house so I do not have anything ugly quite yet, but there are things that need to be done. There were no knobs or pulls on the cabinets or drawers so we are installing those ourselves or rather husband is. We have been to the hardware store to get repair supplies for the extra holes drilled for the pulls that now need to be filled and restained. Shelving in the garage, plus still need to unpack all the boxes that are in the garage, does this count?

  27. Left the ugly brass chandelier back in my old house which is rented(poor tenants) while I’m here in the Great North Woods taking care of my mother. However, there is an even uglier ceiling fan with the tulip lights that completely clashes with the rest of the decor. It’s a Swiss chalet FPS!

  28. Re-doing bathroom that is from 70’s white and gold French Provential with plastic hanging chains to disguise the wiring. Ugh!!! This is getting torn out next month.

    Painting our house and parents’ house starts in June.

    Tearing out nasty carpet in parents’ house also on tap for this summer.

    Love the robin’s egg blue for TLE.

  29. The ugly brass chandelier hit the curb at my house 7 years ago – it was soooooo bad even the garbage pickers that come through every week didn’t take it!

  30. The best way to quit watching HGTV is to try and sell your house. Those houses are so darned perfect that if you have an older home it’s just depressing. Of course it would also help to have several million dollars. I would prefer to spend that money on yarn!

  31. I’m 8 months pregnant, and decided a week ago that our bedroom Must be re-painted before the baby comes. Not that I can help with moving the heavy furniture or the bed. 😉

  32. Oh yes, we have the dreaded ugly chandelier over the kitchen table. Fortunately, that and the rest of the kitchen are being demoilshed and remodeled as we type. Demolition of the cabinets and counters was today, with floors next, then ceilings (when the chandelier finally goes to meet its maker).

  33. My master bath is near the end of its remodel, so my next projects are painting the dining room and guest room. I’m due in July, so my son needs to move out of “the baby’s room” soon, and that gets priority. I got rid of my brass chandelier earlier this year and replaced it with an awesome modern one. But now the room needs new paint and drapes. It’s always something, isn’t it? It can kid of cut into the knitting time, though.

  34. Projects? Oh, my…yes! We just finished replacing the ugly wallpaper that came with our Master bedroom (it had flowers the size of your head) with a lovely warm brown paint and light cream accents. Got rid of the robin’s egg blue carpet and put in light cream carpeting now that the upchucking cat is dearly departed. Next project I’m lobbying for is to replace the white formica kitchen counters that were original to the house with granite countertops.

  35. We have replaced our ugly brass chandelier in our dining room but there are other ugly brass light fixtures that still need to be replaced in hallways – – – owning a home is a never ending to do list isn’t it? We have been in our home approx. 15 years and the house is approx. 25 years old – – we have something in common besides our love of fiber!!!

  36. In sunny North County Missouri, we do indeed have decorating issues.
    A bright brass chandelier in the living room-matching nothing incl the sculpted shag carpet. And a bright brass…thing with frosted white flowered panels and a bare bulb. The house was hand-built by a former nun for herself and her mom. So, amazing deep woodwork, views to die for, and…yeah…brass.
    We pick away at various remodelling chores, but life gets in the way. I think if we leave it long enough, all that brass will become trendy and retro.

  37. Ugly (faux) brass chandelier in the dining room? Check! We rent an apartment, so we can’t change anything or paint, but my dream would be to paint the kitchen walls sky blue, have one bathroom in powder pink with hot pink trim, and the other bathroom would be turquoise with chocolate brown or sea foam green accents. Haven’t determined what the colors of the other rooms would be, probably something conservative. I love watching home-improvement shows and home decorating shows, but it’s always bittersweet since I can’t act on any of my ideas and desires. I *can*, however, sew up some new throw pillow covers to give the couch/living room a new look — I think I’ll do that this weekend.

  38. house-to-do’s at my house…I did my spring cleaning when the furnace had to be replaced but I’m still trying to clean off my kitchen table. This project has been going on for a bit (since January, I think). I get it almost completely clean then pile more FOs and kitted future projects and knitting magazines to be filed there. This week I’ve been putting something away each time I go in the kitchen…one of these days.

  39. We have an ugly brass chandelier in the kitchen. It’s very low (head-hitting low since there’s no table under it at the minute) and two of the bulbs refuse to stay lit no matter what…We’re moving, though, so it’s staying here (and we haven’t disclosed that it’s uncooperative!)

  40. There are so many ideas out there and they all make it look so simple! I am working on new window dressings for my shop, bathroom and bedroom. I have finished the shop and the bathroom. Need to start on the bedroom next. I love more neutral coloured walls so I can change other things more often. Sounds like you have your work cut out for you with all the painting!! Have a very productive week end!

  41. For once we don’t have any Spring stuff to do as last August we sold our house so this coming Sept we can retire & travel!!! whoo hooo…we don’t miss having to do all that house stuff as it is never ending. Have a fun time painting…I do miss color on the walls..we live in an apt till we leave….happy supervising

  42. Well, we don’t live in a house but in an apartment that we own. My plan for this year is to re-do our guest-room/office. It’s not that I don’t like the colors even though I think the room could be a bit brighter. But it needs something done so we’re going to put up new wallpaper, get some new curtains. Look into if it’s possible to make some kind of door (right now it’s only a drape).

  43. Don’t have the chandelier, but we just finished re-doing our kitchen – cabinets & appliances and of course I had to paint. Picked a color that is kind of an orangey-red and thought two coats would do it. Looked at the last bit after it was dry last night and realized it’s going to take one more coat of the paint that is now gone. 1 qt. , 2 qts or just buy another gallon and figure I’ll need it someday?

    It’s a ton of work, but I love the way it looks when I’m done. Just finished repainting the living room and dining room a couple of months ago and the house now has color!

  44. Well we are continuing with renovating our 110 year old Victorian farmhouse which we bought 2 years ago. Concurrently working on guest room, ripping out main bathroom, painting barn and finishing painting house…yep we are doing it our self. The bathroom is down through two floors and to the original 110 year old planking with hand forged nails, so cool, I always hope I may find some old knitting lurking somewhere..lol

  45. We are going to be ordering cellular shades for the bedrooms & bathrooms on the second floor-also for the windows in the family room as the sun really is strong in that room in the warmer months. So of course that means I am getting some valances and curtain rods(the big heavy kind!) so we won’t be able to see the shades when they are up. Then it also leads to curtains upstairs. I am starting with the master bedroom since I already know which ones I want. We have been in this house less than 2 years but I decided to leave things undone for awhile until I knew definitely what I wanted. We have land around us so we haven’t had to worry about privacy issues. This house was brand new (built 2 years before we moved in but never lived in). In the last house, we put up wallpaper & though I liked the colors, it just wasn’t right! The other thing I want to do-like you-is replace the chandelier they put in the dining room. I have the chandelier that was in my parents’ house. They had bought it in Italy-it needs to be rewired but will be SO pretty compared to the Home Depot one that was put up. That one looks awful.
    BTW-any Fiberphile coming up soon?? 🙂

  46. I LOVE watching HGTV….. too much, i think. 🙂

    My home is a never ending WIP, but the next thing on my list is to get some artwork or photos hung on the walls. The walls right now are pretty bare. Good luck with all the painting!

  47. One of the benefits of renting/moving every couple of years is the decorating revolves around the furniture. Rentals typically have white walls, so color comes from drapes and funiture.

    I expect I’ll be moving again some time this year, so spring chores revolve around getting rid of things I no longer want/need/use. Maybe this year’s decorating secret will be cardboard boxes.

  48. We have a dining room chandelier that makes me long for the old fashioned glass squares that would cover the bare lightbulbs. I don’t like those pointy “dress” lightbulbs. One time I got a batch that separated from the base every time I tried to unscrew the blown ones.

    I have no plans to repaint anything, but I intend to do a do-it-yourself scrapbook paper focus wall over my desk.

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